New Chapter: Luoyang Brocade Ch. 2 Part 1

Chapter 2, Part 1: Grandmother

Ling Residence was very famous in Ding Province, and the genealogy can be traced back to ten generations. The ancestors of the Ling family had once been a second rank senior official, with thousands of fields and and money.

It’s a pity that the generations were not as good as the previous ones, until this current generation, the family business was only half of the ancestors’

Old Master Ling died early, leaving four sons and one daughter behind. First Ling Master and Fifth Ling Master was born from the legitimate wife, Second Ling Master and Fourth Ling Master was born from concubine.

First Ling Master had gotten his scholar, and now he’s working in building department.

Second Ling Master did not have any achievement in his studies, he donated to get seven rank. Currently he’s working outside the county.

Third Ling Master died at very young age. Forth Ling Master broke his leg when he fell off a horse. His leg bones were fixed back, but after that he couldn’t walk properly anymore. He gave up on studies, instead he helped in managing Ling family businesses.

Fifth Ling Master had some intelligence. Unfortunately, after successfully passed the imperial provincial examination, he did not made any improvement. He became a distinguished person in Ding Province, everyday calling his friends out to drink, make poems, view flowers and drawing.

Old Madam Ling was widowed, guarding Ling’s ancestral house and businesses, and raised the four sons and one daughter. Towards the two sons born from concubine, although the treatment given wasn’t comparable to her own sons’, it was already considered very good and being generous.

At Ling Residence, Madam Ling’s status was extremely high. Her sons were very filial to her, her daughter-in-laws were very respectful of her as well. All her grandchildren were competing to please her. Old Madam Ling regarded more highly of first family’s first grandson, Ling Ji, and her most favourite grandchildren were the twins from Fifth family.

Ling Jing Shu was beautiful and alluring, she had outstanding talent, she was very understanding and gentle.

Ling Xiao had been known as a child prodigy since young age. At the age of eight after he turned blind due to an accident, he became very pitiful so Old Madam Ling took him in and raised him.

There was reason for why Old Madam Ling was bias towards the twins.

Ling ancestral residence had been inherited for more than a hundred years. The carved beams and paintings revealed the mottled of the years. Ling Jing Shu stood outside of Yong He Hall, looked at the familiar grass and trees, there was no remembrance in her heart but only sadness and desolateness.

In her past life, in the first three years of marriage, she kept close relationship with Ling Residence. At that time, other than the regrets of her brother’s death, everything else was considered satisfactory and happy.

However, the so-called happiness was just an illusion.

When the ruthless wind and rain came, the people around her removed their hypocrisy mask, revealing their ferocious self, worked together to push her into the abyss.

A clear voice interrupted her messy thoughts, “Maid servant greets Ninth Miss.”

Ling Jing Shu raised her eyes.

This person was Old Madam Ling’s big maid servant, Mo Kui.

Mo Kui was sixteen years old. She had beautiful features, body also not bad, when she smiled, her eyes were bent, Old Madam Ling regard quite highly of her. “These two days Old Madam had been thinking about Ninth Miss. Just heard that Ninth Miss had recovered and will come to greet the Old Madam, she was really happy. Please follow maid servant inside.”

Ling Jing Shu did not say anything, she only nodded, hold onto Ling Xiao’s hand and stepped into Yong He Hall.

Mo Kui was a little stunned. She felt that the Ninth Miss today seems a little different than usual.

Where’s the difference, she couldn’t really say it.

Mo Kui fixed her mind and threw the thoughts behind, quickly catch up with them.

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    Of course her dad is the most useless one … sigh. Hopefully at least one uncle is a good guy? Or an aunt? Fingers crossed LJS can have at least one reasonable and responsible adult …

    Thanks for translating!