New Chapter: No Protection Tonight Chapter 43: A marriage that cannot be stopped, Part 1

The softness and flexibility were almost on par with Saozi’s, although Liu Jie’s were not that big, they are impressive in their own way. I dared not squeeze them too tightly so as not to hurt her.

After Saozi gave me an explanation, I now know exactly the right way to do this. If I hadn’t known, I’d be spilled beans. I took a deep breath and did my best to divert as much of my attention as possible.

“Uh huh” Liu Jie let out a little sound. Looking at her blushing face she seems to enjoy it.

What a stupid joke this is! Saozi makes me serve her and this little girl is totally submissive and lets me do whatever I want.

Women’s subconscious has in fact always worked that way: if the one touching them is a man they don’t like, it’s sexual harassment. But if, on the other hand, the one who does it is the person they like, without any reason they immediately allow them to do what they want.

“Little Feng-ge, are you all right?” Liu Jie’s voice was too small

“We seem to have some problems. He’s not responding.” When I delivered my seed to Saozi we had much more intimate approaches, so I told the truth. I was trained by her and although I am still a virgin, I have a first class self-control ability.

“So, what do I have to do?” Liu Jie opened his eyes abruptly. Luckily, my lamentable state and expression have not changed.

However, contrary to my expectations, she only looked at my face. After considering it, she already had a hand grabbing one of her breasts. So I cautiously asked her. “How about I do it with both breasts?!”

After he finished talking, Liu Jie immediately reacted and gave his consent. “All right, let’s do that. We just have to see if your little friend can get up and get tough.”

I was baffled by what he said. However, Liu Jie agreed to have his other chest grabbed. If things continue this way I will be unable to control myself.

The feeling of being able to grab her two breasts was simply beautiful. In addition, being able to see how Liu Jie was agitated by my movements made me suspect that she probably felt well.

I thought of going tougher and using my mouth on that pure and innocent little girl, as I did before with Saozi. However, if I were unbridled, I am sure Liu Jie would not be able to withstand such stimulation and would end up physically exhausted.

Although instead of leaving everything written on paper, it would not be better to practice everything I know. I have seen the film Love on the Island too many times, so I have experience.

However, it is important that she agrees. Hold her breasts tighter. I have to admit that men are like wolves, we always want to be more greedy. And just grabbing their breasts, they can’t satisfy my thirst for curiosity.

Watching Liu Jie’s small face become confused, a small spark of desire caught fire within me. Unable to contain myself any longer, I slid one hand over his impeccable jade-white thighs. I had been dreaming about this day, long ago, that I simply thought the dream had become real. I hesitated to slide on his white thighs. Why did I unconsciously remember that if I did something with her, marriage was inevitable.

As I felt my advances she said, “Little ruffian, what do you think you’re doing?”

“Cough, I realized I can’t keep my promise. Xiao Jiejie* can I invest the right thing in the wrong thing?” I approached Liu Jie’s hatred to answer him. To be honest, I felt proud of myself for my brazenness.

NT: Nickname

Liu Jie was completely ashamed: “It wouldn’t be the first time you raped me. Besides, who gave you permission to talk to me so intimately?”

It was true that this was not the first time, and I had naturally been dreaming that it would happen a second time. However, I never thought that this second time would come so fast and this way.

I didn’t care if Liu Jie’s safety underpants kept me a bit. My hand moved happily like a little fish in the mud [Ka, Ka, Ka,] The warm and pleasant sensation inside her thighs made my blood boil.

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