New Chapter: Only with Your Heart Chapter 11


Sacrificed my sleep a little with this chapter, just because I want to get over with it.
As you can tell this novel is R18, so it’s not really necessary for me to warn you every single time there’s a smut scene in a chapter. Also, please don’t expect flowery language from me, like her ‘honeypot’ or ‘her secret area’ and all that jazz. I’m not good with that. Without further ado, here you go..

Chapter 11


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  1. IaMeikoD

    Thank so much! T_T
    by the way I didn’t quite understand this part “Chizuru’s confession didn’t get a return from Lukrov.” What does it mean?

  2. Anya

    The chapter is so short but worth my wait love it! I hope lukrov can quickly heal his heart :’)
    Thanks for the chapter!!