New Chaper: No Protection Tonight 45: I already have a family. There is Saozi who is like a treasure to me. Part 1

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“Feng-ge I understand your position, but think of my…” Before Liu Jie finished speaking, I interrupted what he was saying.

“No, you don’t understand me at all. If you really did, you wouldn’t have talked about it in the first place.” I shook my head. I know my tone of voice sounds strong, but I felt like Liu Jie was trampling on my dignity.

“Wu, it was necessary to ask, to know what you think of this question.” Liu Jie’s tears began to fall. What I said was not entirely true, I was just letting myself be carried away by anger.

After accompanying Liu Jie to the door. He hid behind me to wipe away his tears. She put on her glasses and got in the car.

As I watched the image of the car disappear in the distance, I sighed. Remembering what happened, I was surprised to see how that little girl is someone sensible and calm. On the other hand, I was too exalted, not acting like a gentleman.

I’m still too young to think about meeting someone. Besides, I don’t know where I stand in Liu Jie’s heart. I only know that when I get home if her father looks at her that way they will have a fight and Liu Jie’s impression of her father will fall away. Despite being responsible.

I am aware that the 20,000 yen in my pocket that the director returned to me, it was thanks to her asking her father for help. But that’s it. As far as the issue of the child not being able to carry the Zhuang surname is concerned, it is not something I can commit myself to.

In fact, I don’t know why I am angry with Liu Jie, she behaved in a good way. The orders are from her father, not her. The more I think about things on the way home, the clearer I feel.

As soon as I entered the house, I watched Saozi watching TV. “Why did you come back so late today?” Looking at the way she was dressed and the accusatory way of asking. I knew immediately that Tangge was not supposed to be home.

“Cough, Cough, I was in the school field running, Saozi” As I changed my shoes, answered him calmly. After finished, I sat on the other side of the couch. Looking closely, I noticed that you could see a little of his beautiful body through his beautiful pajamas.

“So you started exercising so you wouldn’t look bad when XiaoJie starts squeezing you.” Saozi crossed his arms as he smiled. My heart began to beat violently.

“What are you saying?” Every time Tangge is not at home, his attitude changes completely.

“What’s the matter, do you want to devour your Saozi instead of her!” I was unable to see her actions through her eyes. However, I couldn’t help but be 10 centimeters away from her.

“Come, come closer”, was confused by what she told me. What is happening, will Saozi finally want me to eat it?

I moved forward again, leaving only the distance of one hand between us. She extended her hand and… pull my ear. “You are a little rascal, bold and bold! You still want to take advantage of your Saozi despite what happened at noon.”

” Ay! Ay! Saozi, I’m sorry, I was wrong.” To tell you the truth, at noon I was ecstatic. After all, Liu Jie was in the living room, and Saozi didn’t dare refute me. Besides, I would have liked to have seen the look on Saozi’s face if Liu Jie had found out that I was using my toothbrush.

After all inside Liu Jie’s heart, Saozi is someone he admires. For she can easily control me.

“Humph, it’s good that you know. Well it’s late and it looks like your Tangge won’t be here for a while. Saozi will help you, to replenish the hydrating creams that have run out.” As I looked into his eyes, I could see little traces of mockery. My heart couldn’t help but beat.

Mother… It had been almost a month since I last provided a supply of facial moisturizer to Saozi. If I restocked Saozi, tomorrow I’d look like a mummy. So right now I have only one thought: to come up with a plan, to stay alive.

“No, no, Saozi, the treatment is supposed to take time, so I can give it to you little by little, right?” I couldn’t do anything but beg him.

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