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Male God, Shine Bright! Chapter 3.2

Translated by Fox23 and Fuzzylobster

  Today’s big drama was planned by the bald brother. He first bribed the people around the original host and gave medicine to the original host… 

    This dog thing that needed to be taught a lesson came delivered to the front door. 

    Can I do that? 

    “Missy is so extravagant!” The bald brother walked into the room and looked at the wine on the table: “Hey, there is also such good wine.” 

    The bald brother immediately sat on the sofa and spread out like a big man, his hands on both sides of the couch.  

    Chu Zheng touched her wrist, and her fingers rubbed her wrist a few times. 

    The bald brother slanted his eyes at her: “Why isn’t the missy talking…” 


    The bottle shattered, and the wine ran down bald brother’s shiny head. He was probably knocked into a daze by this hit. For a while, he did not respond, his eyes unfocused. 

    Chu Zheng calmly took a second bottle and raised it up. 

    No one reacted quickly. 

    Bald brother’s eyes rolled back and fell straight down to the ground. 

    Everyone gulped. 

    Chu Zheng’s younger brothers: “…” My mother[1], when did sister Chu Zheng become so tough? Her actions matched her words and gave no one any time to react. 


    Chu Zheng looked at the group of younger brothers bald brother had brought in. Before they started moving, she held a piece of broken glass against the bald brother’s neck: “Move and I give this a try.” 

    The girl’s voice was indifferent, and her expressionless face made people feel that she was particularly fierce. 

    The group of youngsters suddenly froze. 

    They were not afraid of meeting a ferocious person, rather they were afraid of meeting a person who broke the rules. 

    “Ji Chuzheng, let go of our bald brother! You dare to do this to our bald brother, you won’t want to mix in society!” 

    The bald brother’s younger brother shouted nervously. 

    “Come in, kneel down.” 

    “What?” The younger brother was puzzled. 

    “Come in, kneel down.” Chu Zheng calmly repeated: “Give you three seconds.” 

    The bald brother’s younger brother took a look at Chu Zheng, and looked at the unconscious bald brother trapped by Chu Zheng. 

    Some people do not believe in evil and wanted to act. When he just moved, Chu Zeng applied some force, and he saw blood appearing on
the bald brother’s neck. He froze. 

    After being in a stalemate for a while, they raised both hands up and walked in. 

    Surprisingly, not a single one ran, not even the traitor who just ran out. They came in together and kneeled.

    “San Mao, search their bodies for weapons on them.” 

    San Mao[2] not only had only three strands of hair, but his head was dyed with three different colors. Since the beginning, his hair had not changed. Plus, with his last name
being Mao, he was nicknamed San Mao. 

    “Sister Chu Zheng…” 

    That was Bald brother. 

    Oh social people! 

    Chu Zheng’s eyes calmly brushed over them. 

    San Mao was stunned, goose bumps appearing on his arms, so he went up and searched again. 

    There were many weapons, all sorts of knives, and people even wielded sticks

    Chu Zheng placed the wine in front of them and knocked it on the table: “Drink.”

    Nobody moved.

    Let them drink while kneeling?

    “This is for you all, and if it’s not enough, there is more.” Chu Zheng pointed at all of the wine that completely covered the table and piled on the ground after the table ran out of space. 

    Was she going to make people drink to death? 

    “Sister Chu Zheng…” This was too much. 

    Chu Zheng looked over. Under the thick eyeshadow, her eyes were dark and inky, revealing a coolness that appeared to have the ability to see the human soul. 

    The speaker shut his mouth and dared not ask again.

    Everything right before was just fine, but in this moment, how did everything become so terrible?

   The few people kneeling on the ground looked at each other, then suddenly moved and dodged to the side. 

    Everyone else all moved. San Mao and the others fought back.

    The box exploded into chaos. 

    Someone approached Chu Zheng and Bald brother, ready to save Bald brother. 

    Right after they got close to Chu Zheng, they were
taken down. San Mao and the others looked on as Chu Zheng neutralized everyone

    San Mao stared at the scene. Was Sister Chu Zheng
secretly reporting a martial arts class?

Curse phrase word that basically means fuck or shit

San Mao means 3 strands of hair; Mao = hair, San = three

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