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My Engagement Got Broken, But I Don’t Remember Getting Engaged in the First Place – Ch6

Chapter 6: The Azure Nightingale

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Nora works part-time as a singer at the restaurant of her father’s friend, Baron Kocco. From the House of Marquis’ perspective, it’s a restaurant for commoners but if you’re a commoner, the price is a bit on the higher end.

The restaurant has an ambient atmosphere and is usually booked for celebrations, anniversaries or even just for self-indulgence. There’s also a piano performance that everybody can enjoy. At times, other instruments are also played to liven up the atmosphere. 

Singing is Nora’s part. She sings music familiar to everyone, such as nursery rhymes or songs taught by her father. Arranged by a professional pianist, the songs suit the restaurant’s ambience.

The said pianist is Flora Kocco, Baron Kocco’s daughter and Nora’s friend. 

“You’re unusually late today, Nora.” 

Inside a small room they designated as a dressing room, Flora was playing with a toy piano. Flora had the same status as a Baron’s daughter, however, unlike Nora, she had money, resources and was also blessed with good looks. 

She’s also an amazing pianist so she’s fairly popular. 

“I’ve ran into some trouble.”

“Oh my, is it related to the case from the House of Marquis Callum again?”

The case she was referring to was obviously the engagement cancellation and proposal at the evening party. She came to the party at Flora’s invitation, so she witnessed everything that transpired at close range. 

“There were two people today. It was too bothersome so I came here to escape. Please make sure that you recommend them the expensive dishes…” Such an expense may be nothing for someone from the House of Marquis but it will make her feel slightly better. 

“It’s not the first time you’ve led someone here. Just don’t mind them.”

“There’s nothing else I could do so I’ve led them here. If it were up to me, I’d totally tell them to hurry up and go home.”

If they were given the compensation money successfully, she could call it quits. Although she’d much prefer it if she wouldn’t be entangled with them any further.

After drinking the water served to her, Nora heaved a sigh.

“…Just what in the world do they want? I’m not quite sure if it’s a bet or not but it’d be great if they didn’t involve me in it.”

“Did they really say it was a bet?”

“Betting whether I’d accept the proposal right after the cancellation of the engagement, do you think they’d admit to it?”

“Then you really don’t understand the situation.” There was a tone of amusement in Flora’s voice as she refilled Nora’s cup of water.

“What do you mean?”

“He may have proposed the engagement because he genuinely likes you.”

Nora shook her head and sighed.

“I know how much you love romantic stories but this is reality, Flora. Why would the son of a Marquis propose an engagement to a poor Baron’s daughter?” 

It would be different if Nora had stunning looks but considering her current state, the House of Marquis wouldn’t have any advantage. 

“Well, didn’t you know that there are lots of people who go to the restaurant just to see the azure nightingale?”

“They simply come to enjoy the music. Which I’m naturally very thankful for.”

“It’s true though.” As Flora pursed her lips in a pout, Nora gave a wry smile. 

Even her sulky face look cute, how amazing. 

“The music was also thanks to your arrangement and piano accompaniment. What have you planned for today?”

“That’s right. Hold on, let me change to this song.” Nora happily brought out a set of sheet music and started lining them up.

As she helped her, Nora hoped that the twins had gone home.

I wonder who was the first to call me the “azure nightingale”?

It might have been because Nora’s hair was bluish-black and she wore a deep blue dress. 

Her singing style wasn’t the precise and sophisticated type that the upper-ranked nobilities like. But she has enjoyed singing ever since she was a child, so this part-time job was very important to Nora.

Today’s song was based on a long distance love. It’s a popular song that spoke of a heart longing for a lover who has gone far away. Nora didn’t have a lover but she pondered over how it would feel if someone close to her left. Would she be lonely? Or would she be unwilling to part ways?

The lyrics didn’t mention why the lover had to go far away. It also didn’t say whether it was a man or a woman. Her father said that it was the reason why a lot of people were able to empathize with the song. The lyrics end when they had to meet again. After finishing the last phrase, “Find me and lend me your hand”, Nora returned to the dressing room.


A voice called out to Nora from the back door as she was about to go home.

When she turned around, she saw Elias, along with Allan, who seemed to have been waiting for quite some time. Nora’s desire to go home quickly faded away.

“Do you always sing like that?”

Confused by the question, Nora approached the two. She must refrain from causing a commotion within the vicinity of the restaurant.

“I like to sing and I earn money on the side so it’s all good, that’s why I don’t need to be engaged with you, Allan.”

She thought he’d refute right away but was surprised that he kept silent.

People get angry easily when they’re angry so now that he’s eaten, he’s become more calm?

“I’ll come to listen again.” Allan said and immediately left.

What’s with that? I can never understand how upper-ranked nobilities think.

“Well, it will improve the restaurant’s revenue so I guess it’s all good.”

Nora started walking home. She looked towards Elias who was walking by her side.

“Aren’t you going home with Allan?”

“You didn’t tell me…”


“Nothing. It’s dark. Let me send you home.”

Since then, both Allan and Elias have frequently come to the restaurant.

She thought Allan would surely bring up the revocation of the engagement cancellation but he just relished the food he ate, listened to her songs, and every time before he leaves, never failed to remind her, “If you change your mind, just tell me.” 

“It appears that… he likes the food here.” She thought he’d have a more picky palate but it seemed that he had become accustomed to the commoner taste.

“My brother is a complicated man.” All of a sudden, Elias whispered into her ears. Before she realized it, he had been sending and picking her up from her part-time job.

Indeed, Allan didn’t seem the type to admit and say “I came to eat here because of the delicious food.” 

In other words, he’s using Nora as an excuse to come and enjoy the food. 

Elias is also the same, using Nora as an excuse to buy and enjoy commoner food. 

Is that perhaps a twin thing?

Even though she still found them bothersome, she decided to let the matter rest considering their contribution to the restaurant’s revenue.

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Translated by lacusky

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