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New Chapter: Luoyang Brocade Ch. 2 Part 3

Chapter 2, Part 3: Grandmother

The fourteen years old Ling Jing Shu not only had alluring beauty, she also had the skill of growing famous peony species, making all her cousins seems more dull.

Old Madam Ling’s favoritism towards Ling Jing Shu was well known by everybody.

Ling Jing Xian spent a lot of efforts to please her grandmother, but once Ling Jing Shu came in, her grandmother’s eyes only have Ling Jing Shu.

Ling Jing Shu gave Ling Jing Xian a smile, “Cousin Xian is here to make grandmother happy, grandmother where will still have time to remember me.”

Ling Jing Xian was only older than her by one year. She had always been very eager to win her, everything also wanted to compete with her, she even liked the same man as her. It’s a pity that Ling Jing Xian had never win before.

Old Madam Ling listened to the two granddaughters fighting to get her affection, she felt very happy, laughed and said, ” Alright, both of you are my favorite, can’t do without any of you.”

The daughter-in-laws and granddaughters all laughed.

Ling Family’s children and grandchildren studied at home during the day, even the youngest Ling Fou had started to study. Usually, in the inner house only had womenfolk, the only male here was Ling Xiao.

Old Madam Ling asked Ling Jing Shu a few more questions, then she turned to look at Ling Xiao and said, “Shu jie-er was sicked for two days, you were also worried about her, did not eat and drink properly. Now she has recovered, you can feel at ease.”

Ling Xiao smiled and said, “Yes, grandson had let grandmother worried.”

Old Madam Ling replied with a smile, “Grandmother is fated to be always in labor, worry a bit more is nothing much for me. As long as all of you are good, grandmother will feel more at ease.”

Love and pity were easy to express.

Madam Li’s eyes flashed with a bit of hatred and jealousy, but her face was filled with a smile, “Mother-in-law had a Buddha heart, every children and grandchildren in this house all hoped that mother-in-law can praise them a few words. Me this daughter-in-law also hope to get mother-in-law’s sympathy.”

Old Madam Ling being teased by these words, felt even more happy.

In her four daughter-in-laws, first daughter-in-law, Madam Sun, followed her eldest son to the capital to stay, the remaining three daughter-in-laws stayed in Old Ling Residence.

Her second daughter-in-law, Madam Yue, was very smart and mean. Her fourth daughter-in-law, Madam Wang, was very cunning.

Madam Li’s family background was not high, and she was Fifth Ling Master’s second wife. However, she was still her legitimate son’s wife, so Old Madam Ling would regard her higher than Madam Yue and Madam Wang.

Madam Li was very good with her words, and she was deliberately saying good words to Old Madam Ling. Shortly, Old Madam Ling’s attention had shifted from Ling Jing Shu to Madam Li.

“Mother-in-law’s seventy birthday is coming soon, big brother’s family had started to move out from the capital half a month ago. If counting the days, they should arrive in Ding Province in another seven or eight days.”

Madam Li knew about Old Madam Ling thoughts, she picked what she liked to listen, “Lu family people are also coming back from Ji Province. Daughter-in-law had married into Ling Residence for eight years now, but I have not meet the sister who had married so far away. This time, I can finally have the chance to see her and can get close to her.”

When mentioned about her young daughter who had married to Ji Province and never returned for so many years, her eyes soften and said, “Yes, Ah Hui married to the far away Ji Province, we can only correspond with letters for these twelve years. I haven’t seen her for a very long time as well. This time if it isn’t for my seventy birthday, I am afraid she may not be able to come back.”

Madam Li immediately smiled and add on, “We can take advantage of this occasion to ask sister to stay for a few more days.”

Madam Yue and Madam Wang also laughed and agreed to this arrangement.

When Ling Jing Shu heard the words ‘Lu Family’, her expression did not change but her right hand that was hidden in her wide sleeve clenched tighter.

Her nails poked into her palm, feeling the sharp pains.

Her anger and hatred were like burning magma, her heart was pounding very hard, almost like it was pounding out of her chest.

At this moment, the head servant rushed in to report with a very happy face, “Old Madam, the head servant that was waiting at the dock had sent back a message saying that the ship that miss took had arrived.”

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