Male God, Shine Bright! Chapter 9.2

Arc 1.9.2: God Raider

Translated by Roia at

Proofread by Fox23

Ye Chen was in his third year, and Chu Zheng was not in his school building. She threw him down the stairs and drove away with his bicycle.

               Ye Chen: “…”

               That was his bicycle!!

               His bicycle!!

               Chu Zheng realized it afterwards, but was too lazy to send it back. She would just return it when she met him again.

               [Sister, you would be treated as a bad person!]

               Chu Zheng replied with a serious face: “I am trying to be a good person!”

               […] Why did it feel like this task would take a long time.

               Before the start of class, students were busy talking and copying homework. It was rather lively.

               As soon as Chu Zheng entered the classroom, the whole class became quiet.

               A few moments later, whispers started.

               “Who was that?”

               “I don’t know. She isn’t wearing our school uniform. Is she also from our school?”

               “She is so beautiful.”

               “Who are you looking for, pretty lady?”

               Chu Zheng entered the classroom and walked inside. She then put down her backpack in one of the chairs.


               The classroom turned even more quiet than when she had first entered.

               That was…

               Bully Ji Chu Zheng’s seat!!

               Why was she sitting there?

               Speaking of which, her bag seemed familiar. Her height was also the same as Ji Chu Zheng. The only difference was her clothes and hairstyles.

               When Ji Tong Tong and Yang Xixi entered the classroom, they saw the whole class staring at the girl sitting in the corner of the room.

               Yang Xixi recognized Chu Zheng and pulled Ji Tong Tong directly: “Tong Tong, what is Ji Chu Zheng doing?”

               She was an unorthodox individual before, and she suddenly became normal.

               “…Maybe my sister wanted to change her style.” Ji Tong Tong said full of hatred.

               “Ji Chu Zheng.”

               “It is really Ji Chu Zheng!”

               “Goodness, what made her change?”

               “Ji Chu Zheng is so beautiful. She is no different from Ji Tong Tong.” If you said it like this, Ji Tong Tong would not like it.

               But Chu Zheng was very pretty, and they couldn’t deny it.

               Ji Tong Tong clenched her fist and stared at Chu Zheng.

               As soon as the bell rang, Ji Tong Tong pulled Yang Xixi back to her seat.

               The class teacher entered the classroom just as the bell rung, with the previous week’s monthly examinations in her hands.

               “In this exam, Ji Tong Tong did very well, becoming first place in this whole year.”

               The class teacher and Yang Xixi both praised Ji Tong Tong.

               With her classmates admiring her, Ji Tong Tong finally improved her mood.

               “There are some students who didn’t study well, skipped classes, fought and didn’t care about their grades…”

               That ‘some students’ was naturally Chu Zheng.

               The class teacher thought something was wrong and stared at Chu Zheng: “Who are you, student?”

               Chu Zheng stand up: “Ji Chu Zheng.”

               Class teacher: “…”

               The class teacher looked at her strangely.


               Was Ji Chu Zheng?

               No way!

               But her voice sounded familiar.

               The class teacher was probably confused and forgot to ask. Let her sat back and start explaining the results of the exam.

               From time to time, someone looked back at Chu Zheng, whispered silently, or passed some note.

               “Tong Tong, is Ji Chu Zheng possessed?” Yang Xixi whispered at Ji Tong Tong’s ears when the class teacher turned around.

               Ji Tong Tong scratched a long mark on her paper and replied while smiling: “Don’t talk like that. How could my sister be possessed?”

               “Look at her. If she isn’t possessed, why would she suddenly dressed like that?”

               “This…” Ji Tong Tong looked awkwardly: “Don’t talk. Listen to the teacher.”

               “Do you knew something?” Seeing Ji Tong Tong’s reaction, she immediately asked.

               Ji Tong Tong shook her head.

               “What is our relationship? You tell me what happened to her.”