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Male God, Shine Bright! Chapter 5

Arc 1.5: God Raider

Translated by Roia at foxaholic.blog

Proofread by Fox23

               Chu Zheng retracted her hand, then looked at her own palm.

               Although her nails were painted black, at least; they were better than his fingers. So, why did he avoid her hand?

                Chu Zheng looked at him, before looking at her own hands.

               She stood up.

               She bended over, then grabbed the young man’s collar.

               The collar tightened around his neck, making him feel suffocated. Combined with Chu Zheng’s strength, he was pulled up onto his feet.

               He felt sore all over, causing him to stand unsteadily and leaned down on Chu Zheng for support.

               He was about to fall onto Chu Zheng, but the latter suddenly let go and moved away.

               Ye Chen directly fell to the ground.

               His hands hit the ground and searing pain came over.

               He angrily looked at Chu Zheng.

               Chu Zheng: “…”

               I didn’t know you were so weak!

               Don’t look at me like that!

               I didn’t mean to do that!

               Chu Zheng took a deep breath. This time she pulled the young man’s arms and lifted him up.

               The young man struggled, but as he had just been beaten up, his body ached all over. He was so weak that Chu Zheng barely felt him struggling.

               She put him down onto the chair beside her.

               The vigilance and anger in his eyes made him look more like a bullied cub.

               Seeing him like that, Chu Zheng couldn’t help but reached her hand out to rub his hair.

               The softness made Chu Zheng’s expression more serious looking.

               It was so soft!

               He won’t get mad if I touch him again, right?

               Chu Zheng took a quick glance at the young man. Looking at his fuming expression, she immediately retracted her line of sight. Then she touched him again without any expression.

               Touch it! Touch him once again!

               I’m just touching you. There was nothing wrong with it!

               Ye Chen was beaten, disliked and loathed… but he never felt so humiliated like this before. He was so embarrassed, blush creeped onto his face as he started fuming with rage.

               “That’s enough!”

               Ye Chen shouted angrily.

               The humiliation made the young man looked somber.

               Chu Zheng retracted her hand, but her hand was glued to the seam of his pants.


               Her voice was cold and devoid of any emotion.

               Chu Zheng bent over and stared at him. Then she said: “Run, and I’ll break your leg.”

               The way Chu Zheng said that gave people goosebumps.

               Ye Chen: “…”


    Ye Chen wanted to run but he felt so weak. Those people beat him all over, so his whole body ached.

               Chu Zheng came back with a bag of medicine.

               It was really a bag.

               It was green colored, but he didn’t know what kind of medicine that was.

               Ye Chen stared at it vigilantly.

               She was a bully at school along with the other bad students who only knew how to bully other students.

               Anyone who dared to oppose her lived a miserable life.

               Although he hadn’t been bullied by her, he was bullied by her group of younger brothers.

               The young man clenched his hand slightly.

               She could be planning something.

               That could be…

               Those guys could be hiding somewhere nearby and was just waiting to come out when he was not paying attention.

               Chu Zheng pulled his hand, but the young man didn’t want her to touch him so he moved away.

               “Don’t move.”

               One pulled and the other resisted. Ye Chen took a deep breath as the wound on his arm started to reopen again and began bleeding.

               Ye Chen clenched his teeth. She must have done it on purpose!!


               Alcohol fell on his arm.

               Ye Chen squinted slightly as the alcohol soaked into his wound and the pain spread.

               This was more painful than when he was beaten earlier.

               He didn’t make a sound as the young woman in front of him cleaned up his wounds and put on a Band-Aid.

               Her fingers rubbed his skin. Mixed with alcohol, that part of his body begun to feel hot.

               “What are you trying to do?”

               Chu Zheng pulled back her other hand, then coldly said: “To make you think that I am a nice person.”

               “Oh…” The young man looked up then said: “What are you planning to do? Are you waiting for me to believe you before playing a joke on me?”

               He had already seen this trick before.

               Wasn’t it ridiculous for a person who only knew how to bully other people to claim that she was a nice person?


               “I won’t be fooled by you!”


               Chu Zheng just continued applying Band-Aids.

               Ye Chen observed her expression. It seemed like her expression hasn’t change from earlier.

               Ye Chen’s uniform had been washed so many times that it turned white. Chu Zheng rolled up his pants but he moved backwards slightly and avoid her hand.

               Chu Zheng held his knee.


               This time it was really painful. He took a deep breath. Was she purposely torturing him?

               Chu Zheng saw this. She loosened her hands and bite her lips.

               She didn’t mean to do it.

               She really didn’t do it on purpose.

               Chu Zheng quickly rolled his pants before he started to move again.

               His knees were also bleeding, and there are some bruises all over his legs. Some looked like old wounds which were a little scary.

               Ye Chen suddenly felt angry.

               He tried to hide the marks on his legs.

               But Chu Zheng held his hands. She frowned then coldly said: “Don’t move.”

               Ye Chen turned stiff.

               He slowly retracted his hand.

               Chu Zheng’s line of sight fell onto the rolled-up pants. She remembered that this was the original host’s school uniform.

               Because the original host never wore it, she didn’t immediately recognize it earlier.

               She dipped some potion and applied the medicine to his wounds.

               Her fingertips were warm.

               It was completely different from her cold appearance.

               Ye Chen was stiff. He didn’t dare move as he felt the slight tingling sensation of her fingertips onto his skin.

               Chu Zheng suddenly asked: “You are also a middle school second year?”

               Ye Chen was quite dumbfounded.

               She doesn’t know him?

               Ye Chen didn’t think it was possible. How could she not know…

               But he thought it was normal for people to not remember him.

               While Ye Chen was thinking, Chu Zheng already applied some medicine to his arm and was now applying some to his face.

               She obviously asked that question casually and was not intending to get an answer.

               His school uniform was enough to answer.

               Ye Chen’s face was full of bruises, and there was blood on the corner of his mouth. He really looked pitiful.

               After she was done cleaning his face, she now aimed for his body: “That should also hurt. Take it off.”

               “I don’t need your help.”, Ye Chen folded his arms: “I can do it myself.”

               Chu Zheng nodded without any expression, then handed the medicine to him.

               “…Turn around!”

               Chu Zheng threw him a cold look.

               Your body has not yet fully developed. Who would want to see you?

               When Ye Chen saw she had turned around, he took the medicine. There was no problem when he applied the medicine to the front of his body, but he could not reach his back.

               Finally, he gave up.


               Chu Zheng took the medicine away and put it back to her bag.

               Ye Chen: “…”

               Chu Zheng patted her hands, and placed them into her pockets. She was ready to leave.

               [“Sister! You’re leaving?”]

               What else?

               [“Send him home!! Look at how pathetic and helpless he is. How could you leave him alone here? This is what a nice person should do!!”]

               Chu Zheng’s eyebrows wrinkled gently.

               Why was this so troublesome?

               Could she not be a nice person?

               [“Sister, you must work hard to become a good person! Come on ~~”]

               In order for her to go back!

               She had to bear with this!

               Wasn’t it just to send him back?

               How difficult could it be?

               Chu Zheng’s gaze fell onto the young man’s body, and she coldly asked: “Where do you live?”

               The dim streetlights hit the young man’s body, making his figure unusually thin.