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Male God, Shine Bright! Chapter 17.2

Arc 1.17.2: God Raider

Translated by Roia at foxaholic.blog

Proofread by Fox23

When Chu Zheng saw that he didn’t answer, she prepared to leave, but Ye Chen hold her wrist.

               “Ji Chu Zheng.”

               “Let go.”

               Ye Chen didn’t let go. Instead he held her wrist tighter, but she was much stronger than him so she easily broke free from his grip. He tried to held her wrist again so he leaned forward only to fall into Chu Zheng’s arms.

               Ye Chen did not expect himself to be flustered and immediately released her, resulting in him falling back into his bed. He was so embarrassed that his ears reddened.

               Chu Zheng looked at him indifferently, and her eyes went to his head. His hair was messy and looked soft. She wanted to touch his head, she wanted to touch his head, she wanted to touch his head…

               She raised her hand carefully…

               Ye Chen seemed to be aware, but he just looked at her.

               Chu Zheng touched his smooth hair. She sat down beside him and played with her phone.

               Ye Chen sat for a while and awkwardly said: “I was wrong. I misunderstood you.”

               Someone told him that she was waiting for him at the rooftop. When he came there, he saw that group of people instead of her.

               “Yeah.” Chu Zheng nodded and replied meaning that she knew.

               Ye Chen: “…”

               Playing piano to a cow! [1]

               After that, Ye Chen didn’t talk to Chu Zheng again.

               When the doctor checked Ye Chen, he talked to Chu Zheng outside the room.

               “Your classmate’s condition does not look good.”

               “Will he die?” Chu Zheng asked expressionlessly.

               “…” The doctor blushed in shame: “That is not the case, but he is in poor health. He is malnourished and over-stressed. If he doesn’t get better, it is hard to tell.”

               “Would you like to contact his family?” The doctor asked after not getting a response from her. He wondered if this had nothing to do with her.


               Chu Zheng asked the doctor to treat Ye Chen according to the best standard. She was not afraid to spend money and was more afraid not to spend money.

               The doctor was confused. Was he really just her classmate? He thought that maybe Ye Chen was not merely just her classmate seeing how she could spend money like this!

               Chu Zheng asked for leave for Ye Chen. Ye Chen was forced to stay at the hospital for the entire duration of his treatment.

               In the end, Ye Chen could not stand it anymore and strongly demanded to be discharged from the hospital. After asking the doctor, Chu Zheng agreed to his request.

               When the nurse delivered the bill, Chu Zheng went out. When Ye Chen saw that stack of bill, his hands shivered in fear.

               “Let’s go.”

               Chu Zheng came in from outside and put the bill inside her bag.


               After a few days of absences from school, Ye Chen started to attend his classes again. By that time as well, those strange rumors disappeared.

               When Ye Chen came out of class, he accidentally saw San Mao and the others drag a few people into the school’s restroom.

               When classes ended, Ye Chen waited downstairs for Chu Zheng.

               “Make-up classes?”

               Ye Chen shook his head and handed a note to Chu Zheng.

               It was an IOU note. [2]

               “I will pay you back in the future.” Ye Chen said.


               Ye Chen frowned: “I don’t have the right to use your money. I have make-up classes today, I’ll leave first.”

               It seemed like he was afraid Chu Zheng would return the IOU to him and left quickly.

               Chu Zheng looked at the note and stuffed it inside her bag.

               “Sister Chu Zheng!”

               “Sister Chu Zheng!”

               San Mao and the others ran towards her.

               “Sister Chu Zheng, there will be a thunderstorm tomorrow. What do you want us to do about this?”

               “Tomorrow, I will try to bring Ji Tong Tong to the rooftop.” Chu Zheng explained clearly and concisely.

               “Ji Tong Tong?” San Mao was a bit afraid: “Sister Chu Zheng, that is your sister. If we offend her, Ji Family…” Would not let them go.

               You are not afraid of them but we are!!

               “Use your brain.”

               San Mao: “…Sister Chu Zheng, if can use our brain, don’t you think we would have good scores on our exams? And we wouldn’t be a delinquent?”

               Chu Zheng: “…”

               She couldn’t argue with that.

               “In the name of Meng Ran.”

               San Mao and the others suddenly realized: “Understood.”

               Chu Zheng reminded: “Pay attention to Meng Ran’s movements.”

               Don’t let people contradict each other, putting yourself in the same predicament.

               This group of idiots.


[1] The ML describe his situation as someone who’s effort was not appreciated.

[2] Literally means ‘I Owe You’