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Male God, Shine Bright! Chapter 6.1

Arc 1.6.1: God Raider

Translated by Roia at foxaholic.blog

Proofread by Fox23

                Ye Chen lived in an old neighborhood.

               Although the environment was not that good and the price was expensive, the transportation at least was convenient and close to school.

               Chu Zheng sent him downstairs and hold him with one hand. Ye Chen felt so embarrassed because she saw him in this pitiful state.

               But his heart felt constricted. It seemed like… she was really starting to change.

               But was that possible?


               “We’re here.” His voice was a little bit emotional, then awkwardly said: “Thank you.”

               Chu Zheng pulled her hand away, and her eyes fell on his head. She glanced at his face, and he immediately looked down. She reached out her hand, and touched the young man’s head twice.

               It was so soft!

               Chu Zheng kept a serious and indifferent look while she touched his head several times.

               Ye Chen was stunned at first. But when he started to react, Chu Zheng already withdrew her hand like nothing happened: “Goodbye.”

               Her accessories were jingling.

               Ye Chen watched her leave.

               There were two lights on the streetlamp. Her figure appeared between the darkness and the light.

               Ye Chen grabbed his bag, turned his head, and limply went upstairs.

               Ye Chen, you can’t trust anyone.

               “You still know how to come back? Where did you go?”

               When Ye Chen opened the door, he heard a loud roar.

               In the living room, a woman was sitting on the sofa with her legs crossed, eating melon seeds and showing a bitter expression.

               Ye Chen silently closed the door.

               The woman looked sideways at him and her eyes fell on the bag in his hand: “What did you get?”

               Ye Chen silently walked into the room.

               The woman stood up and grabbed the bag. She opened it and turned it over.

               After a while, the bag was thrown back at him, and the medicines scattered on the floor: “You are sick! Why did you buy so many medicine? Do you want to die? Where did this come from? Where did you get the money? Did you steal my money!”

               The woman’s shouts got louder and she began to strike him.

               Ye Chen clenched his hands and allowed the woman to yell at him.

               It was not yet the time; for now, he had to endure.

               I’ll graduate soon…

               The scolding didn’t stop until the man living in another room came out.

               The living room was finally quiet with only him and the scattered medicine on the floor.

               He knelt down and slowly picked up the medicines.

               Cold medicine, avoid it…

               The young man’s face was slightly ugly.

               What were these things?