Male God, Shine Bright! Chapter 3.1

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Enjoy the first half of chapter 3~

Chu Zheng waited for the waiter to leave before pushing the door open to enter. 

    Bang –

    The room light up. 

    The people around the table looked toward the door. 

    “Ah, Chu Zheng sister, did you not go home?” 

    The person next to him followed his line of sight to look and also roared. “Hey, you are drunk and lied to us!” 

    “Chu Zheng sister came at the right moment. I don’t know who gifted us so much wine.” 

    Most people behaved like normally on the surface, telling her about these bottles of wine and opening the usual jokes. 

    Only one person’s face was a bit ugly. 

    Chu Zheng pushed the person on the side and walked inside. 

    The room suddenly quieted down. 

    Chu Zheng swept through the crowd. 

    The original host followed this group of wild friends to play here today, but after drinking a few glasses of wine, she suddenly felt dizzy. 

    She was definitely drugged. 

    Chu Zheng picked up a bottle of wine and handed it to the person whose face was not normal. Her tone was cold and remained steady: “I invite you to drink.” 

    100,000 dollars! 

    Can’t waste! 

    “Chu… Chu Zheng sister…” The man was desperate and couldn’t look straight into her eyes. 


    The current Chu Zheng was somewhat different from their impressions. Although it is still that appearance, it gave people a completely different feeling. 

    The most important thing was the way she met people’s eyes frostily. 

    Her whole body seemed to emit a cold air. 

    It made people shudder. 

    The other people did not know what happened and did not dare to speak. 

    The situation arrived at a stalemate.

    Chu Zheng’s cold eyes made the person feel like what he had done had already been exposed. 

    The person began to breath harder. 

    “Chu Zheng, what did I do wrong?” The man still tried to argue. 

    “You know what.” Chu Zheng handed the bottle back: “Drink.” 

    The man: “…” 

    Everyone: “…” What was going on? 

    “Brother, how did you offend Chu Zheng sister? Quickly admit your mistake to Chu Zheng. If she makes you drink, just drink ah.” This was their gold master[1], how could they dare offend her. 

    “That’s right, quickly drink. Once you apologize, things will be fine. Chu Zheng sister won’t punish you that much.” 

    “I…” The man’s eyes were wide open. It seemed that there was a cold breeze coming up from below his feet. His whole body was cold.   

    She had to already have known. 

    Will she let him go? 


    Must run! 

    Once these two words flashed in his head, fear rose from deep down in his heart. 

    He aggressively pushed the people around him and ran straight out the room. 

    “Intercept him.”

    The original host was so rich. Even if these friends were riffraff, this group of people would still listen to her words. 

    But the man was fast, and he rushed out the door with his bag. 

    Before they had could grab the person back, they heard an ill-intentioned voice, “Is this not our big Missy? What are you doing?” 

    Outside the room, a young tattooed bald man brought a group of younger brothers with him. The man had perfect timing in hitting the bald youth’s body. 

    “Bald brother,” the man immediately called out, “bald brother saved me, save me…”

    The young bald man tugged on the man and looked at the person next to Chu Zheng. The person next to Chu Zheng was obviously weak. He released the person.

    The bald brother stared at the man with dissatisfaction[2]. The man immediately slipped behind the bald brother. 

    Chu Zheng sized up the bald brother with a few glances. This person and the original host were not friendly because he liked the original host but the original host ignored him. The love gave birth to hatred  did not agree, because he liked the original owner, but the original owner ignored him. Because of love and hate, and he seized the opportunity to give her some troubles.   

    Although the original owner muddled along, it was not the real world. She suffered losses on several occasions. Several times she also spent money to teach the bald brother a lesson. The two sides were stuck in a cycle   and he has spent money to teach Bald brother several times. The two sides are endless, and it just got progressively worse.   

    Who knew how Ji Tongtong found out about this matter and contacted this bald brother.

[1] Gold lord means someone with a lot of money, influence, power, and/ or status that is supporting you. Without them, you would have nothing. Think the major donors and businesses that donate millions to political campaigns—they are the politician’s gold lords.

[2] Idiom used here was 恨铁不成钢. It literally translates to hatred that iron cannot be turned into steel but it means dissatisfaction.