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Male God, Shine Bright! Chapter 4

Arc 1.4: God Raider

Translated by Roia and Fox23 at Foxaholic.blog

When bald brother woke up, he saw his brother holding a bottle of wine, his face red and neck thick as he swayed and stood unsteadily.

Bald brother: “…”

Before he figured out what was going on, he had a bottle of wine in front of him – it was exactly the same one he praised earlier.

Bald brother looked down on the bottle.

The young lady’s black nail-polished fingers was fair and delicate.

“Ji Chu Zheng…”

“Hold him down”, Chu Zheng ordered San Mao.

               San Mao: “…”

               San Mao’s heart was in chaos. Anyways, he already offended them, and he held him down.

               “Ji Chu Zheng, what do you want to do?!” Bald brother yelled angrily.

               “Please drink.”

               Chu Zheng pinched bald brother’s chin then and poured the wine directly down his mouth while he struggled and swallowed continuously.

               San Mao was a little scared. Was it really going to be okay?

               A bottle was emptied out, but bald brother was not a least bit intoxicated. He loudly cursed: “Ji Chu Zheng, you bitch! I don’t know how many men have slept with you! I, your father, will not play around with you. If you will not let me go, I, your father, will kill you…”

               He was fine.

               Pour another bottle of wine.

               Chu Zheng poured another bottle of wine down bald brother. This time, he was obviously intoxicated and his scolding was no longer as distinctive as before.

               Chu Zheng put down the bottle: “Who told you to deal with me?”

               Bald brother was now feeling dizzy. After Chu Zheng asked him, he responded to it with a curse: “Ha ha ha! You bitch offended a lot of people. You deserve it! You are not happy to see me when I saw you, but now, I do not want to look at you!”

               “Who told you to deal with me?”

               While bald brother was howling curses, Chu Zheng waited patiently, but her patience is limited. As he continued howling curses, she found a rod and struck him with it several times in a row.

               Wailing sounds were heard while bald brother was being beaten.

               This explained the situation.

               He didn’t know who it was, but he received a text message from an unknown number ordering him to deal with her. The money was placed inside a flower bed and told him to take it.

               He was impressed by the money given to him. In addition to that, he was also promised to be given more money once he finished the job. Since he hated Ji Chu Zheng, he accepted the job.

               Bald brother was holding Chu Zheng’s thigh and swore that he would never dare to do it again.

               “Drink.” Chu Zheng handed the bottle of wine to him.

               “Drink! I’ll drink! I’ll drink!” Bald brother held the bottle and clattering noises was heard.

               Chu Zheng worked meticulously and did not leave any clues.

               She was a woman who could live until the end.

               Chu Zheng let San Mao watch while bald brother and the others finished drinking. And then, she ripped their clothes off.

               It was said that the waiters found this group of people naked inside the room. They were almost arrested by the police.

Chu Zheng left the KTV bar, the light outside was green and the neon lights were shining. It seemed like the night had only just begun.

               She walked down the road, with her eyes swept all over. She thought as she walked.

               How did she come here?

               What was this system? And, what was its purpose?

               Was it simply just letting her spend money?

               That was too retarded.

               For the time being, she could not understand her questions.

               The point was to find a way to go back!

               But, whenever I die, I’ll just revive. It seemed like there was no way to go back…


               Chu Zheng suddenly heard a scream.

               Her whimsical thoughts returned to reality, and she found herself on a seemingly remote alley.

               Someone ran in front of her and was intercepted a dozen meters away from her.

               “You dare escape? I won’t let you escape! I, your father, won’t let you escape!”

               “Wasn’t that a big deal?”

               “Fight with this old man!”

               “Stand up!”

               “Your mom! I, your father, will punish you little bastard!”

               Several people punched and kicked the man on the ground.

               Chu Zheng looked at it like it had nothing to do with her.

               In fact, she was mad right now.

               It was really awful. Imagine yourself just walking around leisurely then suddenly experiencing such a thing.  Would they get her in trouble? Should she just turn around? What if she was falsely accused as an accomplice? Or would she be silenced; that would be scary!

               Ah ah!

               This horrible place!

               She really wanted to go back!

               [“Sister, there is a hidden mission!”]

               The cheerful voice of the system was followed with a curse.

               Chu Zheng coldly asked: “What hidden mission?”

               The novice mission and the hidden mission was clearly decided on. This broken system could not be trusted!

               [Hidden mission: Please get a good card from Ye Chen. Ye Chen is the one being beaten in front. Don’t let him turn black.]

               Chu Zheng: “???”

               What good card? To let her feel like a nice lady?

               “You are not a loser system are you?”

               [“This…Let’s combine work and leisure! And that is also a loser!”] The system forcibly explained.

               What did this have to do with the combination of work and leisure?

               When she did not even work much!

               Chu Zheng thought for a moment: “What if I didn’t do it.”

               [“Sister, if you don’t do a good job and failed, you will not get out of this position. You will just keep on repeating this until you cleared this mission. Isn’t it horrible?]


               Which dog did this!?

               Chu Zheng expressionlessly looked at the group of people still beating over there.

               [“Sister, are you still not going over there?”] If you save him this time, you may be able to get a good card. Go sister!!

               “I can’t win”. Chu Zheng said calmly.

               [“…but you just did?] So powerful.

               Chu Zheng did not respond to the system.

               The name Ye Chen…

               It sounded familiar!

               Where have I heard it? Was it someone the previous owner used to bully?

               While Chu Zheng was thinking, the beating continued over there.

               One of them grabbed the teenager’s collar.

               “Son of a bitch, I tell you. Next time, if you don’t have a good eyesight, you must look closely. You hear me!”

               A few of them snagged their shoulders then left while laughing.

               The young man laid on the ground and while holding on to the ground, tried to stand up.

               Unfortunately, he failed several times.

               Chu Zheng watched him try several times. Then, she walked over after the fifth fall.

               She crouched in front of the young man.

               Suddenly seeing another person, the young man raised his head. Then, unexpectedly saw a ghost face.

               This makeup…Ye Chen’s heart sunk.

               The two silently looked at each other for almost a minute. Ye Chen was afraid to move. He didn’t know what she wanted to do.

               Chu Zheng slightly opened her lips, then coldly asked him: “Am I a good person?”

               Ye Chen was first dumbfounded, and then revealed an ironic look.

               He was very unlucky today.

               He met those people then also bumped to the school’s famous Ji Chu Zheng…

               Chu Zheng waited for him to answer.

               But, the young man continued to have that ironic look, without uttering a word and with the appearance of ‘Admit that you’re out of luck today, just do whatever you want’.

               [“Sister, you can’t do this. You have to capture his heart.”]

               Chu Zheng: “…” So troublesome?

               [“…will it, will it?] the system stuttered, [“Alright, come on sister, cheer up! Once the hidden tasks are completed, there will be rewards.”]



               [“…”] It was not such a superficial system!

               Chu Zheng reached out to the young man.

               The young man backed away and a glimmer of darkness came over his eyes.