New Chapter: Hazure Waku Ch. 25

Hello, LazyCat here~! Bringing with me the latest chapter of Failure Frame… this should be enough for me to slack of for a couple of days, right? Anyway, enjoy~!

Chapter 25(ad link)

Chapter 25(ad-free link)

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  1. Gin Hellscythe

    All heroes will die sooner or later in this world, either as disposable pawns fighting the demon emperor’s army, or being discarded by the goddess after they have no further use. I wonder if at least those two sisters noticed that. After all, this self-proclaimed goddess isn’t even trying to hide that heroes are just a Gacha of artifacts and disposable pawns for her.
    Thanks for the chapter

      1. Gin Hellscythe

        Probably all the heroes of the past who will survive after completing the mission have been tricked into entering the teleport circle to the ruins of disposition, thinking it was for returning to their original world. And the civilians of this world must also have been deceived so that future heroes would not hear rumors of their predecessors being discarded after being worn to the bone. I doubt that the self-proclaimed goddess invoked the heroes of the past, or at least was born at this time, or is really a goddess. After all if she really were a goddess she would not use heroes’ invocation as a Gacha of artifacts, she would make them herself. A real goddess would not fail to realize Mimori Touka’s hidden potential or be dependent on tools to do so, nor would she fail to identify all of her purse skills, right?