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Male God, Shine Bright! Chapter 2

“Are you ready Little Miss?”

“Not ready. Will you let me go back?”

“Then we shall start spending!” The system directly filtered out Chu Zheng.

“…How did you spend? Did you dismantle this house?”

[T/N: This is a play on words since the Chinese phrase the system is using for spending money is 败家 which means wasting away the family fortune. Since the second character means house, Chu Zheng is mockingly asking the system where the money is coming from.]

“…” Although Chu Zheng’s literal understanding was not wrong, this system was not superficial, but a system with education and morals!


“Little Miss, don’t worry, I will release the task the task will be released. Follow the instructions to complete it.” The soft and cute voice was full of joy, “Please give me more advice in the future.”


Chu Zheng touched the props that was just used for suicide and inserted it into the sofa next to her. The translucent blade reflected her expressionless face: “You finished giving your advice. Now can you let me go back?” “

“…Of, of course.” This Little Miss—how was she so fierce!

Chu Zheng pulled the knife out, and the light reflecting off the knife light flashed through her pupils.

“Don’t let me catch your weakness.”

“…” Little Miss was really fierce, and it tucked away its metamorphically little tail away.

“Because this is the first mission, to let the Little Miss adapt, this world is a novice world oh ~”

Chu Zheng carelessly held blade back and forth between her fingers making no sound.


“Please ask the Little Miss to pay attention that the value of the currency and items are equal to one another (based on the world’s currency). The dollar you spend on an item must match its value of one dollar.”

In other words, giving away money, donating money, or throwing away money is not allowed…

You must use it to buy buy buy.

“What’s my reward for completion?”

“For each completion, you will receive the same amount of money spent and the items purchased in the mission. In other words, the more the host spends, the more money you have.”

“If I spend 100,000, then I will earn 100,000?”

”Yes.” The system was happy beyond compare, “Is the Little Miss not super happy?”

“What is the purpose of your setting?”

“… Stupid people have lots of money, gifting money to Little Miss.”

Chu Zheng: “…”

Unable to be refuted.

“Little Miss, do you have any questions? I can answer them for you~” The childish voice was full of excitement.

“No.” Chu Zheng indifferently rejected it.

“…” The system was somewhat upset, and its voice was full of grievances. “Well, I will serve Little Miss well and try to return Little Miss home soon. Then we shall start spending money now!”

Chu Zheng fluidly inserted the knife back into the sofa.

If you looked closely, you will find that the knife was inserted in the same place as it was previously in.

Her eyebrows drooped, and she touched her wrist.

At the moment, the original host was with a group of wild friends playing KTV. As a result, she became drunk and was sent to this room.

In a while, someone will arrive, and the original host will lose her innocence.

As soon as Chu Zheng’s though emerged, the door to the room was pushed open.

A young man came in.

The light in the room was a little dark, and the young man who just came in from the outside only saw the figure sitting on the ground.

He rubbed his hand and smiled awkwardly: “Little beauty, were you too anxious waiting for me? Don’t worry, this brother will come to spoil you.”

After saying so, the young monkey eagerly pounced at Chu Zheng.

From the sofa, Chu Zheng slide aside and rose up with an extra knife.

The youth abruptly froze.

The sharp knife was pointing at him.

But he was not scared, rather he vulgarly desired to touch Chu Zheng’s hand: “Little beauty, you are drunk. This knife is dangerous…”


The knife slide over the youth’s hand.

The young man loudly screamed, covering his hand.

“Bitch!” The youth was furious: “Shameless… ah…” The

Chu Zheng moved first, directly kicking the youth somewhere.

With a kick to the young man’s groin, his body became unstable and fell to the ground. His head hit the table, and collapsed on the ground, moaning in pain.

Chu Zheng rose up from the ground and stood up. The system probably gave her something as she no longer felt physically uncomfortable.

She walked over beside the youth and gave him a few kicks.

The youth was still conscious, and he squeezed out a few words: “You dare hit me…”

“Hit you?” Chu Zheng slightly bent down. The scary makeup paired with this specific lighting, made her even more sinister. She coldly threw out four words: “I didn’t hit you.”

Don’t hit then who did you hit!

So ugly.

Still dare to call yourself little beauty.

It was simply insulting the the phrase of little beauty.


Chu Zheng kicked again.

Still capable of speaking.

Not enough strength was used a moment ago. Next time, pay more attention.

The young man couldn’t bear it this time. His eyes rolled back, and he fainted.

“…” Little Miss was really fierce. Keep control of its little tail and don’t be caught by Little Miss.

Chu Zheng looked at the youth lying on the ground indifferently.

At the last moment, the original host learned that her rape was also designed by Ji Tong Tong.

“Main mission: Please spend 100,000 dollars in one hour. The money has already been transferred to Little Miss’s card. Please check the check deposit.” The system’s cheerful reminder announced.

“Little Miss, don’t forget, our goal is to spend money to counterattack!”

By spending money… counterattack?

In other words, give the dog-things who bullied the original host a lesson?

“Little Miss is really smart, it is basically like this.” The system joyfully praised her.

Chu Zheng asked: “What if I don’t spend 100,000 dollars in an hour?”

“It will double Little Miss.”

“…” It’s really idiots that have lots of money.

Chu Zheng glanced at the youngster on the ground.

Using this method to cause the original owner to lose her innocence, this crime was enough.

Enough to dispose him.

”Little Miss, we are the big spending system, understand? No need to dispose anyone!!”

Chu Zheng: “…”


After half an hour, Chu Zheng threw away the youth’s clothes into a trash can located in the public toilet. She took a look at the phone in her hand and placed it back in her pocket.

She calmly washed her hands and went downstairs to the front desk.

“Give me 100,000 dollars’ worth of wine and send it to room 608.”

The front desk lady: “!!!”

100,000 dollars?

The front desk lady looked at the person in front of her with the emo haircut, small leather jacket decorated with rivets, and the scary makeup, and swallowed.

Wasn’t this asking for trouble?

The front desk lady asked uncertainly: “Beautiful girl, are you sure?”

Chu Zheng handed over the card.

Although the Little Miss at the front desk felt a bit strange, she already gave her card, so it was not good to say anything.

“What kind of wine do you want? We have a lot of varieties here…”

“Whatever that can drink a person to death.”

Front desk lady: “…”

With 100,000 pieces, maybe you really can drink to dead.

The front desk lady immediately had people prepared the wine, swiped the card, and had Chu Zheng enter the pin number.

“Congratulations to Little Miss for completing the task, 100,000 dollars has already been credited.”

Chu Zheng accepted the card back with no expression.

Was completing the task so simple?

Chu Zheng followed the waiter delivering the wine to room 608.

“Here is your wine.”

“We didn’t order wine… I what, what is this wine?”

The worker said a name, causing a ripple inside.

“The bill has already been paid.”

“Paid? Was this sent to the wrong room?”

“It’s to your room. There’s no mistake.”

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