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Male God, Shine Bright! Chapter 9.1

Arc 1.9.1: God Raider

Translated by Roia at foxaholic.blog

Proofread by Fox23

Apart from them, there were only plants here.


               Ye Chen bent over and picked up the bicycle on the ground. He pushed it while limping.

               Chu Zheng threw her backpack into the bicycle’s basket and it went in.

               Ye Chen was startled.

               He stopped and stared at Chu Zheng.

               Chu Zheng came forward. She grabbed the bicycle, pushed it for a few steps and got on it.

               She stared at him while placing her foot on the ground: “Get in.”

               “You get down!” Ye Chen stepped forward and pulled the bicycle handlebar, trying to get her down.

               “Get in.” Chu Zheng didn’t move. She sounded cold with no fluctuations in her voice.

               Ye Chen: “…”

               Ye Chen took a deep breath in and exhaled.


               He would find out what she was up to!

               Anyway, weren’t these people bullying him for their own entertainment?

               He held on the back seat and got on.

               He deliberately used strength that he thought she wouldn’t be able to handle, but he never expected that the bicycle was still very stable.

               The next second, the bicycle started moving very fast.

               Ye Chen unconsciously held onto her coat.

               The scent of the young woman and the plant came out…

               As the school got closer, Ye Chen started to sweat.

               The young woman drove very stably. Her clothes fluttered in the wind, and they quickly passed through the crowd.

               The nearby students looked at them.


               The bicycle stopped suddenly.

               There were a few young men crouching on the side of the road. Their school uniforms were in disarray, and the atmosphere was a bit odd.

               This group of people are not someone else’s.

               It was San Mao and the others.

               Chu Zheng stopped and shouted: “San Mao.”

               One of the young men looked out, and the first thing he saw was Ye Chen who he was familiar with seated at the backseat, but…

               Who was that accompanying him?

               He hadn’t met her before.

               Wait…Why did her voice sound familiar?

               Her strange face…was not really strange. It was a bit familiar.

               “Sister Chu Zheng?” San Mao called out with uncertainty.

               “I asked you to do something. Have you finished it?”

               “Ah!” San Mao shouted, attracting a lot of people’s attention, but seeing the way they looked like, they dare not approached and moved far away.

               On the contrary, it was Chu Zheng and Ye Chen which they pointed their fingers at.

               “Isn’t that Class 7’s Ye Chen?”

               “Who is the person with him?”

               “Never seen her…She is so beautiful. Is she also from our school?”

               Because Chu Zheng was not wearing her school uniform and changed her appearance completely, they were not sure if she was also from their school.

               San Mao staggered forward as if seeing a ghost: “…Chu, sister Chu Zheng?”

               Was this his sister Chu Zheng?

               The others were also doubtful.

               Only a day had passed. How did she become like this?!

               “I asked you a question.”

               Although her tone was a bit cold, her voice sounded the same.

               It was their sister Chu Zheng.

               San Mao hurriedly said: “Sister Chu Zheng, rest assured. Not a drop was wasted, and no clothes were left.”

               After that, San Mao worriedly asked: “Sister Chu Zheng, would they give us trouble?”

               “They don’t stand a chance.”


               What do you mean, ah?

               And why was Ye Chen sitting on the back seat behind our sister Chu Zheng?

               “If anyone pays you to do something in the future, remember to report it to me, and I’ll give you three times of their reward.”

               Chu Zheng threw this sentence and started driving Ye Chen to school.

               San Mao: “…”

               He stared at the brother next to him: “I just saw Ye Chen, didn’t I?”

               The brother next to him: “I just saw sister Chu Zheng, didn’t I?”

               Soon they would find out that the sister Chu Zheng that they knew was completely different.

               Bald brothers and the others were arrested a few days later and they would not be released for a few years.

               It was only then that San Mao realized what she meant by ‘they did not stand a chance’. Since she also inherited the original host’s memory, she used it against bald brother to prevent future problems to occur.

               Of course, these would happen later in the future.

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