New Chapter: No Protection Tonight Chapter 42 I’m Ready And You?, Part 1

As I looked at Liu Jie, my heart accelerated, and my mouth watered. His furtive glances at my face conveyed an incomparable feeling of stimulation. And the blushing of her cheeks that stretched from her neck to her ears, along with her nervousness, shook me to the medulla. I soon noticed the incomparable beauty of Liu Jie.

Looking at her whole appearance, she’s really too pretty. And the youthful atmosphere that radiates from her body is something that Saozi cannot.

However, the atmosphere was torn down by the groans of delight of a couple not far from our place. The groans, especially from the young woman, made my blood boil. And the idea of going to watch the show crossed my mind. However Liu Jie was next to me. And compared to my emotion, she panicked. She rubbed her hands, before frowning and saying “Feng-ge, let’s go.”

When I saw her act shyly, I laughed inside. It’s unlikely that this little girl hasn’t seen the film: romance on the island, isn’t it? Soon an evil idea crossed my mind. If there were an opportunity, I’d like to be with her. Now I understand why Saozi invited her to the house so I could talk to her. At that time Liu Jie was indifferent to me as opposite sex, but now my heart has a strange desire to belong.

To be able to experience and touch the intimate zone of the opposite sex is a truly unforgettable feeling. Looking at her chest, her thin legs and the natural essence emanating from her body, I get the urge to take her in my arms and love her. Is she not trying to seduce me or is she?

“Cough, right, let’s go, let’s go, if I’m not afraid you can’t control yourself” I nodded, while Liu Jie looked at me annoyed.

“Is it you, the one who is unable to control himself.” She said fiercely.

“Me? Unable to control me. I am a good person. If you don’t believe that, let’s sit here for a while and see who’s the one who doesn’t have self-control.” Answer, while he smiled unconsciously like a rogue.

“I don’t want to sit with you (Let’s do it),” said Liu Jie timidly as he left. Fortunately I am a good person, otherwise I could have misinterpreted his words.

As I followed her despite the distance, I noticed how Liu Jie blushed. She did not stop, however, and continued to walk with her head bowed.

“Be careful, there’s a stone,” I reminded Liu Jie who was distracted. However, she stumbled upon the stone.

“Ah!” I moved quickly to where his body was leaning. She instinctively embraced my waist, however, due to the angle of her body’s inclination, her hand slipped into my pants. She grabbed my little friend. Damn, who would say she would take advantage in this situation!

“SS!”, I took a breath of air. Her hand slipped even deeper. Up to my balls, undoubtedly the most vulnerable part of a man.

Liu Jie probably didn’t do it on purpose, did he? I remembered the words Saozi spoke to him at noon. That she had to be more aggressive and attack my crotch to see my reaction. But it wasn’t too aggressive and if my balls stop working. I will no longer be able to enjoy a full sexual life later!

Quickly take out your hand and raise Liu Jie who let out a sigh “Thank you Feng-ge, I almost got hurt.”

“For my great aunt! what happened to you is not as important as what happened to me” My aching body trembled. Liu Jie nervously asked, “What happened to you, because you yell at me?”

“You just grabbed my balls! What if I become a eunuch!” After he finished talking. Liu Jie panicked.

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