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New Chapter: Luoyang Brocade Ch. 19

Chapter 19 – Highly-skilled Doctor 

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“Speaking of famous doctors, the capital has countless, especially in the imperial medical hall. The doctors gathered there are the best in Great Zhou Dynasty.” 

Ling Jing Yan intentionally showed off. She listed the famous doctors one by one, “Doctor Zhou specializes in pediatric illnesses. When the young princes and princesses are sick, they will get him to treat them. Doctor Yu specializes in treating women’s illnesses. When the empress and imperial concubines are sick, they will look for him. These two doctors are very famous in the imperial medical hall. Commoners won’t be able to request them for treatment. Only those in the royal family, noble families, as well as first and second ranked civil servants, are able to invite them to their house for treatment.  However, their medical skills are nothing compared to Doctor Wei.” 

‘Doctor Wei?’ 

Ling Jing Shu’s heart was moved. She asked impatiently, “This Doctor Wei is specialized in treating what kind of illness?” 

Ling Jing Yan smiled, “Doctor Wei specializes in treating incurable diseases. Those people who were deemed incurable would approach Doctor Wei, and they were cured by him. Just two months ago, there was a person who couldn’t walk for many years due to some leg illness. After being treated by Doctor Wei, he could actually walk again. It is said that as long as he practices walking for a period, he will recover fully.” 

‘There is such a magically skilled doctor in this world!’ 

Ling Jing Shu calmed her excited heart and asked curiously, “This Doctor Wei is a doctor in the imperial medical hall. He should be dedicated to treat the people in the palace, why is he often treating those commoners?” 

“There is a reason for this. You are not from the capital, of course you wouldn’t know about it.” Ling Jing Yan had activated her chattiness. She continued to say, “Most of the doctors in the imperial medical hall are from the Xing Lin aristocratic family. They have been studying medicine since childhood. Some are famous doctors from different states and counties of the Great Zhou Dynasty. Doctor Wei is an exception.” 

“I heard that Doctor Wei lost his mother at an early age. His father had also passed away when he was three years old. Since then, he had been living with his elder sister. When he was young, he went to the drugstore to be an apprentice. Because he was very talented, he was accepted as a disciple by a doctor in the medical hall at the age of six.” 

“If this is the case, at most he will become a doctor with some fame. However, the fate of man is really unpredictable.” 

Ling Jing Yan deliberately paused here for a moment. 

It’s rare to see Ling Jing Shu being tangled with curiosity. She asked subconsciously, “What happened after that?” 

“I’ve talked for a long time. I’m thirsty.” Ling Jing Yan pretended to cough. 

Ling Jing Shu was dumbfounded. She had no choice but to get up and pour her a cup of tea. “Cousin Yan has talked so much, it’s no wonder your mouth and tongue are dry. Please continue after drinking this cup of tea.” 

Ling Jing Yan wasn’t thirsty at all. She was just deliberately pretending to be thirsty. After she took a sip of the tea, she continued the conversation with enthusiasm, “When he was ten years old, his elder sister was sixteen years old. She was born with a beautiful appearance. One of the royal family’s relative, who was a monarch of a county, was attracted to her. He wanted to snatch her into his residence to be his concubine. Miss Wei would rather die than yield. She slammed her head onto the door and suddenly, there was a lot of blood flowing out of her head. She almost lost her life on the spot.” 

 “It was also a coincidence that, Imperial Concubine Xu, who had not become the Empress at that time, had passed by the county mansion. When she heard of this matter, she was very unhappy. She ordered someone to treat Miss Wei’s wound, and then she reprimanded the county monarch.” 

“To Miss Wei, this issue was also a blessing in disguise. After her wound recovered, she went into the palace to be a palace maid. Because of her beauty, she quickly won the favor of the emperor. The emperor wanted to give her a status, but I heard that she rejected him. She continued to work as a palace maid for Imperial Concubine Xu. The only request she had for the emperor was to let her younger brother work in the imperial medical hall, so that they could see each other frequently. The emperor nodded and agreed to her request. The twelve-year-old Doctor Wei became the youngest doctor in the imperial medical hall, and became the disciple of a very skilled doctor in the imperial medical hall. He also worked very hard on the medical prescriptions of the past generations. In just a few years, he became famous for his medical skills and being a brilliant doctor.” 

“Everyone in the palace knew that the emperor looked at Miss Wei differently. Because of this, Imperial Concubine Xu also become favored by him. Very soon, her position rose to imperial consort.” 

Upon hearing Imperial Consort Xu’s revered name, Ling Jing Shu’s eyes became cold. 

This Imperial Consort Xu, later became the empress of the Great Zhou Dynasty. She had a son and a daughter. Her son was Prince Yan, who later became the emperor. Her daughter was Princess Chang Ping, the emperor’s most favorite daughter. 

That year, the one that favored Lu Hong, and insisted on making him her husband, was this distinguished Princess Chang Ping! 

Ling Jing Yan didn’t notice her change in expression, and continued to say, “Later, after Empress Jiang passed away, the emperor, as expected, made Imperial Consort Xu the next empress. Doctor Wei’s elder sister was also granted the title of imperial concubine. 

“Imperial Concubine Wei was favored in the palace. Everyone in the imperial medical hall tried to please Doctor Wei, so they did not let him treat the illness of the royalties and imperial concubines. Doctor Wei had a wonderful medical skill, but nowhere to carry it out, so he felt very helpless. In the end, he decided to set up a charity hall in the capital. The main purpose is to accommodate patients with incurable diseases. Because he managed to cure a lot of people who were declared incurable, he quickly becomes famous in the capital.” 

