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Male God, Shine Bright! Chapter 6.2

Arc 1.6.2: God Raider

Translated by Roia at foxaholic.blog

Proofread by Fox23

                Chu Zheng did not come home.

               She didn’t need to go home since no one was looking for her.

               The next day, Chu Zheng dyed her hair black. She was a bit afraid to come out with her colorful hair.

               Her hideous make-up was also removed.

               In the end, only her clothes were left.

               The original owner’s clothes were all customarily made. She felt good in it but it did not match her noble and glamorous image.

               So she decided to change it.

               [Host task: Please spend 200,000 in two hours]

               Chu Zheng: “So when I need to spend money, the task will appear?”

               [“Sister, we are the prodigal system. When you can spend money, then spend money. When you can’t spend money, then create a condition to spend money.”] The system reminded cheerfully.

               Chu Zheng: “…”

               Two hours were an hour more than the last time.

               But Chu Zheng never expected this – traffic jam!

               A thousand counts was worse than one. [1] 

               When she arrived at the mall where she could spend 200,000 to buy clothes, she only had half an hour left.

               Chu Zheng calmly looked at the sign, then went straight to the jewelry store.

               It costed her 200,000 and didn’t require her to buy clothes.


               Chu Zheng scanned the room and her eyes fell on the jade counter.

               “Welcome, what would you like to see…” The saleslady smiled sweetly.

               The woman was somewhat surprised by Chu Zheng’s appearance and the strange way she dressed.

               Chu Zheng straightened her hair and draped it over her shoulder. She looked beautiful, but her expressionless face made her appear a little cold.

               Her clothes… looked like the clothes of street punks, with its leather pants and rivets.

               Although the dress is a bit strange, it complimented her cold temperament.

               Chu Zheng swept her eyes through all the price tags quickly. Her eyes fixed on a jade.

               “I’ll buy this.”

               The saleslady subconsciously looked on the price tag.

               The young woman in front of her did not look like someone who could afford to buy that expensive jewelry.

               But she had to do her job. No matter who their customers was, she couldn’t neglect them.

               She could only give her a friendly reminder: “Miss, the original price for this jade is 210,000. But due to the recent celebration activities, it was discounted and became 200,000.”

               When the price of 200,000 was reminded, any customers who does not have enough money would naturally understand her reminder.

               “Well, that’s it.” Chu Zheng nodded without expression.

               “I want this.”

               Suddenly, someone also pointed her finger at the jade, and the new comer sweetly told the saleslady: “I’ll be troubling you to wrap it up for me. Thank you.”

               The saleslady seems to know her, then awkwardly said: “Miss Yang, this woman already wanted to buy it.”

               “She already paid?” Yang Xixi turned to look at Chu Zheng. She glanced at the way she dressed, then immediately looked at her with disdain. “Can she afford it…Hey, isn’t this Ji Chu Zheng?”

               Yang Xixi’s line of sight fell in Chu Zheng’s face. It seemed like this person already recognized the original host.

               “Oh, I didn’t recognize you immediately. Why did you not put on your ghostly make-up today?” Yang Xixi sneered.

               Yang Xixi.

               The original host’s classmate.

               Together with the other people, she also had bad ideas to get rid of the original host.

               She was another scorpion beauty. [2]

               She was so beautiful and her voice also sounded good. Why was she so bad?

               The world was falling apart.

               Her heart was broken.

               Morality was lost.

               The world turned cold.

               [Sister, time is running out!] The system reminded Chu Zheng.



               She needed to spend money!

               Only then did Chu Zheng’s inner complaints stop. She looked solemnly at the saleslady: “Settle the bill.”

               “Wait a minute.” Yang Xixi stopped the saleslady: “This thing is what I saw first. You must give it to me.”

               “Miss Yang, this…”

               The saleslady was very embarrassed. Earlier, Yang Xixi did look at it, but she didn’t buy it and just said that she’ll just come back again.

               “First come, first serve. I saw it earlier and I’ll take it now.” Yang Xixi spoke as though it was the most natural thing to do.

               “Did you pay the deposit?” Chu Zheng calmly asked.

               “…” Yang Xixi choked then snorted: “So what if I didn’t pay earlier? My mom is a member here. I don’t need to pay the deposit, right?”

               The last sentence was asked to the saleslady.

               The saleslady looked at Chu Zheng then thought. She did not look like someone who could afford to buy this 200,000 dollar jade.

               And Yang Xixi’s mother was indeed their Diamond VIP customer. She finally said: “Yes.”

               If she offended Yang Xixi, she may not be able to keep her job.

               Yang Xixi laughed triumphantly before pointing her finger at the counter: “Uncle Ji doesn’t care about you anymore, so how do you still have the money to buy this? You cannot have a thick face and see 200,000 as 20,000. That is no joke.”

               Yang Xixi and Ji Tong Tong were naturally aware of the current situation of the original host.

               Because of the troubles that Ji Chu Zheng caused, her father was angered to the point that he froze her account.

               Yang Xixi knew how fast she spent her money. She believed that she did not have enough money.

               Chu Zheng suddenly reached out, held Yang Xixi’s finger, and broke it.



              [1] Two hours was no different from one hour for Chu Zheng.

              [2] Beautiful but vicious woman; an evil woman.