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Male God, Shine Bright! Chapter 7.2

Arc 1.7.2: God Raider

Translated by Roia at foxaholic.blog

Proofread by Fox23

[Sister, promise me that we’ll just spend money to solve things in the future and never do this again?] The system cried grievously to Chu Zheng.

Get rid of trouble.

[…] My goodness! This was what sister was looking for.

[If you do it, no one will see you as a loser again! So, we must not do it again!] The system weakly said.

Why did sister want to kill someone if they did not agree with her?

This sister was so terrifying!

The other systems said that their hosts are very cooperative and admirable. Their luck were pretty good.

But, why did it meet… such a fierce sister?


Chu Zheng bought clothes and returned to the Ji Mansion where only servants are at home. Her stepmother seemed to have gone on a trip with her friends. Ji Tong Tong was also not there.

Chu Zheng’s room consists of gray and black tones that looked gloomy.

She turned around and take a look inside her closet. They were all designed the same style like what she was currently wearing.

Chu Zheng closed her closet door. She moved towards the bathroom to remove her make-up and replace her clothes with new ones.

The young woman in the mirror had crooked eyebrows, red lips, and delicate facial features. She would be a great beauty if only she smiled.

Despite Chu Zheng’s cold personality, she was still an attractive icy beauty.

I didn’t know what was wrong to the original host. She was a great beauty but painted her face with a ghostly make-up for what? To disgust her father and Ji Tong Tong?

If that was the case, then this method was really marvelous.

“What is your name?”

[Sister, are you asking me?]

“Is there someone else here?”

[I am the King system.] The system replied cheerfully.

“So, it’s just you?” The young woman in the mirror looked cold: “Bronze is essentially the same.”[1]

The system rejected by Chu Zheng, was depressed.

Chu Zheng touched her chin then went to bed.

She arrived to this place and did all those crappy tasks…but she couldn’t go back without completing them.

Don’t let her know which dog was messing with her.

Chu Zheng’s pillow gradually changed shape.

Chu Zheng was awakened by a knock on the door. She sat up from her bed but fell asleep…

The knocking on the door didn’t stop, so Chu Zheng went to open the door.

Standing outside the door was a girl in a white dress with a sweet curly hair draped over her shoulders and skin as white as jade. She gave people a good first impression.

This was the original host’s wild sister.

She was very pretty.

Beautiful things were not always good things.

Ji Tong Tong was shocked by the person who opened the door. It took her awhile before she reacted and exclaimed with disbelief: “Sister?”

How did she become like this?

She was completely different from what she imagined.

Instead of losing herself, she became dazzling…

She always knew that Ji Chu Zheng was very beautiful. So when she put on her ghostly make-up, Ji Tong Tong was actually happy to see it.

Ji Tong Tong clenched her hands.

So she failed last night? Last night, she sent her a text message and he replied that she would take it. What went wrong?

“Do you need something?”

Her voice was familiar but was colder than before. Her temperament also changed. She became cold.

With a smile on her face, Ji Tong Tong asked: “Sister, why didn’t you wear your make-up?”

“Do you need something?”

“No. Nothing.” Staring at her cold eyes, Ji Tong Tong felt like she had been seen through and hurriedly said: “I just heard from a servant that sister came back, so I came up to see you.”

“To see if I have been tarnished by the person you called?”

Ji Tong Tong’s eyes widened and her heart started beating quickly, but she maintained her innocent look: “Sister, what are you talking about?”

Chu Zheng touched her phone and opened the recording.

“Yes…it’s Ji Tong Tong. Ji Tong Tong gave me money. She told me to do it to you…money and so…don’t hit me. It’s really Ji Tong Tong. I just took the money.”


[1] In this context, MC is saying that the system is as useful as a block of bronze aka useless.