“That’s how it made people realize that Doctor Wei’s medical skill was brilliant. Later, Doctor Wei became the emperor’s exclusive Doctor. Except for the emperor, only the empress and the sick prince can call upon Doctor Wei for treatment.” 

“However, the charity hall that Doctor Wei had set up was not closed. They continue to take in those with incurable diseases. It’s just that Doctor Wei has to stay in the palace. His free time per month is very little. He will only go to the charity hall every first day and fifteenth day of the month. Doctor Wei was given the title of Miracle Doctor, and that charity hall was also given a nickname, called Hui Chun Hall. Those that stay in the capital will definitely know about this Hui Chun Hall.” 

“Doctor Wei is famous in the capital, not only because of his skill and status. It is also because he’s born with a handsome and elegant appearance, and he’s only twenty-four this year. It’s unknown how many rich and famous ladies secretly admire him. They have thick enough face to wait outside Hui Chun Hall, just to have a glimpse of him. It’s a pity that Doctor Wei is obsessed with medical skills. He is very indifferent towards women, and until now, he is still not yet married.” 

Ling Jing Yan’s mouth was dry after all the talking. She drank all the tea in her hand. 

Then, she thought of something. She looked at Ling Jing Shu curiously, “Cousin Shu, why are you asking so much about this? Do you intend to go to the capital and take a look at this Doctor Wei too?” 

Ling Jing Shu did not refute. It was a tacit acknowledgment. 

Initially, Ling Jing Yan was just joking. When she saw Ling Jing Shu’s reaction, she was stunned. “What are you going to see him for?” 

Ling Jing Shu did not hide it. She said frankly, “When Ah Xiao was eight years old, he fell and hurt his brain. He’s been blind for many years, and he can’t read or write. I’ve always had regrets. If I have the chance to fix his eyes, I will definitely give it a try.” 

Since she had already made up her mind to go to the capital, there was no need for her to hide the truth of wanting to cure Ling Xiao’s eyes.  

Ling Jing Yan was stunned and soon after, she sighed, “It’s indeed a pity regarding Cousin Xiao’s eyes. He was very clever when he was a child and was hailed as a child prodigy. If it wasn’t for the blindness, perhaps he’d passed the county examination.” 

She paused for a moment, then said, “It’s a good thing that you want to bring Cousin Xiao to the capital to cure his eyes. However, the journey is very far. Even upon reaching the capital, it may not necessarily be possible to cure his eyes on time. We won’t know how long and how much effort it would take to cure him. Grandmother and Fifth Uncle may not agree to this.” 

Ling Jing Shu looked at Ling Jing Yan earnestly, “Not to keep things from you, I’ve long had this plan in my mind, and I’ve thought of a way for this to happen. After Grandmother’s birthday is over, I’d like to follow your family to Luoyang and stay in your house for a while. When that time comes, I would like Cousin Yan to please take care of us.” 

Ling Jing Yan smiled and instantly said, “That’s a good idea. Following us to the capital, I think Grandmother and Fifth Uncle will have nothing to worry about. And you don’t have to be so polite with me. Just stay with us when you come to the capital, stay as long as you want.” 

It was quite surprising that Ling Jing Yan was this enthusiastic. 

Initially, Ling Jing Shu had no fondness for Ling Jing Yan. At this moment, she was moved, “In that case, I shall thank Cousin Yan first.” Then she reminded, “I haven’t told Grandmother about it yet. Cousin Yan, please help me keep it a secret for a while.” 

Ling Jing Yan smiled and agreed. 

The two of them chatted for a long time, and by midday, Ling Jing Shu asked Ling Jing Yan to stay for lunch. She had also sent someone to invite Ling Xiao over.  

Unexpectedly, when Ling Xiao came over, there were two people behind him. 

When Lu Hong’s handsome and warm face became visible, Ling Jing Shu furrowed her eyebrows almost reflexively. Her expression became cold immediately. 

Lu Hong was accustomed to Ling Jing Shu’s indifference. He was not discouraged, and he came forward with a smile, “Cousin Shu, I was explaining to Cousin Xiao about the eight-part essay. When I heard that Cousin Shu had prepared lunch here, I couldn’t stop my gluttony, so I followed along. Cousin Shu, please do not mind me.”  

What could she do even if she minded? 

He was already here. She couldn’t just chase him away! 

Although she wanted to do so, she suddenly thought of Old Madam Ling. She had to suppress the impulse and respond calmly, “I didn’t expect Cousin Lu and Cousin Qian to come together. The food prepared isn’t rich enough. I’m afraid it will slight our important guests.” 

Lu Hong was very happy because Ling Jing Shu did not turn hostile against him, and was willing to suppress her temper to say a few words to him. He couldn’t care about whether the food was rich or not. He smiled and said, “It’s good enough that Cousin Shu doesn’t find us rude for suddenly coming over.” 

Lu Qian stood at the side with a smile when he couldn’t get a word in. But his eyes kept staring at Ling Jing Shu without blinking. 

Ling Xiao couldn’t see it, but Ling Jing Yan’s eyesight was very good. This scene was kept in her eyes, and she couldn’t help but laugh in secret. 

Lu Hong’s admiring eyes were so obvious, even the blind could see it. Unexpectedly, even Lu Qian who was still a child knew what it meant by ‘men’s desire for beautiful women’.   

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