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New Chapter: Luoyang Brocade Ch. 1 Part 2

Chapter 1, Part 2: Reborn

Ling Jing Shu was so excited that she did not realise her own voice was much more childish.

“Ah Shu.” Ling Xiao was happy and surprised, he reached out his hands to slowly find Ling Jing Shu’s hands, “That’s great! You have finally awaken. These two days you keep having high fever and in coma, and you keep talk about things that I cannot understand, really scared me.”

“Yeah, Miss, you are finally awake.” A girl with green dress and hair tied up in twin braids say out excitedly.

This maid servant age was around seventeen or eighteen. She had goose egg face, a pair of big bright eyes, straight nose, a diamond-shaped red lips and a beautiful face.

“Bai Yu.” Ling Jing Shu eyes started to wet, her voice sounded choked, “It turns out that you are here too…”

Bai Yu was four years older than her. From the age of six, Bai Yu came to serve her. This master and servant pair had been with each other for many years and have deep feelings.

Bai Yu was a calm person and was born with beautiful features, she was the most outstanding maid servant in Ling Residence. Her step-mother’s nephew, Li Er Lang, was interested with Bai Yu, he wanted to make her into his concubine. Madam Li said a lot of soft and good words, in the end she nodded her head to agree to this arrangement.

Her moment of soft-hearted, in the end harmed Bai Yu. Bai Yu married into Li Family as concubine for not even three years, she was tortured to death by the legitimate wife. Then the master and servant pair were forever separated by heaven and earth.

For so many years, she was betrayed by the people around her. When she was in pain, she would often remember Bai Yu who was the most loyal to her, her heart would be filled with remorse and self-blame.

Twenty-four years of her life, the heaven treated her so unfairly. After death, God finally opened its eyes, allowing her to reunite with Ling Xiao and Bai Yu.

Unknowingly, Ling Jing Shu’s face was full of tears.

She grabbed Ling Xiao with one hand and the other hand holding onto Bai Yu’s hand, “Ah Xiao, Bai Yu, it’s been so many years, I always have the both of you in my heart. Now I am also dead, the three of us are reunited in hell, we won’t be alone anymore.”

Ling Xiao was shocked from her words and did not respond for a while.

Bai Yu smiled helplessly and pitifully, “Miss had high fever for the past two days. It is probably a confusion from all that high heat that is why you are not talking sense. What life and death, it is unlucky to say that.”

The voice was as soft and sweet as the one in the memory.

Ling Xiao also came back from shock and he hold onto Ling Jing Shu’s hands, “Ah Shu, you must be had a nightmare! Don’t be afraid, Bai Yu and me are all good, and you will definitely get better.”

Ling Jing Shu finally noticed that something was wrong.

Ling Xiao’s hands are warm, Bai Yu’s hands are soft. Both their faces are clearly showing care and concern.

Also, she was sitting on the exquisitely carved wooden bed, through the pink silk curtain, she could see the smooth dressing bronze mirror, she saw the delicate vase and saw the screen that was embroidered with peony…

This did not look like hell at all, it was clearly her bedroom that she stayed in when she was a young girl!

Ling Jing Shu’s mind was in a mess, subconsciously, she retracted her hands to touch her neck.

She refused to suicide, and she was strangled by the long white silk until she was no longer breathing. But now, there wasn’t any deep visible scare on her neck, and it was warm and smooth…

What exactly was going on?

Ling Jing Shu’s heart suddenly came up with an amazing guess.

“Bai Yu, bring me that mirror.” Ling Jing Shu’s breathing became unstable, her voice sounded very eager, her cheeks suddenly had a strange blush.

Bai Yu responded to her request and quickly went to bring the bronze mirror over and hold it in front of her chest.

The sleek bronze mirror reflected a young girl’s face that was still a bit childish.

The eyebrows were as far as the mountains, not painted and not embarrassed. The lips are like some pill, not painted but red. The skin was bright and smooth like jade. The most beautiful thing was the pair of watery eyes. When she smiled a little, it seemed like the spring breeze smashed through the lake, bringing out the young girl’s grace.

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