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Male God, Shine Bright! Chapter 8.1

Arc 1.8.1: God Raider

Translated by Roia at foxaholic.blog

Proofread by Fox23

Ji Tong Tong took a step back.

               The blood in her face drained little by little.

               “Sister…what are you doing? I don’t understand you?”

               Ji Tong Tong acted stupid and remained calm.

               It was a pity that she was still young and had some flaws.

               Chu Zheng turned off the recording: “You know what it is.”

               Still young but already vicious.

               She was very pretty.

               Why did you take the path of no return?


               What a pity.

               The flowers of the motherland are so long and crooked. [1]

               […] Sister seemed to have a lot of inner dramas. Forget it, it was better to pretend deaf, lest she berate me again.

               “Sister, don’t make fun of me.” Ji Tong Tong’s smile grew more strained. “I really don’t know what that is…I, I haven’t finished my homework yet. I’ll excuse myself first.”

               Ji Tong Tong escaped and basically run away.

               She was unprepared to hear the recording. Chu Zheng really changed so much, so her mind was in chaos.

               When she returned to her room, she regretted it.

               She did it very discreetly. No one should had known that she did it herself.

               She wouldn’t admit it as long as there was no evidence.

               Ji Tong Tong took out the phone which she specifically used to contact her person and send several text messages to bald brother. The result was no response. At the moment, bald brother was lying in the hospital and had no time to reply to her.

               The more Ji Tong Tong thought, the more she felt something was wrong. She quickly took out her phone’s sim card and rushed to flush it down the toilet.

               After doing this, Ji Tong Tong sighed in relief.

Of course, Ji Chu Zheng didn’t have any evidence. That recording was forced out from bald brother to scare her.

               Otherwise, she could be considered as the former bully Ji Chu Zheng.

               It was annoying to do all those things.

               [Sister, take a look at Ye Chen’s data~]

               Before the system’s happy notification finished, Chu Zheng, completely unprepared, was stuffed with Ye Chen’s information.

               When Ye Chen was still a child, his parents died. He was then adopted by his uncle and aunt who took over the Ye family’s house as a payment for adopting him.

               Relatives who could do such a thing would naturally be not nice to Ye Chen.

               Ye Chen suffered humiliation, beatings and scoldings at home. He was also bullied at school.

               Gradually, this child grew up…

               When he graduated from middle school, he wanted to go to college. He thought he could leave there, but never thought that his uncle and aunt would ruin him.

               Afterwards, Ye Chen turned completely black and killed his uncle and aunt in an extremely grotesque way before fleeing.

               After so many years, Ye Chen returned again. One by one, he looked for those who bullied him.

               He punished those people one by one and finally sentenced them to death.

               Chu Zheng rubbed her eyebrows.

               “Is this also a mission?”

               [Yes, don’t let Ye Chen turned black. So sister, please pay for Ye Chen! Let him see how beautiful the world is!]

               Chu Zheng: “…”

               A man with lots of money is stupid.

               A man with lots of money is stupid.

               A man with lots of money is stupid.


               Both Ji Chu Zheng and Ji Tong Tong were in middle school. Ji Tong Tong went to school early with her classmates. Chu Zheng was driven to school by a driver in the family’s car.

               The driver and the servants were surprised, if nothing else, by Chu Zheng’s changes.

               Before, she always yelled and lost her temper whenever they did something wrong.

               Today’s young lady looked calm and aloof, and she spoke less.


               The driver suddenly heard a sound from the backseat and subconsciously stepped on the brakes.

               Chu Zheng opened the door and put on her backpack. She jumped straight out of the car handsomely.

               Driver: “…”

               Miss seemed a bit handsome.


[1] The MC referred Ji Tong Tong as a beautiful but dishonest person.

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