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New Chapter: Luoyang Brocade Ch. 10 Part 2

Chapter 10, Part 2: Father

When Ling Xiao was feeling anxious, his strength would inevitably became bigger.

Ling Jing Shu looked at Ling Xiao with a soothing look and remembered that he could not see so she softened her voice, “Ah Xiao, I am not talking back to father. I am just telling father the truth. Father has always loved us and he’s the most reasonable, he won’t blame me.”

Two high hats were worn on him, and the anger on Fifth Ling Master’s face really faded.

After coaxed Ling Xiao, she turned to look at Fifth Ling Master. Her face’s calm and coldness changed to a sincere look, “Father, daughter was sick on the bed for a few days, Mother had visited me. As a stepmother, she can do these, daughter really feel very grateful. The words that daughter said to mother just now was not because I was ridiculing her.”

Fifth Ling Master listened to her words, and his face flashed with a little uncomfortable.

Ling Jing Shu had been ill for so many days. Even Madam Li had visited her once. He was her biological father and he had not set foot into Qiu Shui Pavilion even once.

Once a person felt guilty, the tone of his voice would also softened. Fifth Ling Master said softly, “I shall let it pass this time. Next time when you speak, just take note of your attitude.”

Ling Jing Shu slightly coveted and replied softly: “Daughter will follow father’s teachings.”

It was still the soft and respectful tone same as before.

The sharp and cold Ling Jing Shu from just now seemed to be everyone’s illusion.

Fifth Ling Master’s anger was almost gone, and he inevitably ask a few words with concern.

Ling Jing Shu answered one by one, but her heart was sneering again and again.

When their mother Madam Yao was still alive, Fifth Ling Master and Madam Yao’s relationship were still harmonious, and they also loved their children. It was a pity that Madam Yao’s life was short, and she had to leave behind the brother and sister pair.

After Madam Li married in, she very quickly won over Fifth Ling Master’s heart. Ling Jing Shu and Ling Xiao had to moved out of He Xiang court, and the chances for them to see their father had become lesser. After Ling Fou was born, Fifth Ling Master put most of his attention on him, he paid even lesser attention to Ling Jing Shu and Ling Xiao.

If it was not for Ling Jing Shu’s efforts to please Old Madam Ling, and gotten Old Madam Ling’s good impression of her, the brother and sister pair wouldn’t have such present situation.

In Fifth Ling Master’s heart, future and face were the most important things. That year when Lu Family put Ling Jing Shu under house arrest, in order to block Fifth Ling Master’s mouth, the Lu Family specifically sought the position of Zheng Province general judge and gave it to him. Fifth Ling Master weighed a bit and accepted Lu Family’s ‘good intentions’ and happily led his wife and children to Zheng Province to work.

He completely ignored the daughter who was humiliated in Lu Family.

It was a sad thing to have such a father!

Thinking of the past, the resentment in Ling Jing Shu’s heart was constantly surging.

However, now was not the time to tear off face. If she wanted to deal with Madam Li, she must start with Fifth Ling Master. Even if it was for Ling Xiao, she had to bear it all in now.

“Today, Ah Xiao and me came over specially was to ask something from father.” Ling Jing Shu started the conversation but she did not continue on. “Ah Xiao, you should tell father about it yourself!”

Ling Xiao set his mind and took the courage to open his mouth, “Father, I felt bored to stay in the residence all day idling. I felt ashamed of it. I want to continue studying!”

Fifth Ling Master was shocked and he replied, “Your eyes can’t see, how are you going to study?”

His disapproval tone made the originally perturbed Ling Xiao’s heart became cold. His smile had also became stiff. The words that he was going to say had all stuck in his throat.

“His eyes cannot see, but there are still ears that can listen.” Ling Jing Shu quickly took over the conversation. “Ah Xiao had literate little servants around him. Usually they will read books to him. It is just that the little servants’ knowledge are limited, they only know how to read but they do not know the meaning. If can choose one little servant who knows how to read and is smart, we can send him to the home school in place of Ah Xiao. After he learn new things, he can come back and teach it to Ah Xiao. Since Ah Xiao is a talented person, it will definitely benefit him.”

Ling Family’s home school was quite famous in Ding Province. The teachers in the home school were scholars hired with lots of money. Ling Family’s children and grandchildren were all studying in the home school. There were also some in-law’s families and relatives who would find ways to let their children to study in this home school.

If wanted to arrange a little servant into the home school, it would not be difficult for Fifth Ling Master.

Fifth Ling Master thought for a bit, “Ah Xiao wants to study, it is also a good thing. Even if you can’t take the imperial examination in the future, it will always be beneficial to learn more. I will send someone to the home school to inform later, you should pick a little servant to attend the class tomorrow.”

They did not expect this to be solved so easily.

Ling Xiao’s heart was overjoyed and he thanked him: “Thank you father.”

Seeing Ling Xiao was so happy, Ling Jing Shu also felt relieved.

Fifth Ling Master praised Ling Xiao a few words and then looked at Ling Ting, “Ah Ting, you have to participate in the examination this year. You have to put in more effort. Look at Lu Hong, he is only older than you by one year, but he had already passed the county level imperial exam, holding the title of scholar. You have to work harder.”

Ling Ting respectfully responded.

Ling Fou was only six years old and he just enrolled into the home school last year. Fifth Ling Master would not reprimand him but would only test him a little. Madam Li had just returned from the kitchen and she just happened to see Fifth Ling Master was testing Ling Fou.

Ling Fou was able to answer a lot of questions, Fifth Ling Master was quite satisfied.

Madam Li also felt that there was light on her face, and the sullenness in her heart was swept away in an instant, feeling very proud.

Ling Ting was just an illegitimate son, Ling Xiao had become blind and was a useless person. In the future, wouldn’t the fifth family need Ling Fou as their support?

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