My Amazing WeChat Ch16

Chapter 16, Mysterious Old Man

When the bald head is strong, the mouth is unobstructed, and the Lin Hai is awkward, and Liu Xinyue is also shy and flush.

“Master, teacher, where are you going, I am driving you.” It seems that I have a problem with my own words. The bald head hastened to transfer the topic and took Liu Xinyue’s large and small bags and called the younger brothers. Help Lin Hai to smash things.

Lin Haiyi thought, bought so many things, it is really troublesome to take it back.

“Well, send us back to school.” The

bald head forced the younger brother to send away, personally drove a broken van, and sent Lin Hai and Liu Xinyue to Jiangnan University.

“Do you know that you are selling a car?” Liu Xinyue was sent to the building, Lin Haichao asked.

“Master, are you buying a new car or a used car?”

“Used car.” Lin Hai thought about it. If you buy a new car, the license plate will take a few days to get it, and you will have to go home tomorrow, not as good as a used car. Convenience.

“I know a friend, I am specializing in used cars, I will take you there.”

Guanghui used car dealers.

“Strong brother.” The bald head forced the car, and a man with a sharp-nosed monkey greeted him.

“Monkey, there is a good car recently, give my master a whole one.”

“Master?” The monkey stunned. “There is something, you come with me.” The

monkey is very clever, the bald head is this mixed, they are these If you are doing business, you will always get a good time. Seeing the bald head and Lin Hai calling Master, the attitude of the monkey is more respectful.

“Strong brother, this boss, these cars are the treasures in my store. If you are not a strong brother, I am not necessarily willing to take it out.” The

monkey took Lin Hai and the bald head to a small yard behind, referring to Said in front of a row of cars.

Lin Hai swept again, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Land Rover, Audi… all luxury cars.

“How much is that Land Rover?” Lin Hai directly in the middle of a white Land Rover Range Rover Aurora.

“This boss has a good vision. This Land Rover is a top-notch new car. It has been running for less than two years, and the mileage has only ran more than 20,000 kilometers. The performance is excellent in all aspects. If it is urgently needed, the original owner It is impossible to sell at all.”

“How much do you say?” Lin Hai was too lazy to listen to him.

“The boss sincerely wants, 2.6 million.”

“Go to your uncle, monkey, my bald master, you dare to ask for the price.” The bald head took the lead and pushed the monkey.

“Strong brother, this is already very cheap.” The monkey said with a grin.

“No, let me go down.” The

monkey bit his teeth, “2.5 million, can’t be less.”

Lin Hai turned his eyes, this figure, too, is not auspicious.

“2.2 million, I will do it.” Lin Hai said faintly.

“This…” The monkey is a little embarrassed.

“Mad, is it your face?” The bald head was forced to go forward and was stopped by Lin Hai.

“Boss, add another 100,000, 2.3 million, you drive away.” The monkey did not dare to offend the bald head too strong, only to earn less.

After paying the money, Lin Hai drove the car directly. As for the various procedures to be done, there is a bald head, and he does not have to worry about it.

Driving the car, feeling the comfortable environment and luxurious interior of the car, Lin Hai sighed for a while, I did not expect that I also have a day to drive this kind of luxury car.

Halfway through, Lin Hai went to the Wal-Mart store, bought a lot of famous cigarettes and various gifts, and filled the Land Rover’s spacious trunk.

“I poke, Land Rover top match!”

“Which is this son, run our school to pick up the girl.”

“Mad, if I can drive such a car in my life, it will be worth the death.” When

Lin Hai entered the campus, he attracted everyone’s envy.

Parked the car downstairs, Lin Hai just entered the dormitory, Wang Peng rushed over.

“My day, let me go and go, I will not engage in the foundation.” Lin Hai abandoned a lot of strength, only to push Wang Peng’s fat body away.

“Haiko, I just saw from the window, your kid is back with a Land Rover.”

“Yes.” Lin Hai is also a young man, his eyebrows are picking up, his face is proud.

“I am grass, really fake?”

“Hai Zi, you came back from the road tiger, who borrowed?”

Several other people in the dormitory heard, and they came around and asked.

Lin Hai turned his eyes. “Whoever borrowed it, the buddy bought it himself.”

“Hey, the ghost believes in you.” They are brothers who have lived together for three years. How are the family conditions of Linhai? Clear two Chu.

Only Liu Liang looked strange, and then some surprised said: “Haiko, you will not really be that day…”

“Well, sell a million!” To his brother, Lin Hai did not hide.

“I rub, arrogant!” Liu Liang eyes almost fell out.

When everyone saw it, they asked Liu Liang how it happened. Liu Liang said that La Linhai and Liu Xinyue went to Wan Gutang that day.

Everyone has a frying pan.

“Mad, I don’t see you in a day, Haizi is a local tyrant.”

“Grass, the key to me, first borrowed brother to open for two days.”

“I suggest that the car be requisitioned, as a special car for our 301 dormitory!”

“We want Eat big, Haizi must treat, eat, drink and play!”

After the brothers were shocked, they surrounded Lin Hai.

“I will go home tomorrow, wait for me to come back, please go to the glory!”

Lin Hai waved his hand, to the brothers, he has never been embarrassed.

“Okay!” Lin Hai’s words immediately caused a burst of cheers.

“I will go home tomorrow.” Lin Hai sent a message to Liu Xinyue.


“It is estimated that for a week or so, you should practice the sound according to the method I teach.”


“Oh, what, can’t you let me go?”

“Less stinky, pay attention to safety on the road.”

Liu Xinyue Sitting on the bed, my heart is empty, do you really want to let him go?

Lin Hai’s hometown is more than 300 kilometers away from Jiangnan City. Early in the morning, Lin Hai set off.

In the morning, it was the peak of work, and it took nearly an hour to get out of the city.

Lin Hai parked the car at the entrance of the highway.

Then, take out the phone, open the heaven trading group, and stare at the screen.

It’s almost time for Laojun to send a red envelope.

Sure enough, it didn’t take five minutes.


A large red envelope appears on the screen.

I poke!

Your hand is slow, the red envelope has been robbed!

day! Lin Hai was so angry that he took a steering wheel.

The red envelope was not grabbed, so I had to drive on the road.

At high speed, there are very few cars. Lin Hai directly drives the car to 150 mph. The car is still running very steadily, and the tire noise is almost negligible.

Lin Hai could not help but sigh, a good car is not the same.

“Well?” is driving, Lin Hai will see the emergency parking belt not far ahead, parked a black Audi a8.

A young man, anxious, is waving his hand toward the car on the road.

However, the car on the road, the car whizzing past, did not stop.

“It is estimated that the car is not oily or broken.” Lin Hai slowed down.

When everyone has a dilemma, can help, this is Lin Hai’s idea.

“What’s wrong?” Parked the car to the emergency zone, Lin Hai got off the bus and asked.

“Oh, hello, my car has a problem. Our boss is in a hurry. I want to go to Lancheng Town in Yutian County. I don’t know if you can…” The

young man hasn’t finished yet, the rear door of the Audi car is open. A 70-year-old, mentally motivated old man came out.

“Young people, can you marry me this old man’s journey?”

Lin Haiyi looked up, his body violently shocked!

Then, a blue mist that ordinary people could not detect appeared on the pupil.

Heavenly eyes, even open automatically!

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