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New Chapter: Luoyang Brocade Ch. 3 Part 2

Chapter 3, Part 2: Lu Family

In her past life, Madam Ling return back to Ling Residence and stayed for three whole months. She could not totally avoid seeing her. However, she was not prepared to see the Lu Family yet.

In her current state, meeting the enemy from previous life would only made her mind unstable, and when she couldn’t control her emotions, they would be suspicious of her.

Not waiting for Ling Xiao to ask further, Ling Jing Shu changed her tone to a soft pleading, “Ah Xiao, if grandmother ask about me, can you help me to explain to her? Otherwise, grandmother will be angry with me.”

Ling Xiao’s heart immediately became soft and he no longer pursued the bottom of the question. He nodded and said, “You should rest well. I will come to accompany you when I have the time.”

Jing Yu, the maid who was standing at the side, came over to carefully support Ling Xiao to leave.

Bai Yu quietly stepped forward and said softly, “Miss, you haven’t fully recover yet, don’t work too hard. You should just lie down on the bed and rest.”

Even if she use weak and sick body as a reason to not go out, she must simply act it out.

Ling Jing Shu nodded her head.

At exactly Shen Shi, Lu Family finally arrived at Ling Residence.

“When Madam was married, maid servant was just born, so I did not see her before. However, I have heard from the head servant of the residence a lot about her. Old Madam was already forty years old when she gave birth to her and she loved her like a pearl. It is a pity that Madam had married to the faraway Ji Province, and haven’t returned for so many years. Old Madam was so excited to be able to reunite with Madam after so long.”

Little maid servant, Xuan Cao, stood at the side of the bed, reporting out all the news that she had gathered, “Maid servant dare not go forward to look at them, but only can peep from afar. All these are heard from other maid servants.”

“The situation at that time was really exciting. Old Madam and Madam were crying and laughing, Forth Master and Fifth Master were shedding tears, and a few Madams’ eyes were red from crying. Young Masters and Young Misses were wiping their tears, the crying scene was like going to cry a pot of porridge.”

Xuan Cao was only twelve years old, her mouth was sloppy and her temper was very smart. Usually she will do some errands and pass messages. Today she was entrusted with a very “important task”, and her heart was delighted. Running errands and finding out news also became even more efficient.

Ling Jing Shu sat on the bed, covered with soft silk quilt, leaning against the thick pillow, listening inattentively.

As the time was getting nearer to evening time, the candlestick was not lit in the room so it looked a little dark.

Ling Jing Shu’s exquisite and innocent face seemed to be added with a layer of gauze. She looked so near yet very distant away.

Bai Yu quietly looked at her Miss and thought to herself.

After the Miss woke up today, she seemed different from her usual self.

When she was ten years old, she was sold to Ling Residence. Trembling with fear, she stood with the other maid servants, she was so nervous that she couldn’t talk proper sentences. The six-year-old Miss chose her and name her Bai Yu.

From that moment on, her fate was closely linked with the Miss.

Maid servants’ slave deeds were in their master’s hands. Encountering a bad-tempered master, beatings and scoldings were a common thing. The worse fear were the master randomly betroth them to someone or randomly sold them out of the house to some filthy place. As a maid servant, their fate were in their master’s hands.

The both of them had accompanied each other for eight years, Miss was tolerant of her and treated her generously. In her heart, she had long regarded her Miss as closest and most important person.

No matter how much her Miss changed, she would continue to be loyal to her.

Xuan Cao continued to say with enthusiasm, “Later, the Lu Family’s servants were busy carrying their luggage and settle down. Madam brought the two young masters to Yong He hall. Maid servant is too short, even I tipped toe I still cannot see how the young masters looked like. I only heard that one of them had a very beautiful face, too bad maid servant can’t see with own eyes.”

“Xuan Cao,” Ling Jing Shu suddenly interrupted Xuan Cao’s never ending speech, “You did a good job. Now go back to Yong He hall, if there is any latest news, feel free to come back to report to me.”

Xuan Cao heart was so happy after being praised, she agreed and happily retreated out.

The cousin with beautiful face, Ling Jing Shu smiled coldly.

Her previous life’s love at first sight, the one that vowed her undying love, and the one she married wholeheartedly.

No one was more familiar with his appearance than she was.

She once thought that he would be her support and future. But the ruthless reality gave her a fatal blow.

After a short two years of sweet marriage, he went to Luoyang to take exam. After receiving the news of him gotten his first rank in the imperial examination, she was so happy until she could not fall asleep. She talked to her two months old son, “Your father got first rank in imperial examination, he will need to stay in the capital to be an official. He will come back soon to fetch us to Luoyang.”

However, in the next few years, he never returned.

He was a talented person with beautiful look, which in turn won the favor of the most distinguished princess. He wanted to climb the royal ladder, enjoyed the wealth of the world, so he abandoned his wife and son who were waiting for his return.

He threw her into the filthy Lu family and suffered humiliation and hatred.

Until the very end when she died of grievance and unwilling to closed her eyes, she still did not see him.

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