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New Chapter: Luoyang Brocade Ch. 3 Part 1

Chapter 3, Part 1: Lu Family

Lu Family had already arrived in Ding Province?

Old Madam Ling was surprised and happy, she stood up immediately and said, “Quick! Quickly let people prepare carriage to go and fetch them.”

“Mother-in-law is too happy and forgot that there is already a carriage waiting at the dock?” Madam Li smiled and said.

Old Madam Ling was dumbfounded, “Look at me, I am so happy that I have forgotten about it.”

Madam Yue seeing that Madam Li had all the limelight, her heart felt bitter so she immediately said with a smile, “The pier is half a day away from Ling Residence, since the head servant had sent message over, maybe the carriage is already halfway the journey towards here, it should arrive soon.”

Madam Wang also said with a smile, “The guestrooms are already prepared. Since they have not arrive yet, why not ask the maid servants to clean the guestrooms again. Daughter-in-law remembers that sister loved cleanliness before she got married.”

The last sentence won the favor of Old Madam Ling.

Old Madam Ling glanced at Madam Wang with an approval look, “Still it is you who think of the most comprehensive. Number four has managed the shop all these years, following him, you’ve learned a lot.”

Madam Wang lips widen and respectfully said, “Thank you mother-in-law for your praise. Fourth master often said that it is important for us to share some trivial things for mother-in-law. If he knows that mother-in-law is praising him, he definitely will be very happy.”

Madam Yue and Madam Li cold laughed in their hearts and glanced at Madam Wang.

This Madam Wang, usually she was not a person with many words, but when comes to coaxing Old Madam Ling, she wasn’t any weaker than them.

Madam Wang seems to has not noticed the hidden hatred stares from Madam Yue and Madam Li and she went over to hold onto Old Madam Ling’s arm to help her get up, “The Lu Family will be arriving soon, mother-in-law should return to your room to rest for awhile, change into a new set of clothes and wash up a bit so that you can look more refresh.”

Old Madam ling nodded her head.

Madam Li’s reaction was extremely fast, she immediately went up to support Old Madam Ling’s arm on the other side, “What fourth sister-in-law said is true, daughter-in-law will bring mother-in-law back to rest.”

Madam Yue failed to grab it and missed the opportunity to give Old Madam Ling good impression. She was filled with hatred.

Ling Jing Shu looked at this familiar scene and sneered in her heart.

Ling Residence had never separated. Except for the first family that was living in Luoyang City in the capital, the rest of the three families were staying in this ancestral house.

The trivial things in the residence were given to the sons and daughter-in-laws to handle, the keys to the storehouse were taken care of by Old Madam Ling. Each family were given fixed monthly allowance, if they wish to add more things or get extra for expenses, they must go through Old Madam Ling’s approval.

In the few daughter-in-laws, the first daughter-in-law was from a more reputable family, her dowry were impressive. As she also followed her husband to live in Luoyang, her status was said to be very different from the rest. Madam Yue and Madam Wang were born from concubine, Madam Li’s family status wasn’t very good, all their dowries were not impressive. It was necessary for them to put in a lot of efforts to please Old Madam Ling in order to fight for better benefits.

It’s a pity that although Old Madam Ling was old, she wasn’t senile at all. She was enjoying all the welcoming service from her daughter-in-laws but never easily give them more benefits.

All in all, the few of them wanted to play tricks with her, they were still far from it.

Madam Yue’s retracted her unjust eyes and come into contact with Ling Jing Shu’s insightful eyes.

Madam Yue felt a bit shameful for being seen through by her, but she refused to lose the elder’s dignity. She coughed and said, “Shu jie-er, today Lu family will arrive, there definitely will have welcoming banquet tonight. Your body had just recovered, don’t stand for a long time and hurt your vitality.”

Ling Jing Xian smirked and continue, “Cousin Shu, you should go back to Qiu Shui Pavilion for a rest, I will call for you when they arrive.”

“Cousin Xian don’t need to worry about me.” Ling Jing Shu replied faintly, “My body hasn’t fully recovered, I will not attend tonight’s welcoming banquet so that I won’t spoil everyone’s mood.”

Ling Jing Xian’s eyes flashed a glimpse of joy and said, “Aunt brings the cousins from afar, how can you not attend this banquet? If grandmother finds out, she will definitely be unhappy. I think you better endure it and turn up tonight.”

Her mouth and heart totally don’t match!

Ling Jing Shu pulled her lips, “If I lose my manners in front of the important guests, won’t I be losing grandmother’s face? Besides, Cousin Xian will be there, I turn up or not, I’m afraid no one will notice.”

Ling Jing Xian’s face flashed a trace of self-satisfaction and smiled falsely, “How can this be? Cousin Shu is the most outstanding one out of all of us. If you do not attend the family banquet, it will be a great disappointment.”

Ling Jing Shu did not have the mood to deal with her, so she greeted the mother and daughter pair and got out of the place.

Just returned to Qiu Shui Pavilion, Ling Xiao couldn’t wait to ask, “Ah Shu, aunt’s family is here as guest, why do you not want to see them?”

Bai Yu also showed a puzzled face.

Although Miss’s body is weaker, she should be still have some strength to turn up for the banquet. Her words just now was obviously to reject them.

Ling Jing Shu was quiet for a moment then she replied, “It is not too late to see them after I completely recover.”

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