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New Chapter: Luoyang Brocade Ch. 11 Part 2

Chapter 11, Part 2: Tangle

Going to the Capital, one was to treat Ling Xiao’s eyes. Second, she also wanted to find opportunities to take revenge.

The enemy’s status was too high. If using only her power to take revenge, it would be like using an egg to hit the rock. Therefore, she must go to the Capital to find ways to take revenge.

Going to the Capital alone, Old Madam Ling and Fifth Ling Master would never agree to it. It would be easier to convince them if it was to cure Ling Xiao’s eyes.

Moreover, it would be a long journey there, they would not know how much time it was required. How could she leave Ling Xiao alone in Ling Residence?

After convincing Ling Xiao, Ling Jing Shu felt relieved.

The two of them casually talked to pass time. When it was near noon, Old Madam Ling deliberately sent Mo Kui over to invite them over to Yong He hall.

It was such an envious thing to be able to eat lunch with Old Madam Ling in Yong He hall. There was a separate kitchen in Yong He hall, and the three meals served there was even better than the main kitchen’s. Moreover, this would also mean that Old Madam Ling was doted on that person.

In the past, this was indeed a delightful thing. However, when thinking that Madam Ling, Lu Hong and Lu Qian were also there, Ling Jing Shu couldn’t smiled at all.

But, Old Madam Ling’s instructions were never to be rejected.

After Mo Kui finished conveying the message, she saw Ling Jing Shu’s face did not have any joy at all, she couldn’t help but feel weird, but she did not show it on her face. She smiled and said, “Old Madam is already waiting at Yong He hall. Ninth Miss and Tenth Young Master please move out now, don’t let Old Madam wait too long.”

Ling Jing Shu set her mind and faintly responded, “Alright.”

Although Ling Xiao’s eyes couldn’t see, he was extremely sensitive. He noticed almost immediately about the strangeness in Ling Jing Shu. He whispered into her ears and asked, “Ah Shu, is it that you don’t want to go? If that is the case, I can go alone. I can tell grandmother you are not feeling well.”

Ling Jing Shu’s heart felt warm, her eyes softened. “Grandmother asked me to go is also because she dote on me, how can I don’t go. You don’t have to worry, I’m fine now.”

At most, when saw Madam Ling and her sons, she would lose her appetite.

When arrived at Yong He hall, Madam Ling and her sons were indeed there.

Ling Jing Shu and Ling Xiao went forward together and greeted Old Madam Ling and Madam Ling.

At the moment when Lu Hong saw Ling Jin Shu, his eyes flashed with joy. He got up and gave a same generation greeting, “Cousin Shu.”

In front of Old Madam Ling, Ling Jing Shu had to force herself to keep calm and return the greeting, “Cousin Lu is polite.”

Lu Qian also got up, his delicate face was full of smiles, and his tone was cheerful and lively, “Cousin Shu, you are finally here. I was just telling grandmother that the Luoyang Brocade you planted was really pretty. Our Lu Residence’s Peony Garden does not have such a beautiful peony.”

Ling Jing Shu twitched her lips slightly, “Thank you for your praise Cousin Qian.”

Lu Qian seemed to have not seen the coldness in Ling Jing Shu, and he continued to smile enthusiastically, “Cousin Shu, I wish to learn from you on how to cultivate peony. When will Cousin Shu be free?”

One sentence one ‘Cousin Shu’, calling like they were very close.

Were they even that familiar with each other?

Ling Jing Shu slightly frowned, she perfunctory replied, “Cousin Qian like this praise me, I do not dare to receive it. Actually, all these peonies were planted by our gardener, I just watched from the side. If you really have interest with cultivating peony, you can go to the Peony Garden more often. Gardeners will definitely teach you how to do it.”

Lu Qian had touched a soft nail but he was not discouraged. He turned to Old Madam Ling and acted like a spoiled child, “Grandmother, you just now told me that Cousin Shu is good at planting peony. I sincerely asked her but she simply refuses to tell me.”

Ling Jing Shu, “…”

This Lu Qian, did he took the wrong medicine!

Old Madam Ling had not seen her grandson for so many years. These few days it was almost like loved him like her precious pearl, whatever he said, she would agree. She immediately looked at Ling Jing Shu with a blaming look, “Shu jie-er, since Ah Qian is interested to know about planting peony, you should give him some pointers.”

As soon as Old Madam Ling spoke, Ling Jing Shu could no longer refuse with the same kind of words, she replied and sounded like it was difficult, “Grandmother, men and women should be separated at the age of seven. Cousin Qian is already twelve years old. It is inappropriate for us to be together alone in peony garden.”

“Cousin Shu’s concerns really make sense.” Lu Hong’s eyes lit up and immediately rushed to interject, “I will go with the both of you, it will not become a gossip.”

Ling Jing Shu, “…”

Madam Ling saw some signs, she smiled meaningfully, “Alright, after lunch, the few of you will go to the garden together.”

Ling Jing Shu’s lips twitched, she wanted to say something but in the end she did not say it out.

Although Ling Xiao couldn’t see Ling Jing Shu’s expression, he was aware that her mood was gloomy and could not help but feel weird. Cousin Hong was kind and friendly, and Cousin Qian was lively and lovely. But Ling Jing Shu seemed to dislike the two of them.

“Ah Shu, since I am free and have nothing to do, I will go to the Peony Garden with you later.” Ling Xiao smiled and pulled her sleeve.

With him around, Ling Jing Shu’s mood should be better!

Ling Xiao’s small thoughts, Ling Jing Shu naturally knew about it.

Ling Jing Shu agreed and her eyebrows stretched out.

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