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New Chapter: Luoyang Brocade Ch. 17

Chapter 17: Husband And Wife

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Ling Jing Yan raised her eyebrows and smiled proudly, “Luoyang peony is famous around the world. Living in the capital all these years, I was invited to a lot of flower-watching banquets, and I have seen a lot of famous peonies. I have also learned some skills of planting peonies from our gardener and planted a few pots of rare peony varieties. Since Cousin Shu is also good at this, we can exchange some pointers in the future. ” 

Her mouth expressed a desire to exchange some pointers, but her face clearly showed a competing expression. 

Ling Jing Shu wanted to refuse at first. However, since she intended to go to the capital with her Big Uncle’s family, it would be inevitable for her to come in contact with Ling Jing Yan in the future. 

“Since Cousin Yan has such an interest, it is not good for me to decline, so I can only thicken my face and accompany you.” Ling Jing Shu smiled, “I hope that Cousin Yan will not be stingy to teach me.” 

Her attitude was humble and her tone of expressing goodwill was not too obvious. It was very pleasant to the ears. 

Ling Jing Yan’s mood was a lot better, and Ling Jing Shu had become more pleasing to her eyes, “Alright, I will go find you tomorrow.” 

“Cousin Yan has returned from afar, you are our important guest, how can I let you run around? I think it is better for me to go look for you tomorrow.” Ling Jing Shu said with a smile. 

Ling Jing Yan nodded happily. 

Ling Jing Xian who was witnessing this scene, “…” 

She deliberately provoked her because she hoped that Ling Jing Shu would give Ling Jing Yan a serious rebuff. This could help her relieve some of the annoying feelings in her heart, and at the same time, she could watch a bustling scene. How did it become like this? 

They were tired from the long journey. After the banquet had ended, they went back to their rooms to rest. 

Madam Ling originally stayed in Yong He hall. Since Lu An had arrived, it would not be suitable for her to continue staying there. She let the servants moved all the luggage into the guest room. Fortunately, the room was clean, the bedding was brand-new and ready for people to live in. 

Lu An sat on a chair, Lu Hong and Lu Qian were standing side by side in front of him. 

Lu An’s face was serious. He opened his mouth and asked, “Ah Hong, Ah Qian, both of you have been staying in Ling Residence for a few days. Are the both of you used to it?” 

Lu Hong was more afraid of his father than close to him. He respectfully replied, “To reply father’s words, everyone in Ling Residence treat people cordially and harmoniously. Food and clothing were well-taken care of. Son is accustomed to staying here.” 

Lu An replied ‘un’, then looked at Lu Qian. 

Towards his young and frail son, Lu An’s look was much softer, “Ah Qian, this is your first time returning to your maternal house. Did they treat you well?” 

Lu Qian lowered his head and replied, “Grandmother is very loving. Uncle and aunt are warm and caring towards me. All the cousins are also kind to me.” 

“You had better not think only about playing and abandon your schoolwork.” 

“I studied every day, I didn’t relax. Father, please be rest assured of that. ” 

His answer was straight and proper, there was nothing to be picky about. 

Lu An frowned. 

Lu Hong was his eldest son, so he had always been strict with him. It’s inevitable for Lu Hong to behave in a fit and proper way in front of him. But Lu Qian’s temperament was lively and proud. He would always please others and be a good boy. In front of him, he had never been so well-behaved before. Such a serious answer, it had made their father and son relationship seem more distant. 

Lu Hong saw that Lu An looked a little unhappy. His heart felt strange, so he subconsciously looked at Lu Qian. 

Lu Qian still had his head faced down and could not see his expression. However, his behavior was very different from his usual self. 

Lu An waited for a moment. Seeing that Lu Qian was still having the half-dead look, his heart had some anger. His expression suddenly sank, his voice revealed a bit of dissatisfaction, “Never mind. I am tired today, the both of you should return to your rooms to rest. If there is anything, we can talk about it tomorrow.” 

The two brothers retreated together. 

Exiting the main hall, and making sure that their conversations couldn’t be heard by their father, Lu Hong asked softly, “Second brother, what happened to you today? Father was talking to you, why didn’t you respond to him? ” 

If it were in the past, Lu Qian would have long acted like a spoiled child and showed off his cleverness, coaxing father to be happy.  

It was already dark, and the wind-lamp hanging under the cloister was shining with a dim light.  

Lu Qian’s face also seemed to melt into the darkness. His expression was vague and indifferent, “Didn’t I answer all the questions that father asked?” 

Lu Hong was stunned and rendered speechless. His handsome eyebrows slightly frowned, and under the dim light, he became more and more good-looking. 

Lu Qian looked at his tall and handsome brother, his heart felt like it was blocked. He felt depressed, and so he dropped a sentence, “I am sleepy. I will go back to sleep first.” 

Then he turned and walked away. 

Lu Hong, “… ” 

This Lu Qian, ever since that day when he had gotten sick on the boat, his behavior became a bit strange. Occasionally, he would put up a cold face, and he would be at odds with him. This time, he actually got annoyed with father. 

It was probably because he was growing older, he no longer want to be treated as a child, and his temper had also grown. 

Lu Hong thought about it, smiled and shook his head. He then also returned to his room to rest. 

