My girlfriend is really a superstar Chapter 16

So once again I am reiterating I am not sure when I will update the chapters. However, there will be 5 regular chapters in the week.

Also if you guys could please rate the novel. It has dismal ratings but no one else has reviewed. I guess it is due to the harem

You guys, will absolutely love Chapter 17. The teaser will give you the idea why. I have almost finished translating it and man even though I have read the novel more than once, this is one of the best chapters in the novel showcasing our MC’s character traits. He has tremendous character development over the course of the novel and you will appreciate his traits at the start even more.

Ok, I will say no more about chapter 17 because I am releasing Chapter 16 here. It is slightly larger than other chapters i have translated so far.

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Chapter 16 Secret Meeting