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Male God, Shine Bright! Chapter 8.2

Arc 1.8.2: God Raider

Translated by Roia at foxaholic.blog

Proofread by Fox23

“Ye Chen, going to school?”

               Several men gathered behind Ye Chen. They grabbed his bicycle, forcing him to stop.

               They were wearing the second year middle school’s uniform. Even from afar you could recognize them as not good people.

               Ye Chen frowned and got off his bicycle. He wanted to ignore these people, so he started to push his bicycle forward.

               “What are you hurrying for?”

               “Come on, I have something to tell you.”

               “Ha ha ha. Come on, let’s talk over there.”

               Ye Chen, along with his bicycle, was pushed towards the park nearby.

               While Ye Chen was being beaten, he saw Chu Zheng standing not far away from them. She carried her backpack on her back and watched him got beaten.

               He didn’t recognize her at first. Only when he saw the pendant on her bag and her cold eyes did he recognized her.

               She didn’t avoid his sight and just coldly looked on.

               Ye Chen covered his head with his hands and endured it silently.

               “Ye Chen, come call me grandfather, and I’ll let you go today.”

               Ye Chen stayed quiet. Like an angry lion, he furiously stared at the man in front of him.

               “What are you staring at, your grandfather?”

               “You’re still staring…”

               The young men raised their hands to beat Ye Chen.

               The young man took several step back when his shoulders were violently held down.

               “Who is it!” The young man fought back.

               Chu Zheng grabbed his wrist and twisted his arm.


               The young man cried loudly and several people around heard him.


               “Boss, are you okay?”

               “Where did you come from? You dare to bully our boss! Let go of him now!”

               The young man pressed by Chu Zheng cried out in pain: “Beauty, I have something to say. I have something to say.”

               Chu Zheng hit his hip, and the young man slammed to the ground.


               “I’ll apologize to your grandfather.” [1] Even when he was restrained, he yelled back at the young men behind him: “What are you idling for? Teach this meddle-some girl a lesson.”

               She dropped her backpack on the ground. She squeezed the wrist of the man who came up and lifted her feet to kick the others.

               Chu Zheng dealt with them without any effort as they used their cat-and-a-dog-fight skill.

               After a moment, several people fell on the ground.

               Chu Zheng bent over and picked up her backpack: “Apologize.”

               “I’m sorry! I’m sorry!” But they didn’t know what they had done wrong.

               “Him.” Chu Zheng pointed at Ye Chen: “Apologize to him.”

               The young man touched his wrist and looked at Ye Chen.

               Where the hell Ye Chen, this kid, meet such a beautiful woman?

               “I’m sorry!” The young man gritted his teeth. Ye Chen, this kid, just you wait!


               A few of them helped each other and quickly escaped from this small park.

               Ye Chen looked up, but there was still sorrow in his eyes. Just then, a hand dropped onto his head and rubbed him several times like a puppy.



               Touch it again.

               “Have you touched enough?” What did she take him for?

               Chu Zheng retracted her hand with a serious face as if she hadn’t touched him a few moments ago.

               Ye Chen: “…”

               What was wrong with this person?

               Ye Chen stood up from the ground, but his legs felt numb. He unsteadily stood and was about to fall.

               Chu Zheng reached out to hold him.

               The latter pulled his hand. He spoke warily and in a harsh tone: “What do you want to do?”

               She was standing over there and watched him get beaten. Meaning to say, she had not intended to save him.

               But, he didn’t expect anyone to save him, and he was already used to it for so many years.


               The people who bullied him would pay the price.

               “Am I a good person?” Chu Zheng’s cold but nice voice pulled Ye Chen back from his thoughts.

               Ye Chen looked complicated for a few moments. He stared at her to look for any clues which would prove to him that she was deceiving him.


[1] In this context it was use as a curse like f*ck off.

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