When Madam Ling came into the room and saw Lu An’s gloomy face, her heart suddenly jumped. She thought Lu An was still unhappy about what Old Madam Ling had said just now. She smiled and said with a low voice, “What Mother said today, there is no intention to aim at Master at all. Please don’t take it to the heart. ” 

It was still good when Madam Ling did not mention about what happened. Once she mentioned it, Lu An’s pent-up anger all rushed into his heart. He looked at Madam Ling sarcastically, “If you did not mention anything to mother-in-law, how did mother-in-law know that you have been suffering in Lu Residence?” 

Madam Ling’s eyes flashed with a trace of panic, her tone became even softer, “Master has always been very good to me. I am in charge of the inner house, and have been provided with good food and clothing, how am I suffering in Lu Residence? What Mother said was only out of pity for her daughter and did not mean anything else. Master, please do not overthink it.” 

Never hit a smiling person. 

Madam Ling was putting in effort to flatter him, Lu An snorted and no longer said anything. 

Madam Ling suppressed the grievances in her heart and softly mentioned Lu Hong’s matter, “I’ve brought Ah Hong and Ah Qian to stay in the residence for several days, and they have adapted very well here. Especially Ah Hong, he and Ling Family’s cousin-brothers and cousin-sisters get along very well. ” 

When she mentioned the word ‘sisters’, she intentionally or unintentionally paused for a while. 

Lu An was very sensitive and he could immediately hear the meaning to her words. He raised his head and looked at her, “You mean, Ah Hong is interested with Ling Family’s granddaughter?” 

A beautiful girl’s face flashed across his mind. 

“Is it Ling Jing Shu?” Lu An was asking a question, but his tone sounded very definite. 

Even for him who had seen many beauties before, he was amazed by her beauty at first sight, not to mention the young boy who had just reached puberty. 

“Master is really observant. Shu jie-er is the one I’m talking about.” 

Madam Ling noticed that Lu An was interested in this topic, her heart felt relieved. She immediately smiled and continued the conversation, “I am not sure if Ah Hong is really interested in Shu jie-er. However, Ah Hong was always careful with her. Today, he took the initiative to follow Shu jie-er to the garden. Speaking of which, Ah Hong is already sixteen this year. It’s time for him to think about his marriage. ” 

Lu An looked motionless, and she did not know what he was thinking. 

However, Madam Ling knew his temper very well. If he disapproved, he would have sunk his expression. At this time, he had the patience to listen to her, so apparently, he was also moved by it. 

Lu Hong was from his first wife. He was talented and holding a scholar title at such a young age. His future was limitless. Lu An seemed to favor his youngest son, Lu Qian, but in fact, the one he paid the most attention to, was his eldest son. 

Madam Ling had married over for so many years. She had been trying hard to rope Lu Hong over to her side. However, the effect was not that good. Lu Hong was still close to Lu Qian, but towards her, this stepmother, he was being neither cold nor hot. If she could let Lu Hong marry her niece, he would eventually become a little closer to her in the future. 

Ling Jing Shu becoming her daughter-in-law, the both of them would be one at heart since they were aunt and niece. 

The more Madam Ling thought about it, the more she felt it was a good idea. She then said, “I have not mentioned this matter to Ah Hong. I am just pondering about it myself. This mother’s birthday, Master will also be staying in Ling Residence for some time. Perhaps you could pay more attention to Shu jie-er. If you think this marriage is feasible, I will go and mention it to mother again.” 

Lu An went silent for a moment, and then he said slowly, “Ah Hong is Lu Family’s first legitimate son. In the future, the position of master will be given to him. His wife will also be our Lu Family’s daughter, so we must pick a gentle and dignified wife for him. Shu jie-er is indeed a good one, but we are still not sure of her temperament, so do not rush to set this marriage yet. These few days, you should privately pay more attention to Shu jie-er.” 

Suddenly, he said again, “If there is an opportunity, I will personally take a look at her character and talent.” 

To put it this way, it was considered the initial approval of this marriage. 

Madam Ling had a boost in spirit, and she smiled to agree. 

Madam Ling carefully served Lu An to wash up and sleep. 

Lu An had been rushing all the way to Ling Residence, and he should have rested early. Today, he was somehow particularly excited. He ‘tortured’ Madam Ling twice before extinguishing the fire in his heart. 

Madam Ling’s whole body was sore and sluggish. She snuggled up to Lu An with satisfaction. 

It’s been long since she last had this kind of intimacy with him.  

Ever since Lu An brought the slender and beautiful Liu yi-niang into the residence, Liu yi-niang had become Lu An’s new darling. In the past year, Lu An had been resting in Liu yi-niang’s house most of the days. He seldom stepped foot into the main house. Occasionally, he would come to see his son, but he did not stay overnight.  

She was a legitimate wife, in charge of everything in the inner house, but her prestige was not as good as before, because she had lost the favor of her Master. 

She had kept all her grievances in her heart, and only mentioned a few words in front of Old Madam Ling.  

Unexpectedly, this time she came back to her maternal house, she actually encountered such an opportunity. She must grasp this good opportunity and try her best to materialize this marriage. 

It was not important for a woman to have talent. The most important was to have a beautiful face. 

Wasn’t Lu Hong already fascinated by Ling Jing Shu? 

Madam Ling who had many ideas in her mind, didn’t know that her husband with his eyes closed at this moment, was also thinking about the same person.  

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