New Chapter: No Protection Tonight Chapter 39 The shyness of Saozi

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“That’s right, he’s a nice guy with a good personality, but in society, there are all kinds of people. You’ll never know when they’ll try to hurt you. That’s why, although none of her admirers dare speak to Feng, because you’re formidable. You have to be careful and captivate his heart. If not, you can only blame yourself when you try to change things and it fails.” Saozi did not forget to remind him how things are. Although her voice seemed to have a slight hint as if she had already *gathered herbs and trampled flowers.

NT: A man who cheats and frequents places to have fun. So she practically says as if she’s already lived it all.

Liu Jie closed his eyes and said, “Ah! Think of it like sand: the harder you try to hold onto it, the faster it falls away. Meizi-jie, could you teach me how to behave then?”

“Yup, that’s why you don’t try to control men, as that will only bring trouble to yourself. At any rate, physical contact is more effective than anything if you catch my drift?” Saozi smiled cunningly.

“That makes sense, but every time we intertwine our arms, he doesn’t seem to care.”

“What decade do you live in? Nowadays, even elementary schoolers don’t care much about those kinds of things. You’ve got to be more daring. For example, the next time they’re alone, *have the monkey steal their peaches. I guarantee you he’ll be unable to stay calm.” Saozi winked.

NT: (martial arts), distracting an opponent with one hand and seizing his testicles with the other; (coll.) grabbing sb by the balls

“What do you mean by stealing his peaches… ”

“Grab his crotch”

“Hey, but if I do that, won’t he be mad at me?”

“That’s impossible, you know. He’s not gay. Why would he get angry about that? Besides, you have to keep up with his sexual appetite. That way he’ll fall in love with you for sure! Just look at your body!”

As I finished listening to Saozi stain that girl as white as a piece of paper, I secretly slipped back into my room and pretended to sleep.

It wasn’t long before a fragrant scent came through my nose. I could tell by the aroma that it was Liu Jie. I was afraid she would follow to the letter the teachings she had learned from Saozi and grab my little friend, but she wouldn’t, would?

Shortly after, Liu Jie pinched my nose and said, “It’s time to get up Feng-ge.”

When I opened my eyes, I’m stunned for a moment. Liu Jie was naturally too beautiful, but now with a small layer of makeup she looked really charming. The eyeliner around her eyes, like an anime girl, gave her a touch of pride and arrogance. Looking at her, it was as if an impulse arose to press her onto the bed carefully to adore her.

“Am I beautiful?” Liu Jie seemed pleased with my stunned look. She adjusted herself on the edge of the bed. His beautiful white legs were within my reach. To be able to sleep in her lap would no doubt be very comfortable.

“It’s true, you’re very pretty” I affirmed. Nevertheless, I personally thought that she was not so beautiful as to be a match Saozi’s face, but I kept that to myself.

“He, He. Go brush your teeth already so Meizi-jie can take us back to school.” Liu Jie was happy. She used her arms to hide her face as a shy look crept across it

Was it my imagination or did Liu Jie’s femininity grow astronomically in such a short time just by learning from Saozi? It seemed as if Saozi knew everything I liked about a woman and tried to evoke those qualities in her. No, it’s nonsense! Although Liu Jie looks like Saozi, my heart is only for Saozi alone. I can’t let this progress any further.

Because of my morals, I would not like to be a person who double dips. However, Saozi was trying hard to get me together with Liu Jie. That would mean she doesn’t reciprocate my feelings, right?

But, when sucked her nipple at that one time, I was sure she was happy.

When I think of my toothbrush, my heart can’t stop beating. Although it was only a small contact, Saozi used my toothbrush.

Just as I entered the bathroom, Saozi rushed over. Looking at my toiletry, she said. “Little Feng, you must get a new toothbrush. The one you’ve been using has been around a long time, so it’s about time you change it.”

She aggressively opened the cabinet and took out a new brush, which she gave to me. When I looked at her, she seemed quite adamant about it. It seemed that Saozi has not forgotten what happened.

“I don’t see there’s any problem with the one I’m using. Besides, I’m used to it” I said as I smiled subtly. Because Liu Jie was in the room, Saozi couldn’t scold me. So while she looked at me angry, she took it out on me by pinching me twice.

It was interesting to observe Saozi’s behavior. Just moments ago she was teaching Liu Jie how to behave properly. However, if Liu Jie found out that a mere hour ago Saozi, was using my toothbrush to satisfy herself, what would she think of her?

At first, I didn’t understand why Saozi behaved this way, but the reason gradually became clear. My dual identity as her Shuzi* and the boyfriend only in Liu Jie’s “name”, plus the various foolish actions that Tangge had done, caused the loneliness inside Saozi to ignite. And thanks to my kind character, Saozi, who had only sought a little emotional comfort, had gradually resorted physical means, to the point of thinking of an affair.

Shuzi brother/cousin/younger brother-in-law of husband

If I were in Tangge’s situation, I wouldn’t even imagine sharing my girlfriend with anyone, and I would not leave her alone.

“You can’t use it!” Saozi protested.

“Why?” I reflexively replied. Honestly, I just wanted to hear her say it from her own mouth, the reason I couldn’t use it.

“Because I used it.” Saozi whispered, blushing.

“What do you mean?” I kept insisting.

“You little scoundrel, how dare you bully this Saozi!” Saozi was fuming, but without hesitation I pinched my balls [Wow!] I screamed for the pain. Clearly she was losing the battle, yet she was desperately trying to turn things around by playing dirty.

“I don’t plan on changing it just because you say so.” I asserted shamelessly.

If we don’t hurry it will get late, and Liu Jie might think something was up.

Saozi bit his lips and in a low voice said, “Just use this one to brush your teeth, and throw the other one away.” As she handed me her toothbrush, she seemed embarrassed.

Doesn’t Saozi need his toothbrush? Will he use Tangge’s? Don’t tell me…. Maybe… just like me, she wants to have indirect contact with me. Obviously I know I’m wrong, but I can’t help making fun of her.

“You shouldn’t worry about little things like this, Saozi. Moreover, you’ve been playing matchmaker, haven’t you?” She looked at me charmingly, and my body slackened completely.

Inside the elevator, Saozi took advantage of a moment of Liu Jie’s carelessness when she wasn’t looking at us, and placed her calf on my knee. After finishing, she looked at me with a smile.

Hey! And I thought the rub we had under the table a while ago was accidental. But now I realize that Saozi no longer afraid to show her affection a little more.

It’s really annoying that she was always provoking and threatening me whenever she wants to! She knows me well enough to know that I won’t do anything. Last time, when I saw her come home with the four eyes, I was frustrated. After all, a beautiful woman like her should know what is good and what is bad, so as not to lose out on anything.

I really wanted to scold her and set her straight, damn it! However, as soon as I opened my mouth, my mind blanked on what to say. After all, it’s her private life and I really have no right to interfere. Maybe it’s true what Saozi says: I don’t have the attitude or security of a man that’s supposed to be in charge. I’m too introvered and discreet. I only told her about things that day, from there on out I have been kind to her more and more. I haven’t scolded her again.

Coming out of the elevator, Liu Jie took Saozi’s hand. They looked like a pair of sisters walking together. That silly girl really spares no effort in trying to learn things from Saozi. The affinity she shows towards Saozi was quite strong, wasn’t it?

On the way to the car, they chatted happily. To drive away my boredom, I took my Smartphone and started browsing the Internet. Soon, I found a publication about me.

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