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Male God, Shine Bright! Chapter 7.1

Arc 1.7.1: God Raider

Translated by Roia at foxaholic.blog

Proofread by Fox23

The cold and elegant young lady moved so quickly that no one in the room saw what she did. They just heard a snapping sound.


               Yang Xixi screamed.

               Chu Zheng held her finger and coldly said: “Do you still want to buy it?”

               “Ji Chu Zheng!” Yang Xixi was hurt. Cold sweat trickled down her forehead. She did not dare to move and could only shout: “You actually dare hit me? Are you crazy? Call the police!!”

               The saleslady was confused and didn’t know what to do.

Chu Zheng continued to press down.

“It hurts…” Yang Xixi’s tears fall. She cried, saying: “I won’t buy it! I won’t buy it! Ji Chu Zheng, just let me go…”

Her fingers, painted with black nail polish, handed her card to the saleslady: “Swipe the card and settle the bill.”

The saleslady swallowed her saliva.

She looked at Chu Zheng with fear in her eyes.

She wasn’t blind. She knew what Yang Xixi did provoked Chu Zheng. But this young lady only said a few words and did that.

This was like watching a fight. A few moves and the other party wins.


So handsome and domineering!

The saleslady hurried to settle the bill. This was none of her business. This lady brought this upon herself.

The saleslady obeyed the order and quickly ran to the POS machine: “Miss…Please enter the password.”

When the bill was settled, the system happily notified her.

[Congratulations sister for completing the task. 200,000 dollars has been rewarded]

Chu Zheng fixed Yang Xixi’s broken finger. She wiped her hand on her clothes, then pointed her finger at the jade the saleslady brought out: “Want to buy it? 300,000.”

Yang Xixi held her hand and she almost spurted blood.

Who would want to buy that!

300,000. She could still talk!

Ji Chu Zheng, this bitch!

She glared viciously at Chu Zheng: “Ji Chu Zheng, just you wait!”

After saying that, she was afraid that Chu Zheng will do something again, so she quickly slipped out of the store.

Chu Zheng: “…”

Wait for what? To break your finger again? People nowadays were really weird.

As the saleslady watched Chu Zheng leave, she gossiped with her frightened colleague next to her: “That girl, don’t you think she’s pretty handsome?”

Her colleague struggled to say: “It was Miss Yang she offended…”

“Miss Yang probably knew her. If she spent 200,000 to buy things, she was probably not an ordinary person.”

“But she dressed like that!”

“So what? Didn’t the manager often tell us to not judge a customer by their appearance?”

“She did teach us that.”

Yang Xixi ran for a distance and finally took a deep breath.

“What am I running for?”

Yang Xixi looked back at the store with hatred, rubbing her finger that had been broken by Chu Zheng earlier.

Today’s Ji Chu Zheng…

Was a bit strange.

“Hello, Tong Tong. What provoke Ji Chu Zheng today?”

“You saw her?” Ji Tong Tong asked excitedly.

Did the plan last night succeeded?

She stayed quiet for fear of exposing herself. She didn’t dare to make a call to check what happened.

“I just bought a birthday present for my dad, then I bumped at her in the jewelry store. She was like an evil woman. She also took a 200,000 dollar jade from me. I was looking for that piece of Jade for a long time before finding it, but she took it away from me…”

“What did you say?” Jewelry store? She shouldn’t…had failed…

“Xixi, where are you? I’m going to meet you and talk.”