My girlfriend is really a superstar Chapter 9

Update- I will not be translating any other project except for my girlfriend is really a superstar. I am extremely worried about the political situation in Hong Kong. I am not sure whether I will continue to stay here either. I will try to keep up with 5 chapter update promise but I am telling you guys I might not be able to keep it. There is literally chaos and confusion over here.

I think that perhaps most people are not really interested in reading Hedonist Sovereign anymore. I will be looking to see whether I will update a chapter from the sneak peak novel I posted or look for any other project that has stopped.

All that aside I will keep up with the 5 chapter/ week update. Now you guys might be saying why don’t you update more chapters. My answer is first it takes me freaking 4/5 hours to go through every single sentence and ask my Chinese friends for some sentences I am confused about before translating one chapter of my girlfriend is really a superstar. Other novels I will not be spending the same amount of time unless I get something in return. I am passionate about this novel thus even as an amateur translator I have poured a lot of time into this. Thus, thanks a lot for reading the chapters. I am happy that people are reading the novel. Don’t know whether you guys like it or not but number of readers is growing everyday.

Fourth chapter of the week

Chapter 4/5 of the week

Chapter 9 Oh! Oh! It will be great to be on the road of prosperity!

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  1. Regarding Hedonist: It’s been a long time since I’ve seen it, I would have to re-read it to get back into it. And that seems like kind of a time waste at the moment (what with the new Pokemon games dropping tomorrow).

    Thanks for the updates.

  2. Yeah I understand that most people would have moved on given the last update was more than 1 year ago. Thus, I did not continue to translate it. I am deciding of updating my beautiful agent wife weekly maybe 1 or 2 chapters. This is also one of my favorite machine translated novels