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My girlfriend is really a superstar Chapter 10

Update- Thanks to the anonymous person for giving coffee in Kofi. I will have a goal on Ko-fi when I can ensure a stable update again. I will keep in mind your contribution and will update a sponsored chapter as it was my first coffee on Foxaholic. Thanks once again

I am sorry you guys at posting an update later than I would have. I am unsure about the stability of the updates in the next two weeks. There will surely be some updates but I do not know if I will be able to translate 5 chapter/week. I will try my best to make time but i cannot make any promises given the situation in Hong Kong. You may say what is the problem. The problem is that I work in the computer barn or library given that my laptop is not working properly but it has been closed down for the last two days. I had finshe dthis chapter already so I am posting it from my friend’s laptop.

So, fifth chapter of the week

Chapter 5/5 for the week.

Chapter 10 I will not be able to live peacefully!

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