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New Chapter: Luoyang Brocade Ch. 15

Chapter 15: Lu An (1)

“Old Madam, First Master’s family and Lu Master are about to reach the residence.”

Everyone waited for more than two hours, and finally waited for this good news, all of them became very excited.

Old Madam Ling’s face was filled with joy and she said, “Quickly send people to open the main door.”

Ling Residence usually only opened the side door. Today, First Ling Master’s family came back, and Lu Master, who had came from afar, naturally they had to open the main door to welcome the guests.

Old Madam Ling walked to the main entrance with everyone beside her. Ling Jing Shu slowed down intentionally and fell to the back with Ling Xiao.

“Ah Shu, since you don’t like this kind of lively event, why not we just sneak away!” Ling Xiao whispered into Ling Jing Shu’s ear, “There are so many people here, and we are not some important person, no one will pay attention if we are not here.”

Ling Jing Shu felt warm in her heart. Ling Xiao must have noticed that her mood was low, that was why he would propose to leave halfway.

Although no one will pay attention to it now, but after that when they noticed, they would definitely be scolded. More importantly, she didn’t want to avoid anymore.

“This doesn’t require a long time, just need to endure it for a while will do.” Ling Jing Shu also lowered her voice, “There are many people here, don’t run around, just stay beside me.”

Towards Ling Jing Shu’s decision, Ling Xiao never refused and he nodded.

The two siblings held their hands together, standing very close to each other, and they seemed to have created a small world of their own.

Everyone was looking forward to the return of First Ling Master’s family and Lu Master. There was no one paying attention to the sibling’s side – even if they had noticed, no one would feel strange.

After Madam Yao’s death and Madam Li had married in, the siblings were very close to each other and depended on each other. Ling Jing Shu’s care for Ling Xiao was in every possible way, and Ling Xiao also relied on her wholeheartedly. Towards their father, Fifth Ling Master, they were not very close to him.

Someone who had very sharp eye sight shouted, “They have arrived!”

Everyone became excited.

Several carriages stopped in front of Ling Residence’s main entrance.

The first to come down was First Ling Master’s family.

The forty-five-year-old First Ling Master, his face looked handsome and dignified. He had some mustache and had a civil servant’s quality.

Beside him was a woman about forty-year-old, wearing a beautiful Chinese costume and exquisite makeup. She had outstanding temperament and she’s none other than their Big Aunt, Madam Sun. In addition, their eldest son, Ling Ji, was holding onto his wife and his children. There was a bright and beautiful girl standing behind Madam Sun. She was their legitimate daughter, Ling Jing Yan.

“Son is not filial, I have not come back to visit mother for several years.” First Ling Master strode to Old Madam Ling and bowed his head.

Old Madam Ling’s eyes immediately reddened. She held out her trembling hands to support First Ling Master, “You are an official in the Capital, and you are busy everyday that is why you can’t come back. How can I blame you?”

Before the words were said finished, First Ling Master had started crying.

A man who wasn’t young anymore still crying like a child in front his old mother. Old Madam Ling was very happy and felt sorrow, she hugged her eldest son and started to cry as well.

Cries were contagious. Fourth Ling Master and Fifth Ling Master also had red eyes, and soon everyone were wiping their tears.

Ling Jing Shu and Ling Xiao who were behind the crowd, lowered their heads and covered their faces with their sleeves casually, acting like they were crying as well.

After Old Madam Ling and First Ling Master’s emotions had calmed down, another man’s voice sounded, “Mother-in-law and brother-in-law have not seen each other for so many years. To be reunited again, is truly a very joyous thing. I think it is better to go inside the residence first and slowly talk.”

This voice, with depth of middle-aged man, penetrated into Ling Jing Shu’s ears.

Even though Ling Jing Shu was mentally prepared, she still couldn’t help but shudder when she heard that voice.

She raised her head.

A familiar face came into view.

The thirty-two-year-old man, had sword straight eyebrows, had a short beard, was handsome and elegant, and he had extraordinary temperament. He could be described as a glamorous man. Most of Lu Hong’s good looks were from him.

This man was the owner of the Lu family, the husband of Madam Ling, the father-in-law of her previous life.

Lu An!

At that time, she and Lu Hong loved each other deeply. Less than a year after their marriage, she was pregnant and gave birth to her son. Lu Hong had also passed the triennial examinations with flying colors. Then he went to the Capital to participate in the imperial examination and became the number one scholar.

At that time, she felt that her life was happy and smooth, and there was no regret.

Unexpectedly, the nightmare of her life had just only started.

Lu Qian’s strange feelings for her had caused her to suffer. Lu Hong’s bad news of hugging another woman came, which shocked her and saddened her. Because of Lu Qian, Madam Ling, who was still considered to be kind, became more and more gloomy and difficult to handle. The people in the residence talked a lot, everybody’s eyes when looked at her, gradually filled with contempt, privately rumors that she was non-conservative, seducing her brother-in-law.

