New Chapter: No Protection Tonight Chapter 43: A marriage that cannot be stopped, Part 2

Liu Jie immediately closed his legs. However, she was unable to withstand my annoying attacks. After a while, he finally arrived at the flower of her peach, the land to which he had longed to arrive nights and days. The entrance to her cave was tight enough, that I could barely get a finger into it. The structure was so complex and complicated that it was unable to describe its interior.

My instinct made me slide deeper into it: “Hump, how much longer do you intend to act as you please Feng-ge I’m going to get angry!” Liu Jie was unable to continue and pushed me aside.

Turns out I’d already discovered how my crotch was swelling, “Thank you, Xiao Jie.” I couldn’t help passing saliva.

“Well we saw that there’s no problem, so there’s no need to worry about you anymore. “Liu Jie’s voice was like a mosquito trying to hide its shame.

“Certainly there may no longer be a problem. And this just proves that I have feelings for you. However, I don’t know if my fertility is still intact.” I said seriously, before I added more things, “This is important for a woman who plans to live each day as my partner. It is related to the procreation of a child.”

“Ha, what’s to be done?” Just to mention the word child, Liu Jie’s tranquility seemed to crumble. She seems to be overly concerned.

“You can help me see if I can shoot with my little friend, that’s what we have to do.” I don’t know why I’m behaving this way, maybe it’s because of Liu Jie’s makeup layer, which makes her look cute and innocent. And it makes a man want to take liberties for her.

Obviously I am doing this to make fun of Liu Jie, she is not stupid, she is intelligent and a person of good character. Although her family has financial comforts, her personality is not that of a tall, powerful young woman. On the contrary, she is a simple, sweet and nice girl.

“Do it yourself, Feng-ge.” Indeed, Liu Jie does not hesitate to speak.

“Hey, forget it, it’s hard for you to understand what I’m saying. I was also giving you the opportunity to explore a man’s body. I see that you do not appreciate this opportunity, it seems that your love is only platonic.” I put my hand on the ground to lift me up. I was seriously hoping Liu Jie would take my hand before I left.

Lifting my ass up a bit to stand, I fell to the ground again. Liu Jie licked his lips and complained. “Feng-ge, don’t be angry.”

“Why should I be angry, you have every right to choose what you want?” Besides, I can’t impose my ideals on you.” I shook my head quickly and looked at it.

“I still haven’t said I won’t. I said I would take care of you, but because of me, I have made you fight with others. Besides, I don’t have any experience, if I hurt you, it wouldn’t be like adding hail to the snow…” Liu Jie wasn’t going back on her word, she was just worried.

NT: Make the situation even worse

“You won’t, as long as you understand how to use your hands, I’ll feel comfortable.” I am secretly ecstatic. This is just too evil. So much so that it irritates me, but it gives me a kind of emotion that makes my heart beat. Don’t tell me this is… what a person feels before falling in love?

Or could it be what Saozi said, about how I don’t have any kind of resistance to physical contact? In fact, the widow of the former village chief was one of the sexiest women I had ever seen. However, when I arrived in the city, my way of seeing things changed. The women of the city are dressed in a different way to show their attributes and attract the opposite sex.

In addition, Liu Jie belongs to the type of girl, who is beautiful without any kind of arrangement. In fact, when I first entered the class, I noticed her. Only shortly after arriving in the city, I promised to be a prudent and modest man, so I ignored love. I only thought of studying and giving back to my parents what they had spent for me. But there are some things I can’t decide.

Especially marriage. So before things got out of hand, I decided to just admire Tangsao from the bottom of my heart. After all, she is married, and these feelings are only meant to be buried in the bottom of my heart. Liu Jie is different, she stands out from the masses, but she has special points: she is nice, pure, charming, innocent, good and kind. She is not in the least spoiled. She is willing to help me without asking for anything in return. Well, she deserves all my attention.

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