Chapter 11 – Being Hoodwinked (Part 2)

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The next day, the sunlight came into the room filtering from the gap between the curtains. Yao Yuan woke up and was told gloriously that she had had intercourse after a series of drinking. She was greatly shocked by the earth-shattering news that she sat on the bed wrapped in nothing but a quilt for a long time, trying to gather her bearing. 

The person beside her said slowly: “You drank too much last night, and when we got home, you desperately pulled my clothes off. If I didn’t comply, you would bite me. I had to let you take it off, but after takingyou took it off, you did not stop there and yet became even more adamant on biting me…”

Yao Yuan buried her face in the quilt, she was red through to her neck. “Shut up!”

“Is it still painful?”

Yao Yuan was undeniably red all over.

Regret? It seems that there is none felt, but I feel that it’s developing too fast and I don’t have any psychological preparation. I can’t help sighing to cover my tears. Within the span of one day, they  finally slept together in the master bedroom.

When she walked out of the room, Jiang An Lan, who was well dressed appeared to be in a very good mood, came up and wrapped a cashmere plaid scarf around her neck and said, “Let’s head out. What shall we eat for lunch?”

“It’s noon already?”

Xiao Jiang raised his hand to let her glimpsed at his wrist  watch, which clearly showed 12 o’clock. Yao Yuan suddenly became emotional. Unexpectedly, they had slept until noon. “What about the others?”

Jiang An lan said indifferently, “They’re not my responsibility.”

So Yao Yuan, the only one in charge of the Great God, was taken out to feed again.

Yao Yuan originally planned to go back today. Now it seemed like a faraway thought.  Turning around to look at the person next to her, she tried to calm down and carefully arranging her chaotic thoughts.”As the saying goes, the beginning of the end of abandonment is the most necessary, furen what do you think?”

Yao Yuan had a bad premonition of courting disaster.

After dinner, Jiang An Lan said there was no fruit or drink at home, hence Yao Yuan accompanied him to the nearby supermarket. She pushed the cart, he got the goods in front. Looking at the rear view, Yao Yuan blushed with shame again. Did you really roll the sheet with him last night? Why did she not have any impression at all? Although her waist is still a little sore up to now, her head was also a little painful. However, talking about the waist,  it was akin to standing in the living room and making out in full swing. What the hell! Yao Yuan felt like she was ready to drop dead anytime.

The person in front glanced back at her and questioned with a smile, “What are you thinking?”

“No, nothing.”

After checking out and paying the bill, another thing happened that made Yao Yuan ashamed to want to hit the wall. The cashier said that you can go to the service desk to draw prizes when you shop for more than 300 yuan, so Yao Yuan, who had always been frugal, took Jiang An Lan to the service desk. Anyway, you have to go there before you go out. If you do not draw out free of charge, you don’t draw out.  So Yao Yuan drew items worth between 50 yuan and 80 yuan . Standing behind the counter, the elder sister pointed to one of the shelves behind her and said, “You can choose any one here.”

Looking carefully at the presents which were, the laundry detergent, iron pot and so on. It seemed that she had no use for any of these. She pointed to the small box on the edge and said, “That one please.”

The eldest sister played a part in an easy going manner and asked quietly, “What kind of flavor do you want?”

Yao Yuan want to inquire, what is it ah? What flavor? Someone nearby laughed. Yao Yuan became even more puzzled. The kind elder sister came to her rescue: “There are three kinds of condoms, apples, strawberries and chocolates. Which one do you want?”

From behind, that familiar male voice could be heard: “We want the apple flavour, thank you.”

Yao Yuan’s inner voice: is there a hole for her to jump into?

Finally, in the evening, Yao Yuan took the flight home. Jiang An Lan personally sent her to the airport. Before leaving, he helped her fix the collar and scarf. The long, white and clean fingers waved for a long time in front of her eyes. Then the charming and beautiful man said, “Long distance relationships are always troublesome. Before marriage, we should meet and spend much more time together. Either I go or I have to let you come. Let’s try to solve this problem next year? “

What do you mean by getting married next year ?!

“In my opinion…”

“Your flight has begun the security check. Let’s go.”

“No …”

“What? Hate to part with me?”

“I’m going…”

Yao Yuan got on the plane with hunched shoulders. She had not slowed down until the plane took off. After counting, it would be a new year in ten days. Isn’t this relationship developing way too fast ah? She hasn’t even finished digesting the “drunken sex”!

Zhao Zi Jie drove to the airport and found his cousin standing in front of the big glass window. He had the urge to open his mouth, but Jiang An Lan raised his hand to stop him. Then all he could do was stand there and do nothing. After a while, Jiang An Lan turned around and said, “Let’s go.” Zhao Zi Jie took over the black bag from his hand and followed him step by step: “An Lan, your girlfriend went back?”

Jiang An Lan merely said, “Let’s go.”

“Why not stay a few more days?”

Jiang An Lan vaguely said, “En“.

“By the way, I heard from Li Ao. She is from Jiang Ning. She lives in the same hometown as I do ah! In other words, which part of Jiang Ning is she from?”

Jiang An Lan said impatiently, “Why do you ask so much?”

Zhao Zi Jie, who was called to be a driver, closed his mouth in silence.

After getting into the car, Jiang An Lan directly closed his eyes and went to sleep. From the rearview mirror Zhao Zi Jie stole a glance his way, fully aware of his task, he drove the car wordlessly.When he arrived at Jiang An Lan’s residential area, Zhao Zi Jie saw his cousin was still asleep.  Dare not to call him and disturb his rest, so he decided to wait upon him in the car. Feeling bored because he could not listen to the radio to pass the time, he looked around the compartment box beside him to find some amusement. Accidentally, he touched the bag that had been put in the front passenger seat’s compartment. A notebook with a gray cover was exposed from the bag. Zhao Zi Jie bent over to pick the bag up and took out a book. He flipped it randomly and was dumbfounded. It was full of “plans”. Yes, plans, or better yet, “schemes”. On the page he turned to, it was stated, “trick her first (it’s better to let her come voluntarily)”, “see her parents, use a natural way”, “don’t be too wild the first night “, “make a false impression …”. It was all in An Lan’s handwriting. Could it be that these were used to catch the woman he caught a glimpse of in the company yesterday?

Extremely curious, Zhao Zi Jie was about to turn back to the very first page and look at it page by page when an ice-cold and bone-chilling voice behind him and threatened, “Do you want to die?”

Zhao Zi Jie trembled. Carefully, he turned back to hand over the book to the person in the back seat, and said with an apologetic smile: “Elder brother, woke up?”

Jiang An Lan took the notebook, smiled, and then asked, “How much did you see?”

Zhao Zi Jie could vividly feel the cold sweat trailing down his body, “Just one page.”

Jiang An Lan said before getting out of the car, “Go back,  and have someone pick me up tomorrow.”

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