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New Chapter: Luoyang Brocade Ch. 12

Chapter 12: Peculiar

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After lunch, the reluctant Ling Jing Shu still led the Lu brothers to the Peony Garden.

Madam Ling used her eyes to send off the youngsters, and there was a smile in her eyes, “Shu jie-er was indeed born very beautiful, and was much better than me last time.”

Lu Hong was at the age of love awakening. Meeting Ling Jing Shu who was such a alluring and beautiful girl, it was no wonder he would be tempted.

Old Madam Ling was so smart. She had saw some clues so she said softly with a smile, “As I can see, Ah Hong seems to be interested in Shu jie-er.”

The mother and the daughter talked together and there was nothing to hide.

Madam Ling’s eyes flashed and said with a smile: “If Ah hong has this heart, he will come and tell me. If we can become in-laws, it is also a good thing.”

Lu Family’s status was good, if Ling Jing Shu married to Lu Family’s first family’s eldest son, it would definitely be a good marriage.

Old Madam Ling thought for a moment and said, “Children’s marriage are a matter of a lifetime. This matter you alone cannot make the decision. Wait for your husband to arrive first then you discuss with him privately before we talk further.”

Madam Ling nodded with a smile.

Speaking of her husband, Old Madam Ling would inevitably say a few words, “Ah Hui, you have married into Lu Family for so many years and never been back. Every year you would send letters back but you would only mention about good things. I am worried and do not have any method. Now is just the both of us, you don’t need to hide anymore. Tell me, how is your husband treating you?”

Madam Ling’s smile froze and she said with bitterness in her tone, “Master is Lu clan’s leader, usually he is very busy. After he become Ji Province’s governor, he has more entertainment to handle so it was inevitable that he would return lesser to the inner house. Also, Master has quite a number of concubines, so naturally he will not come to my room as often as before.”

Even if the words were euphemistic, Old Madam Ling could still hear the meaning from it.

Old Madam Ling quickly sank her face and said as she clench her teeth, “This Lu An, when he asked to marry you, he was still quite sincere. After you married to him, how can he treat you like this.”

Madam Ling laughed bitterly and her voice become cryptic, “In the end, it was I who court my own punishment. I can never blame anyone.”

That year when Lu An came to Ding Province for a business trip, he came to Ling Residence for a visit. At first sight, she fell in love with Lu An. Later, Lu Family came to ask for marriage, Old Madam Ling initially wanted to reject because Lu Family was too far away. But Madam Ling insisted on marrying Lu An, and Old Madam Ling couldn’t stop her so she nodded and agreed to the marriage.

When they were newly married, they also had a few years of sweet love. After some time, Lu An’s lustful nature was revealed. More and more concubines were brought into the residence, and there were countless other women when he was doing official socializing.

Madam Ling was not even thirty but had already become a yellow flower of yesterday, being left out and thrown aside.

This time Lu An was willing to come to Ding Province to celebrate his Mother-in-law’s birthday was all thanks to the Big Brother-in-law who was working in the Ministry of Industry.

The last sentence, Madam Ling was too ashamed to say it out. She laughed and said, “Mother, you do not need to worry about me. No matter what, I am the legitimate wife. Those other women in the residence are just a fun thing for the men, so you don’t have to worry about it.”

Old Madam Ling looked at her daughter who was forcing a smile, she was heartbroken and angry, her voice sounded a bit choking, “Ah Hui, it had really been hard for you all these years. It’s really hateful that Ding Province and Ji Province are so far away. Mother wanted to go to Lu Family to support you, but this old bone can’t stand the travelling. This time since he is coming for a visit, I will definitely ask him for an answer.”

Before the words were finished, Madam Ling’s face was already dark, and she quickly interrupted Old Madam Ling, “Mother, you should leave these issues alone.”

Old Madam Ling was stunned and her face looked ugly, “Are you afraid that after I said this, Lu An would be unhappy?” Madam Ling was without a doubt, very afraid of Lu An.

Madam Ling did not make a sound, it means tacitly agreed.

Old Madam Ling’s heart was burning with fire, she said hatefully, “Are you going to live your life like this for a lifetime? There are so many women around him, if they give birth to a son or a girl, won’t your days be more difficult?”

“You don’t have to worry about this.” Madam Ling’s eyes flashed a sizzling vicious currents, “I am the legitimate wife of the main family of Lu Residence. Nobody can overtake me. Those concubines want to have a son or daughter must also depends on whether they have that blessing.”

Those words were so cold, it would send chills down people’s spine.

Lu An only have Lu Hong and Lu Qian these two sons. The concubines were pregnant before, however most of them had miscarriage due to some “accident”. Those that were able to be born had also died young. Only two illegitimate daughters were able to grow up safely. For Madam Ling who had a legitimate son, those were not consider a threat.

After listening to these words, Old Madam Ling finally can feel more assured, “It is good that you understand what is more important.”

As long they couldn’t give birth to a son, it didn’t matter if he have more concubines.