She was poured with this ‘dirty water’, which made her unable to speak up for herself. She did not know how many times she had cried in secret.

She knew in her heart that these were the doings of Madam Ling. It was clear that Lu Qian was the one obsessed with her, and Madam Ling feared that these words if spread out, would destroy Lu Qian’s reputation, so she deliberately distort the facts. Madam Ling had been in charge of the Lu family for many years, and there were many confidants in the residence. It was easy to manipulate rumors.

She was struggling in the residence, and the days were getting harder and harder to pass.

Madam Ling set a good marriage for Lu Qian. When Lu Qian knew about it, he made a big fuss. In front of everyone, he said that he wanted to reject this marriage and he said he wanted to marry Ling Jing Shu.

Madam Ling’s face was lost, and the facts that she was painstakingly trying to cover were completely exposed. Under anger, she instructed people to shut her up in a room. She also instructed someone to put medicine in Ling Jing Shu’s meal.

When she woke up from the dizziness, she was horrified to find that she was in a complete mess, and the man lying next to her was actually her father-in-law, Lu An.

Lu An was usually very lustful and had a dozen of beautiful concubines. In the residence, there were also many enchanting singers. However, in front of her, he still behaved like a father-in-law. But who would think that he would actually rape her when she was drugged.

She didn’t want to live anymore, all she wanted was to die.

Madam Ling was smiling cunningly while carrying Ling Jing Shu’s son. She said, “Ling Jing Shu, if you do not kill yourself, your child will live with you. If you kill yourself, I will let your son accompany you in hell.”

Looking at her son’s tender face, she burst into tears. She suppressed the idea of ​​seeking death.

Madam Ling looked at her eyes that was full of grief and hatred, and smiled coldly, “Ling Jing Shu, I didn’t want to do this to you. In anyway, you are my niece. Letting you marry into Lu family to be my daughter-in-law, I was looking forward to your support. Unfortunately, you are useless and have not tied Lu Hong’s heart. He has won the favor of the princess and has a better future.”

“Lu Hong doesn’t want you anymore, it’s inevitable that you will be sad and hurt. But what you shouldn’t have done was to seduce my Ah Qian. His reputation and future cannot be destroyed in your hands.”

This swapped black and white statement was totally ridiculous.

She subconsciously argued, “I didn’t seduce Ah Qian. I didn’t have any other thoughts about him from the beginning to the end. It was him who was pestering me.”

“Shut your mouth!”

Madam Ling shouted, her face was twisted because of anger, “He’s still a child who doesn’t understand anything about love. If you did not intentionally seduce him, he’ll never go astray. If this scandal was spread outside, how is he going to get married next time, how is he going to be a proper human.”

“Now that you and your father-in-law are afflicted, Ah Qian no matter how unwilling, he will not dare to snatch his father’s woman. When he rested his heart, I will find a good marriage for him.”

After that, Madam Ling laughed smugly. In that laughter, there was also crazy enthusiasm.

After Ling Jing Shu heard her words, she felt cold all over her body and murmured in disbelieve, “In order to do this, you actually drugged me and father-in-law? You are crazy!”

Madam Ling’s laughter was more and more crazy and hysterical, “Do you think this is just my own idea? Do you think I have given Lu An medicine? Haha, you are really naive.”

“You actually didn’t know, ever since you married into Lu family, Lu An had been habouring evil designs on you. If it wasn’t against Lu Hong, he would have long started with you. This idea was proposed by me and you were drugged by me. As for him, he was so excited about it, there was no need for any medicine.”

At that moment, the world turned, and her world collapsed in an instant.

Her emotions were numbed and her body was cold.

“You will stay in this courtyard from now on. As long as you are obedient, your child will be safe. If you dare to have any weird actions, I will let your child accompany you in hell!”

After Madam Ling finished talking, she cold laughed and walked away.

The days that followed were like hell in human world for her.

Initially, Lu An still felt a little guilty, but he was fascinated by her beauty and there was this fresh feeling of improper incestuous, so he was very obsessed with her. He started to desolate those favored concubines and towards Madam Ling, he’s being more and more forbearance.

In the inner house, no one was an opponent for Madam Ling.

Ling Jing Shu washed her face in tears everyday, and thought of death countless times. When she thought of her young son, her death thoughts were cut off. She had to endure it.

There were no impenetrable walls in the world. The news of Lu An raped his daughter-in-law was first spread slowly within the residence and gradually it spread to the outside of the residence. However, in the mouth of everyone, this matter was not Lu An’s fault. Everyone was saying it was because Lu Hong had abandoned his wife and son, she could not stand being alone at night so she secretly seduce her father-in-law.

Madam Ling hated her to the core. She not only ruined her chastity, but also ruined her reputation.

She endured humiliation so that she could live on. It was only until the moment she died, she suddenly woke up and repented.

God pity her, gave her second chance to live. In this life time, she wanted to avenge for her own life and seek justice.

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