New Chaper: No Protection Tonight 45: I already have a family. There is Saozi who is like a treasure to me Part 2

“No, no, Saozi, the treatment isn’t supposed to take time, so I can give it to you little by little, right?” I couldn’t do anything but beg him.

“Stop your nonsense, aren’t you supposed to be a man, where your energy is. How can you say no, have a little more resolution! Okay?” Seeing how I lost my head to fear, the smile on Saozi’s face grew even bigger. Soon two well-developed dumplings were placed in front of my chest. As soon as I saw each one shake, I got dizzy.

Previously I had heard about the possibility that one might get dizzy. However, I never thought I could experience it.

My mind soon remembered the images they passed inside the bathroom with Saozi seeing their Big Macs. No doubt the strong visual impact was stored in my memory.

“It’s not that I don’t have Saozi ambition, I just don’t want to be dry as a mummy.” I replied as I frowned as miserably as I could. I know I’m part of the family and Saozi is like a precious treasure. However, from noon to night we have not stopped throwing coquettish looks at each other. I am seriously planning to put some sort of punishment on myself.

“All right, this time I’ll leave you alone. However, don’t bother your Saozi again otherwise don’t blame me for not keeping my promise” Saozi was satisfied and let me go.

“HE, HE, Thank you Saozi, I will give you an offering as respect.” When looking at how she took 2 bills out of the brown paper envelope, Saozi was so astonished that she couldn’t keep her legs closed “Little Feng, I can’t believe you swindled Liu Jie so fast”.

“You misunderstood Saozi, this is the money you gave the last time to the Director” Saozi was even more astonished, after listening to me.

“Oh, as you did to take the money from the Director, liitle Feng, that’s impossible to do for yourself knowing his temperament. Could it be that you broke into his office and stole it?” Saozi’s imagination began to fly.

I just smiled, “You’re wrong, keep guessing.”

Saozi was staring at me, “I must thank Liu Jie’s father quickly.” Saozi soon took a pile of bills and handed them to me. “Here, tell his father that thank you very much and occupy this money in it.”

“Saozi, she doesn’t need money.” If I had mentioned Liu Jie earlier there would be no problem, however, because we fought a few moments ago my head is confused. Liu Jie is probably crying at home now. And her father is upset, thinking that I am narrow-minded because favors are not appreciated.

“Are you a fool, I’m telling you to take this money to take Meizi to eat and walk, don’t be stingy. It doesn’t matter if she has money or not. For a man to pay for things is very different than for a woman to pay, do you understand?” Seeing how Saozi opened the eyes of peer to peer, I did not know whether to laugh or cry.

“Hey, XiaoJie you have good feelings for you, so you can have a happy family with her. If you don’t take advantage of this opportunity, when you return to town, you will be a single person for the rest of your life.” Saozi gently touched my head.

“That’s not true, my teacher told me, if I didn’t find a good woman in town to be my wife, she would marry me.” Not convinced by what she said, I refuted the first thing that came into my mind.

“What teacher?” Saozi asked me stunned.

“It’s a little secret, I can’t tell you.” I said muttering.

“Forget it, don’t tell me, don’t tell me, I don’t want to know. Hey, why do you have a hair there?” Saozi pointed below my navel. She bent down and grabbed the hair with her fingers.

Wow, that hair must be Liu Jie’s when she tripped and helped her stand up. I hadn’t noticed him because of the darkness at the time. By the way how Saozi was able to notice this hair? Soon Saozi pulled the hair, however, did not move, because half was inside my pants.

“Hey, maybe it’s a thread.” What I said sounded very stupid.

“The first time I saw it I also thought it was a thread. Little Feng, in order to get the money back, you had to sacrifice your body.” Saozi patted my shoulder, I don’t know if it was an illusion, but I felt a little anger in his words.

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