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Male God, Shine Bright! Chapter 17.1

Arc 1.17.1: God Raider

Translated by Roia at foxaholic.blog

Proofread by Fox23

Rumble –

               Hualala –

               The rain poured down from the sky, and the wind gusted across the roof.

               Ye Chen sat against the wall. The rain drenched all over his body making him feel cold.

               –Did you think Sister Chu Zheng would like you?

               –Sister Chu Zheng was just playing with you. You really think you are a green onion. [2]

               –It was funny. If I weren’t you, I would not go to the toilet to take a piss to see what your face looked like, hahahahahaha.

               -Someone like you?

               Someone like him…

               Ye Chen pressed his cold hand against his forehead. While it was raining, darkness followed and swallowed him.

               This was what the world looked like to his eyes.

               Dark and cold.

               Bam! –

               The rooftop’s door flung open. Ye Chen was sitting next to the door and immediately saw the person come over.

               “Ye Chen.”

               The familiar voice rang. The girl walked in without bringing an umbrella, the rain directly drenching her body.

               She removed the jacket portion of her uniform and covered his head with it.

               Ye Chen took off her coat. The clothes’ corner hit Chu Zheng’s head.

               Ye Chen stood up and leaned on the wall. His voice was hoarse and cracked: “Ji Chu Zheng, what kind of play are you acting now? How long do you plan to fool me? Are you happy seeing me like this?”

               “Ji Tong Tong did it.”

               Chu Zheng’s voice was cold. It rang across the area despite the rain and was clearly heard by Ye Chen.

               “I didn’t do it.” Ji Tong Tong made a move towards Ye Chen once again without her knowing. Why was she doing this? Did she want to repeat all these things all time? Evil woman! Bitch!

               Ye Chen who was leaning against the wall looked at her doubtfully.

               She didn’t do it…

               She didn’t do it…

               These four words reverberated on his mind.

               Chu Zheng bent over. She picked up her coat and put it back on Ye Chen’s head.

               The girl was very close to him and he could feel her warm body. He pulled the coat off and walked inside the door.

               He sat on the stairs, and Chu Zheng held his arms: “Stand up.”

               Ye Chen did not move.

               Chu Zheng bent over and her warm breath puff against his cheeks, and she threatened him fiercely: “If you won’t get up, then continue to stay here at the rooftop.”

               Ye Chen: “…”

               Ye Chen endured and after a few moments told her three words: “I can’t move.”

               He tried to stand up earlier but he couldn’t let himself be further embarrassed in front of her. Afraid that she would look down on him, he sat at the stairs.

               But her words took his strength away that he couldn’t even move a single finger.

               Chu Zheng: “…”

               How could a boy be so weak?

               Chu Zheng sent Ye Chen at the hospital.

               Ye Chen was beaten, drenched by the rain, and so emotionally drained that he fell asleep immediately once they reached the hospital.

                The next day, Ye Chen woke up half past nine in the morning.

               “You’re awake.”

               Ye Chen was still half asleep and at the moment, he could only see a blurry figure.

               “Ji Chu Zheng?”

               Chu Zheng sat next to him and her voice was clear: “Your injuries have been treated.”

               Ye Chen tried to sit up from his bed only to be stuck. He tried doing so for several more times but all attempts ended in failure, so he just looked at Chu Zheng.

               Chu Zheng: “…”

               What should I do?

               What are you staring for?

               You are still staring!

               Ye Chen was forced to speak: “…Can you help me?”

               Chu Zheng put down her phone quietly. She helped Ye Chen sit up and stuffed two pillows behind his back to let him lean on: “Am I a good person?”

               Ye Chen: “…”

               If it weren’t for her, would he be like this? Was she not embarrassed to ask him if she was a good person?


[1] Sound of the wind blowing

[2] They were indicating that ML acted like he was someone important or was like telling him, ‘Who do you think you are?’

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