New Chapter: No Protection Tonight Chapter 42 I’m Ready And You?, Part 2

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to fall, so I grabbed you. Right, let’s go to the hospital.” Liu Jie stretched out his hand to support me, while embarrassingly apologizing to me.

“No, can’t walk. I feel like my balls are going to fall quickly.” I said metaphorically.

Not knowing what else to do, Liu Jie immediately broke into tears. “Wa, Wa, it was my fault for not noticing where to step. Pegame Feng-ge, I promise I won’t blame you.”

When I saw her in such a sorry state, I almost laughed at her. Setting aside my performance, my voice continued to sound as if it were still hurting. “It’s okay, it’s nothing important. I know you didn’t do it on purpose. But if I can’t have children later, will you turn your back on me?”

“Of course not, I’ll take care of you forever, for life. However…” Liu Jie stopped.

“However, what?” I was a little perplexed. Could it be, that she would change her promise?

“I want to have a child and both of us to be parents. Let me call 120 quickly.” Liu Jie immediately pulled out his phone.

“Don’t do it, when the ambulance arrives we’ll have to tell them what happened. With what face will you return home?” I shook my head and stopped it.

Liu Jie started crying even more euphorically. “Wu, Feng-ge you are too good, despite what happened you still think of me first. I’m really sorry.” She blamed herself again for what happened. Her tears came out like a sea. As I watched her cry, I felt a little guilt.

“In fact it wasn’t a big deal, come on stop crying or you’ll drown in your tears.” Gently pat her shoulder to soothe her. Liu Jie, this little girl who always talks with such confidence, made me feel as if what I did was wrong.

“What will we do to see if it works?” Liu Jie without hesitation asked.

“Hmp, I’ll need your help to check it out. No, just forget it. I don’t want to force you to do something you don’t want to do.” I said hesitantly.

“No, Feng-ge, if it’s to help you I’ll do anything. I promise you. Then what do I have to do?” Liu Jie replied decisively.

With no idea what to do, the little girl nervously asked me. “All right, I won’t cry anymore, but what do we do then?”

“At times like these, the best thing to do is to see if it’s working properly.” I replied seriously.

“So, can I touch one of your breasts?” Ask calmly.

“Ah, why,” Liu Jie’s face turned red.

Passing myself off as a physiology professor, I explained: “As long as my little friend can react, that means he’s fine. Besides, there’s nothing more stimulating for an adolescent than a woman’s body. Just looking isn’t enough. If you feel ashamed, just think of me as a gangster who took advantage of you. So you won’t lose face. So… will you?”

I bowed my head as I looked sadly at Liu Jie, trying to appeal to his heart,” Don’t make that face. You can touch.”

“By the sound of voice, it looks like I’m forcing you, forget what I said.” I shook my head. As an upright and honest man, my image must stand upright.

“Nothing like that. I do it because it’s about you Feng-ge. Besides, I know you’re not that kind of person who would abuse the situation. I’m sure there would be a lot of girls at school who would help you without even blinking their eyes. Besides, seeing you asking me for help right now shows what kind of person you are. I’m also your “girlfriend,” so I’m in charge of helping you, right?” Liu Jie seems to completely understand me. And he seems to hold me in high esteem because of my behavior toward her.

“Are you absolutely sure about this?” I still had my doubts, because Liu Jie’s eyes were closed and he couldn’t see what he was thinking. In the moonlight, his exquisite curves remarking were suffocating.

With a look difficult to decipher and her face all blushing, she nodded slightly “Yes.”

Slowly shaking I reached out my hand to that bulging chest, which had been coveting for a long time. I didn’t think things were going to happen this way, but I was willing to pay for it. God is just for letting me sin and allowing me the desire to knead those two steamed meat buns.

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