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New Chapter: Luoyang Brocade Ch. 7 Part 1

Chapter 7, Part 1: Lu Hong

In the spring of March, the grass grew long, the flower blossoms, and the air was floated with the scent of flowers and grasses.

It was the best part of the year.

Everyone loved peony, the Great Zhou Capital Luoyang Peony was the most famous in the world. In Ding Province, there were also people who loved peony. Those rich family would often construct Peony Garden in their residence and regarded it as the most elegant event.

Ling Residence’s Peony Garden was very famous in Ding Province, with dozens of famous peony. This year, they also planted the latest variety of complex-colored peony, which bloomed in March, a month earlier than the usual flowering period, and became famous for it. Many people were curious and they sent messages for wanting to visit the residence to view the flowers.

As Old Madam Ling’s birthday was approaching, everyone in the residence were very busy preparing for the birthday banquet and they had no time and interest to pay attention to the people who wanted to visit, so they had to reject them. Due to this, it made them even more curious of wanting to find out who planted this special peony. When they found out it was planted by Ninth Miss, Ling Jing Shu’s reputation became even louder in Ding Province.

Ling Jing Shu had been resting in Qiu Shui Pavilion these few days, so naturally she did not know about it. Even if she knew, she would not put in her heart.

She had experiencing all kinds of painful suffering in her past life and died of humiliation. Now that she’s reborn again, she was no longer the carefree girl. All she ever think about was how to take revenge, she would not have any spare time to care about those reputations.

There were three gardeners in the peony garden which covered about ten acres. There were also some people who do other chores. Seeing that Ling Jing Shu had entered the garden, they put down their chores and retreated quietly.

At this time, the peony flowers had not bloom yet. The lush foliage was everywhere and the flower buds of different colors were dotted with it.

Ling Jing Shu slowly walked on the trail, her eyes looked around freely and her mood gradually relaxed.

Bai Yu followed behind Ling Jing Shu and said with a smile, “Miss, the complex-colored peony that you grafted last year has blossomed. Miss had been staying in Qiu Shui Pavilion for a long time, you haven’t got the chance to see it yet!”

Ling Jing Shu stretched her brow and raised her lips, “Alright, I will go see it now.”

The large areas were planted with ordinary peony varieties, and the real famous peony was mostly potted. The rare peony varieties were carefully cultivated by means of division, grafting, cutting, beading and many other methods.

Since young, Ling Jing Shu loved peony and she deliberately followed a skillful gardener to learn the method of peony cultivation. She was very talented and in just a few years, she had surpass the skillful gardener that she had learned from.

In the northeast corner of the garden, there were many famous peony, such as Bai Yu, Jing Yu, Mo Kui, Yao Huang and many more… Most of the maid servants’ name were named after these peonies.

In addition to study, practicing the zither and learning the rules, her leisure time was mostly spent in the Peony Garden. Most of these peonies were cultivated by Ling Jing Shu.

Ling Jing Shu stopped in front of a pot of peony.

This rare and precious complex-colored peony was commonly known as Er Qiao, alternative name as Luoyang Brocade.

The precious thing about Luoyang Brocade was that it had two different color flowers on the same branch. Not only were the flowers different in color, the branches and leaves on both sides were completely different. It was like two completely different peonies merged into one. It was truly amazing.

The pinkish white flower was very soft and beautiful, the purplish red flower was bright and beautiful. The flowers were large as bowl, the petals were warm and thick, the color was gorgeous and complex.

The green leaves were shining with emerald color.

Ling Jing Shu leaned down slightly and the clear aroma came to her face. It was very refreshing.

She took a deep breath, closed her eyes, and slowly inhaled the faint aroma into her abdomen. The sides of her lips raised very high.

The footsteps that suddenly sounded broke the silence.

Who was that?

Ling Jing Shu did not stand up straight, only slightly turned her head over.

In the afternoon, the bright sun shone on her pretty face which was like a jade. The black shiny eyes were like jewels, and the naughty hair was gently hanging on the face. She hadn’t got time to converge her smiling rosy lips, it was like flower blooms.

The bright and beautiful color of the peony did not take away her grace, her smile, it was enough to make everyone stun.

All this was beautiful beyond real, just like a dream.

The young teenage boy who appeared suddenly, stood in the same place, forgot to walk. His eyes were fixed on the young girl who was among the flowers, couldn’t removed it away.

The young heart that had never sprouted for many years was flying fast at this moment.

Against the light, Ling Jing Shu couldn’t see the face of the person. But in the past few years, this person’s voice and smiling face had long been engraved in her heart, she had never once forgotten about it.

Like a thunderous scream, for a moment, her blood poured into her mind.

Lu Hong!

How dare you still appear in front of me!

Why did you still have the face to see me!?

It was only for a short moment, the time was as though it had stopped moving, stagnation at this moment.

Bai Yu gently coughed and whispered, “Miss, this should be the young master of the Lu Family.”

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