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New Chapter: Luoyang Brocade Ch. 9 Part 2

Chapter 9, Part 2: The Past

There were three sons and one daughter in the fifth family. Ling Ting was born from concubine. His mother was hated by Fifth Ling Master so his status wasn’t high in Ling Residence. Ling Xiao was a legitimate son but because he became blind so he was useless in the residence. Ling Jing Shu was indeed very pretty and outstanding. She was loved by Old Madam Ling, but she’s a girl, she would be married out one day.

In this way, the youngest Ling Fou had became the highest status of the fifth family, and the most popular and well-loved son by Fifth Ling Master.

After that, no one can become a threat to Madam Li in this courtyard.

And after a few years, Ling Jing Shu was married into Lu Family. Ling Xiao was dead just before his marriage due to ‘accidental illness’. The thorns in Madam Li’s eyes were finally removed, and she was very happy about it.

Due to the accident in the past, Ling Xiao lost his sight. Xia yi-niang had also lost favoritism and died in the end.

Although Ling Ting did not say it out, his heart couldn’t be without hatred. On the surface, he maintained a superficial relationship with Ling Jing Shu and Ling Xiao, but usually they did not talk to each other very much and were not close.

Nobody knew that it was all Madam Li’s trick, killing two birds with one stone. First, harmed Ling Xiao and then get rid of the most favored Xia yi-niang.

Ling Jing Shu always had a knot with Ling Ting. But now since she already knew the truth of that year, when she saw him again, the resentment and coldness were gone. Now she felt that he was a bit pitiful.

“Big Brother, just now Ah Shu thought of a way for me. Let one of the little servants around me to attend the class for me at home school. When he return, he can tell me what he learn.” Ling Xiao told Ling Ting excitedly, “This way, I can continue to study.”

Ling Ting’s eyes flashed and smiled, “This idea is really good. You can’t see with your eyes so it’s inconvenient for you to go to home school everyday. It’s a good idea to let the little servant to go to the home school for you. Although you can’t practice writing words and can’t take the imperial examinations, but it is always good to study and learn more things.”

Ling Xiao was originally full of joy. However, when he heard the last sentence, the smile on his face suddenly became dull.

Yes, what’s the use of him studying so hard? A blind person who couldn’t write, couldn’t take imperial examinations, and couldn’t do any ordinary things on his own. He could only be a wasted person who would be raised in the house!

“Studying can make a person understand what is right and wrong.” Ling Jing Shu’s smiling voice rang into Ling Xiao’s ear, “Studying will only be beneficial to you. As for what you can do in the future, that is a thing in the future, you do not need to think about it now.”

As she said that, she looked at Ling Ting.

The usual gentle and peaceful eyes was added with some coldness.

Ling Ting was stunned and stopped talking.

Ling Jing Shu smiled and coax Ling Xiao, “Ah Xiao, I will accompany you to find father later on, alright?”

After Ling Xiao became blind, he stayed in the residence all day and rarely come in contact with the outside world and people. He was innocent and simple. He did not have the calmness that the other same age boy had. His low spirit became better after he heard what Ling Jing Shu said, “Alright, I will listen to you.”

Lu Hong stood beside Madam Ling. The elders were talking to each other, Lu Hong was completely absent-minded. His eyes sight would fell onto Ling Jing Shu from time to time.

He did not know what Ling Jing Shu was saying to Ling Xiao. Her face was full of gentle smiles, her eyes were softer like spring water, it’s heart-rending.

Unfortunately, this kind of gentle smile could only be seen when she was facing Ling Xiao. When her eyes moved away from Ling Xiao, her eyes immediately turn cold again.

When thought of the previous encounters, Lu Hong’s heart was even more frustrated and upset.

Lu Hong, who was immersed in his own thoughts, did not notice that Lu Qian, like him, was staring at Ling Jing Shu.

His eyes were focused and complex, with hidden joy and uneasiness.

The both of them were being absent-minded and didn’t pay much attention to what Madam Ling was saying.

“Ah Hong, Ah Qian,” Madam Ling was calling for them but no one responded. She couldn’t helped but frowned and raised her voice a little bit higher, “What are the both of you thinking about? Why I had called you both but no one responded?”

Madam Ling’s loud voice suddenly attracted everyone’s attention.

Lu Hong’s face was slightly red, and he quickly converges his heart, “What is it that Mother wanted to tell me?”

Madam Ling smiled and said, “We set off earlier and arrived in Ding Province first. Master had work to do so he told me that he would arrived a few days later. He should arrive in about two more days. The both of you had nothing much to do in the residence, should pay more attention to the news from the pier. When your father arrive, the both of you can go pick him up.”

Lu Hong responded without much thinking.

Lu Qian also responded and then immediately looked up at Ling Jing Shu.

Ling Jing Shu’s pretty face was stiff and pale in an instant, and her body shivered slightly. She did not want other people to notice her strange behavior. She quickly hung her eyes low to cover up for all the pain and resentment.

Everyone was listening to Madam Ling’s words. No one noticed the strange reaction of Ling Jing Shu, only Lu Qian saw it clearly.

Lu Qian’s eyes flashed with shocked and truth. There were endless pain and helplessness in his heart, like it was about to break through the thin chest.

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