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New Chapter: Luoyang Brocade Ch. 8 Part 2

Chapter 8, Part 2: Lu Qian

Bai Yu hold the question in throughout the journey back. After returned to Qiu Shui Pavilion, she couldn’t keep it in anymore and tried to probe, “Lu Family’s young master is very handsome, well-mannered, and he was well-behaved. Why Miss made him so embarrassed?”

Miss was usually gentle and kind, even towards servants she hardly show unhappy face. Today, towards the young master that she just met, she was so cold and unreasonable. It was really puzzling.

Ling Jing Shu first met Madam Ling and then Lu Hong, her emotions in her heart were very unstable and it was far from the calmness from her face. She answer impatiently, “It’s nothing. It’s just that when I looked at him, he was not pleasing to my eyes. Dislike someone need a reason?”

Bai Yu, “…”

Ling Jing Shu choked Bai Yu once, and she secretly felt guilty in her heart. Bai Yu was just asking a few words of concern, how can she get angry at her so unreasonably?

“Bai Yu, I’m sorry.” Ling Jing Shu softened her tone, and her face looked apologetic, “I didn’t mean to ridicule you. I just don’t like the Lu Family, I feel disgusted of them from my heart, I won’t want to have any contact with him.”

Bai Yu’s heart was moved.

At such time, the servant status was low, when the master was in a bad mood, it was common for them to hit them or scold them. Was there any master that would apologise to their servant? Miss’s too lenient!

“Since Miss don’t like Lu young master, let’s just ignore him in the future.”

Bai Yu quickly changed her mentality and began to make suggestions to Ling Jing Shu, “This time Madam come back sure will stay for a while. Since Lu young master is also staying in the residence, there is bound to be time when the both of you will meet. Miss should get close to Eighth Miss, if Lu young master took the initiative to talk to you, Eighth Miss will definitely block it from you.”

This was a good idea.

Ling Jing Shu smiled and nodded.

Bai Yu saw that her suggestion was accepted, her heart felt very comforting and said with a smile, “If Lu young master come to Qiu Shui Pavilion, Miss should just pretend to be sick and don’t meet him.”

Ling Jing Shu smiled on the outside, but her heart did not agree.

Bai Yu said this was because she did not understand Lu Hong’s temperament.

If he made up his mind and wanted to approach a person, he would have lots of ideas to do so. Avoiding was not a good solution. However, her heart had already become cold as metal, it would be impossible for her heart to feel moved again. There was nothing to worry about.

Next day morning.

When she just arrived at Yong He hall entrance, she met Lu Hong and Lu Qian.

“Cousin Shu,” Lu Hong’s eyes flashed a hint of surprise, “My second brother and I came to greet grandmother. I didn’t expect to see you here, it is such a coincident.”

Today Lu Hong wore a light blue outfit, and used the same colored cloth to tie up his hair. Compared to yesterday, today he was less like a wealthy person, but there was a bit more of gentleman. His handsome face showed a nice smile, and the pair of black eyes gazed softly at her.

Which young girl could refuse such a beautiful boy?

What a good “coincident”!

It was very obvious that he had been waiting nearby, and secretly telling people to take note of her movements in order to create such an unexpected encounter.

Ling Jing Shu pulled her side of her lips, her eyes full of coldness, and called faintly ‘Cousin Lu’.

Lu Hong made lots of effort to create this ‘coincident’, naturally he would not back out because of this small setback. He smiled and said, “Cousin Shu does not have to be so distant. I’m only older than you by two years, it is fine for you to call me Cousin Hong.”

Ling Jing Shu’s look was still indifferent, “I will go into Yong He hall first to greet grandmother. If Cousin Lu is not in a hurry to go in, then please move aside, don’t block my way.”

Lu Hong, “…”

Bai Yu looked at Lu Hong’s face became red then turn white, her heart floated with sympathy.

It’s really strange, the usual gentle and kind Miss seems to be particularly dislike the young master. She even disregarded her manners and politeness. Cold face and cold words, she only did not say out ‘I hate you, you better get lost.’

Lu Qian stood by the side, never spoke a single word. His eyes were fixed on Ling Jing Shu’s pretty and cold face. The shock in his heart was not known by anyone.

That look was very real, it was hard to ignore. It quickly evoked some of his long-lost unpleasant memories.

Ling Jing Shu’s heart shivered and looked towards Lu Qian.

“Cousin Shu,” Lu Qian almost immediately recovered to his usual self, laughing and holding a fist as he greet her, “I am Lu Qian, Cousin Shu can call me Cousin Qian or Ah Qian.”

The slightly thin and weak young boy was not very tall. In fact, he’s even shorter than her. Clean white face hung with a smile, the delicate eyebrows looked like Madam Ling’s.

Ling Jing Shu frowned a little and then relax her eyebrows and replied, “So you are Cousin Qian.”

Her attitude wasn’t very warm but it was better than the coldness towards Lu Hong.

Lu Qian smiled happily and said, “Since we arrived together, we can go into Yong He hall together to greet grandmother! The more the merrier. Cousin Shu, after you.”

After saying, he stepped aside and looked very polite.

It’s just that Lu Qian’s face looked young and tender, when he made such moves, it seemed like he was pretending to be an adult. It looked quite funny.

Ling Jing Shu wanted to refuse but she did not know how to do so. She simply responded and took the lead to go in.

Lu Qian’s eyes flashed with a bit of joy, laughed and said to Lu Hong, “Big Brother, we should also go in.”

Lu Hong’s enthusiasm was hit by the wall. He had lost face in front of Lu Qian, and he couldn’t find his strength at the moment. He nodded indiscriminately, his heart was very depressed.

[T/N: Oh…. Many people are curious about Lu Qian, whether is he reincarnated as well~ But it is not in this chapter~ Do be patient, I will update as fast as I can! Stay tune~~~ :D]

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