New Chapter: No Protection Tonight Chapter 40: Pleasant Surprise

Originally those Chengbei students who were not convinced that I could mop the floor with He Yu were silenced by watching the videos the students posted on the internet. Not only did they show irrefutable proof of what happened, they also let some of the dissatisfaction they had escape.

In addition, people from other schools also joined in the fun against Chengbei, pretending to be San High students. This caused much anger among Chengbei’s students; and the superiority that existed on the part of their third graders who were known as thugs, seemed to go unnoticed at this time.

Getting out of the car, Wang Xiaopang immediately approached smiling as he opened an umbrella to block the sun’s rays.

“What are you doing?” I asked confusedly.

“He, He. Right now you are like a god to many people Boss. Everyone is saying that a little evil would not look bad on you. Also, the sun is harmful to the skin, if the girls at school see you tanned, they will get sad.”

Before answering, Liu Jie grumbles annoyingly. “If that’s the case, then come and cover me. Because if my skin gets a little tan, your boss will skin all your skin.”

“What are you looking at, do you expect Saozi to hold the umbrella to cover herself.” Xiaopang looked at me with a pleading face, but I said no more. Who was it that was saying things about not worrying Meizi´s and covering myself with an umbrella.
NT: younger sister; girl

“By the way, I hope you brought a gift. Unlike your boss who doesn’t care about these things. I’ll make you foam out of your mouth.”

Waopiang pushed me from behind, after Liu Jie finished talking. Without realizing it, my lips superimposed on Liu Jie’s lips. Laughing, he said, “Saozi, I hope you can cheerfully accept this little impromptu gift.”

Liu Jie’s cheeks immediately blushed. The beautiful landscape shown before such a flirtation caused me to itch all over my body.

After all, most couples are always looking for a hidden place where they can hold hands and kiss without being seen.

The professor surrendered to Liu Jie during the class, seeing that this one seemed to be in his world. After all, in front of this Baifumei, a mere teacher can only be helpless. So he turned a blind eye.

“eiya, you can’t stop causing trouble.” Next to me I heard the cacophony of a couple of students pointing at me. Unable to bear their chatter any longer, I got ready to speak.

Boo, Boo, they can stop making assumptions and stop talking nonsense about other people. If not, I’ll have them beat to death and I won’t stop even if they cry bastards.” Before speaking, Liu Jie looked at them with his big, bright eyes and told them what he intended to tell them.

“Xiaopang looked at me with envy: “He’s definitely an impressive boss. You just have to let Saozi take care of them to shut them up.”
Nt: Xiaopang Le says Saozi to Liu Jie.

I cannot stop worrying about Saozi, due to the events that happened with Liu Jie a few moments ago. However, I like Saozi and do not know if she is annoying or indifferent.

The first two classes after the morning break were with Professor Liu. Looking at his expression, everything seemed to be normal. However, at the end of the class, I was asked to address the Director’s office.

On the way to the principal’s office I felt depressed by my behavior. I am too impulsive and hot-minded. I thought my fight with He Yu had only been seen by the hundred or two hundred people there. However, things are too difficult now, and there is almost no student in the area who doesn’t know what happened.

The behavior of a San High student is practically the opposite of what I’ve done. Originally I was a student with good behavior, however, after these two consecutive fights *it’s like shooting the bird that shows up, and I can’t keep causing any more problems inside the school. NT: A person should not stand out too much or else it will easily bring disaster. Analogy a person who takes the lead is vulnerable to receiving more blows.

Finally, in front of the director’s office door, I was sad. I remembered what happened last time when I hit that fool Guo Tao for bothering Saozi, and how she was called later to help me.

This time, I don’t want to bother Saozi again. She is overwhelmed and tense right now because of the problems she is having with Tangge, not to mention the problems she is having for the money. So, if this time the director is upset, I will kneel down and ask for another chance. I don’t want to be expelled, plus my parents would be too angry about it.

“Please take a seat, student Feng.” Entering the office, the principal greeted me politely as I stood.

The stranger he behaves, the more I think only the lion should open his mouth and lay the cards on the table at once, without detours. “Director, I don’t have any money and neither does my Saozi. Can we turn the page and start over?”

“Ah, I didn’t send for that today, I really want to congratulate you.” The Director quickly shook his head and laughed twice.

“Cough, cough, congratulate me? don’t joke in that way director, that being here is already difficult.” Certainly talking to this old fox is going to cost me a lot.

“No, it’s not a joke, I’m serious. Just wait…” He quickly opened a drawer and pulled out a bulky brown paper envelope, which he then passed on to me.

Looking inside, I was surprised to see two bills: “Director, what are you doing?”

“He, He, I want to apologize for what happened before. I didn’t know what I was doing, and I took money from your relatives. I hope you don’t take it personally.” When I looked at him, I noticed that he was saying it honestly.

I don’t know what medication this crazy old man took, but I won’t sell myself. “Director, don’t expel me, and as for this money, I won’t take it.

“No, no, no, no, Zhuang Feng, we are part of the same school, so you don’t need to act that way. In addition, the Director General called me and asked me to take care of you personally. He is also willing to support the school to have more new students. Think that originally we had the fewest students, but thanks to your current achievements, there are more than a thousand people who want to enter our school the next year. Thanks to you, we’ve made a name for ourselves. Well done!” While patting me on the shoulder, the principal’s face couldn’t hide the emotion.

After remembering how I behaved chivalrously and even kindly with the Principal, and everything I said and thought while walking to this place, I felt like a fool. Not only did he not bother to scold me, on the contrary, I unexpectedly congratulate myself on everything. Damn it, all this fits!

“Cough, Director, aren’t you kidding me, are you?” I scratched my head and asked.

“Of course not. Look at the call log and the screenshots I take. A lot of students have the goal of getting into San High School,” the Director said seriously.

“Why is the Director General going so far for me and asking him to take care of me?” Even confused, not fully understanding what was going on, I asked.

“Like, why? The Director General is an old companion in arms to Liu Jie’s father.” The director rolled his eyes.

I soon remembered how Liu Jie had been glued to her phone all the time in the morning. Even if I didn’t pay attention to him, he seemed to be talking to someone through WeChat. So he asked his father for help, so he wouldn’t have trouble hitting He Yu.

Damn, certainly meeting people with contacts is a privilege! I thought it would all end badly. However, a phone call along with a few screams was enough for the Director to take the initiative to return the money to me and take care of me. All the problems I caused at school seem to have been forgotten.

Originally, I didn’t want to owe her father anything, or accept that girl’s feelings. However, when the director took out the money, I felt a little pain in remembering how Saozi came and persuaded him not to expel me.

Today the director’s gaze as if he were seeing his boss is because me and Liu Jie can’t tell the truth about our relationship.

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