“This time I come back home, I only bring Ah Hong and Ah Qian along. That two illegitimate daughters are still under ten years old, I use the long distance as a reason not to bring them along. Master did not say anything.” Madam Ling’s look recovered as usual and smiled, “In Master’s heart, Ah Hong and Ah Qian are more important than the two illegitimate daughters.”

Old Madam Ling’s brow stretched out and she had a smile on her face: “You can understand this, I feel more relieve now.”

After a moment, Old Madam Ling reminded again, “Lu An is in his prime age, it is inevitable that he is lustful. However, you cannot take a laissez-faire attitude. You should pick some beautiful and reliable maid servant and send it to him. If they become favored, they can also become your support.”

Madam Ling nodded, “I naturally know about such little thing, mother doesn’t have to worry about me.”

How could she not worried?

Old Madam Ling sighed secretly. She only had her this one daughter. She held her in the palm like a pearl. Married into Lu Family for so many years, but her days in there weren’t good at all.

At first, it was just a joke to mention about Lu Hong and Ling Jing Shu’s issue. Come to think about it now, if Ling Jing Shu could marry into Lu Family, she could also help support Madam Ling. It would be a good thing to do both.

Ling Jing Shu took Ling Xiao’s hands and entered the Peony Garden.

Four lines of sight fell on her back, making her feel very uncomfortable.

Ling Jing Shu frowned slightly and there was a strange and vigilant feeling in her heart.

Lu Hong, like in her past life, still love her at first sight, showing her his love everywhere she go, she felt disgusted by it but it wasn’t strange at all. But Lu Qian was somewhat abnormal, he was giving her too much hospitality.

Even if Lu Qian would have different thought about her, it should be a few years later issue. Lu Qian now is a twelve-year-old boy, he’s still shorter than her, in her eyes he’s still a child.

An ambiguous thought flashed through her mind. Before she could thought about it, she was interrupted by Lu Qian’s slightly excited voice, “Cousin Shu, this peony has a green flower bud, will it be green when it blooms?”

Compared with Lu Qian’s excitement, Ling Jing Shu’s was much more calm and she answered casually, “This peony is called Bean Green, and the flower that blooms is indeed a rare green.”

There were many varieties of peony and different colors. Green peony is undoubtedly a rare treasure.

Lu Qian didn’t mind the coldness from Ling Jing Shu and smiled happily: “The peony flowering season is coming soon. Mother said that she would stay in Ding Province for a few months. It seems that I can look at them bloom.”

As he said, he pointed to another peony and asked, “Cousin Shu, that one is a blue flower bud. I wonder what breed of peony is it?”

“That is called Lantian jade.” Speaking of her favorite peony, the expression on Ling Jing Shu’s face was softer, and there was no coldness that would refuse people to a thousand miles, “I cultivated it last year. When the flower blooms, the red core Blue flowers are very beautiful.”

When looking at her favorite peony, her eyes and eyebrows showed a hint of tenderness.

Lu Qian looked at this Ling Jing Shu, his heart was filled with joy that almost overflowed out of his chest. When he was about to continue talking, Lu Hong’s voice rang in his ears, “Cousin Shu, the one with purple flower bud is called Ge Jin Purple!”

When she heard Lu Hong’s voice, the smile in Ling Jing Shu’s eyes disappeared without a trace, and she replied with short answer.

As long as one had eyes, they could see the impatient and disgust in her eyes.

Lu Hong’s smile froze, his heart was like something had blocked it, and the sullen feeling was uncomfortable.

What did he say wrong, what did he do wrong, why Cousin Shu hated him so much? She didn’t even bother to cover it up, it was clearly shown on her face.

Ling Xiao couldn’t see Lu Hong’s face. As for Lu Qian, didn’t know whether he was intentional or unintentional, he also ignored Lu Hong’s unhappy face. He smiled and said “Cousin Shu can plant so many famous peony, you are amazing.”

Towards Lu Qian, Ling Jing Shu’s attitude was considered quite warm. She replied with a smile, “How is this amazing. It’s just that I have free time and I like peony so I spend more effort on it that is all.”

She hated everyone in the Lu family, and she was less hateful towards Lu Qian.

After she married into Lu Family, She was very loving with Lu Hong, and she was also very fond of Lu Qian. Lu Qian was also very close to her.

At that time, she did not think too much about it.

In her eyes, he was just a lively, lovely and self-willed child.

She didn’t know when it all started. He started to have other thoughts about her which he shouldn’t have. When he looked at her, it was getting more and more passionate. He would suddenly visit her whenever Lu Hong wasn’t around, talking about this and that and not wish to leave.

When she noticed his feelings, she was shocked and felt it was ridiculous. This kind of thing, she did not dare to mention to others, not even in front of her husband. She could only try to distant away from Lu Qian.

Lu Qian was weak since childhood, Madam Ling’s love for him, as long as he wanted it, even if it was the stars in the sky, she could not wait to pick it for him. This also cultivated Lu Qian’s willful temper, and if he liked it, he must have it.

This abnormal feeling that should not be, did not become dull as she tried to distant from him, but it had become more and more blazing.

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