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Male God, Shine Bright! Chapter 16.2

Arc 1.16.2: God Raider

Translated by Roia at foxaholic.blog

Proofread by Fox23

Ye Chen was upset throughout his afternoon classes. The words he heard earlier kept echoing in his ears.

               She was too good for him, and she was just playing with him.

               He spent so much time thinking…

               After you experienced all those things, do you think somebody truly cared for you? They only looked at you as a joke. Ye Chen…wake up!

               Ye Chen gripped his pen firmly. His eyes were dark, and his eyelashes hid all the emotions inside. He touched his workbook and answered the two questions calmly.

               After school.

               When Ye Chen packed his stuff and left the classroom, he bumped into a person who whispered in his ear: “Ji Chu Zheng is waiting for you at the experimental building.”

               The man ran after he finished speaking.

               Ye Chen looked at the direction of the school building and frowned. He directed his foot towards the school gate.

               “Is Chu Zheng back?”

               Upon entering the door, Chu Zheng saw a beautiful woman smiling and welcoming her.

               She had been here for so many days, but this was her first time seeing her stepmother.

               Her stepmother was slightly surprised by her changes but quickly put up her façade to act naturally and said: “It was good to see some changes in you, Chu Zheng, a change in your appearance and your temperament.”

               “We will be eating dinner in a moment. Go wash yourself first.” Her stepmother smiled gently, her eyes was full of love.

               Chu Zheng: “…”

               Oh! That was astounding.

               This was a house full of tricks.

               Could she get rid of her?

               […] You can’t! Of course you can’t!

               Ji Tong Tong was sent back home by Meng Ran. Chu Zheng didn’t know how Ji Tong Tong injured her knee, but she also felt that the Band-Aid was really unnecessary.

               But the two of them showed their deep affection for each other in front of Chu Zheng.

               Chu Zheng went upstairs expressionlessly and handed the stage over to them.

               When Meng Ran left, Ji Tong Tong immediately pulled her mother aside to speak.

               “Mom, you haven’t seen it personally. She really changed a lot.” If Chu Zheng saw Meng Ran coming home with Ji Tong Tong, she should had been upset.

               “Yeah.” Her mother nodded. “If you didn’t send me her photo, I almost wouldn’t be able to recognize her at the doorway.”

               “I don’t know how she suddenly changed…She used to be so stupid that, with just a few words, she would be easily tricked…Mom, do you think she knows something?” Ji Tong Tong worriedly asked.

               Her mother frowned slightly: “Your father was away for a business trip. It would take a while before he comes back. Let’s observe her in the mean time.”

               Ji Tong Tong nodded to show that she understood.

               The mother and daughter pair stayed inside the room for a while. When Ji Tong Tong was about to leave, her mother pulled her and asked, “How are you and Meng Ran?”

               Ji Tong Tong’s face showed a prideful expression: “Rest assured mother, Meng Ran is now hooked up with me.”

               “That’s good.”

               Ji Tong Tong answered her phone and went back to her room. While she was on her way, she collided into Chu Zheng at the hallway. She was shocked and quickly picked up her phone and hastily went into her room.

               The hallway was now quiet. Before she passed by Ji Tong Tong she heard the words “Ye Chen”.

               When classes were over, she waited at the school gate for nearly half an hour, but Ye Chen did not appear.

               He didn’t have a phone, so she ordered San Mao to go to school and find him, but his classmate told her that he already left.

               The school had a back door and Chu Zheng thought that he must had something important to do so he went straight home through that door.


               Chu Zheng turned the doorknob and looked inside Ji Tong Tong’s room.

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