The Right Way to Interact Chapter 3 Part 1

Translated by Daed
Proofread by Ari

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The following afternoon, Li Jinzhi went to Lin Father’s study. Ye Yu guided him.

Zi Shang-daren[1] did not write where the study was located, and of course he was not stupid enough to actually go and ask the servants. He could only let Ye Yu walk in front and follow him like that. In this way, he finally reached the study.

Sending Ye Yu back, Li Jinzhi patted off the snow on his body and raised his hand to knock on the door. “Father.”

“Enter.” Li Zongyin’s voice is indifferent, abundantly dignified but lacking in intimacy.

Pushing the door open, Li Jinzhi entered with his head down. “Father.” His expression is very deferential.

Before he transmigrated, Li Jinzhi had been a movie scriptwriter. Reading novels was more about finding inspiration than as a pastime. So, in this kind of situation, he has a very good grasp of his expression.

His experience of being in the orphanage since young has made him wear a mask for many years. What kind of expression will make the nuns like him more, what kind of expression can get him more food…

It’s not unreasonable that the other children hated his way of living.

However, he never wore a mask in front of the youth who reached out to him in the icy cold water of the ice hole.

“Is your body comfortable? Why don’t you take a few more days to rest then get out of bed?” If you ignore the undulating tone, the content is pretty heart-warming.

“I am already in good health. Thank you, Father, for your concern.” Li Jinzhi dropped his eyes, replying obediently.

 “If you had already guided the Qi into the body, then this kind of thing wouldn’t happen again, ai. Never mind….” Li Zongyin heaved a sigh, getting up to retrieve a book from the bookshelf. “This is what every Li family son has to train when they become fifteen years old. To be able to guide the Qi into your body is your great fortune, if you are unable to——you don’t have to be discouraged, it’s also not bad to cultivate one’s moral character.”

Li Jinzhi solemnly accepted the book with both hands, his tone becoming more respectful. “Yes, father.” He hesitated for a moment, then expressed his confusion. “Except that in one more month, I’ll be sixteen. Why then is this book….”

Li Zongyin was taken aback. He scanned Li Jinzhi up and down. After furrowing his brows and thinking for a moment, he softly said, “I have my own reasons. In one month, the disciples of Ji Bing Sect will come to each big cultivator family clan to collect new recruits. At that time, you can also go and try.”

Li Jinzhi kneaded the book, the corner of his mouth slightly curling, “Yes, Father.”

Li Zongyin waved his hand for Li Jinzhi to go, picking his book back up and not giving his son another look.

When he came out the door, Li Jinzhi looked down at the book in his hand. The corner of his mouth raised higher. He does know why he only received this book of invocations now when he’s almost sixteen.

Who else could it be but his “good” Di mother, who used spiritual tools to cover the protagonist’s spiritual roots when he was young. And he’s guessing that Li Zongyin is only expecting him to cultivate his moral character when he gave him the book.

It was also when the protagonist coincidentally came across Liu-shi’s personal maids gossiping that he learned the real reason why he wasn’t favored at all these couple years—even though he’s the son of Li Zongyin’s favorite concubine.

Father giving him the book at this particular time too, is most likely the work of that Di mother.

There’s still one month left before he’s past the optimal age to enter the Dao.

So what if he has a spiritual root? Even if he has good qualifications, it’s already too late. And he’ll make an unsightly spectacle in front of the celestial sect disciples. The youth will naturally lose the desire to cultivate, he can only stay in this small place until his death.

Recalling the story plot, Liu-shi’s son Li Jintang—his older brother by two months—had long begun to train a year ago. If Li Jinzhi remembers correctly, the other has water-fire double spiritual roots. This sounds like he’s very talented, but water and fire together? Li Jinzhi only scoffed.

Who will be the one to embarrass themselves, that’s not determined yet!

The novel’s male lead entered the Dao at the end of the month. Although it’s not considered as embarrassing, but the treatment that he received in the celestial sect was undesirable. That’s just the worst-case scenario though. Maybe working hard with awareness of the consequences might lead to unexpected results……

Suddenly, a hand carefully patted him. The Li Jinzhi who had still been thinking to himself tightened his chrysanthemum. Looking at the other, he asked, “Why are you still standing here?”

The top of Ye Yu’s head is already completely covered with white snow, his frozen lips white, but his eyes showed concern.

“You bestowed me a name and became Ye Yu’s master. Ye Yu does not dare to leave by himself.” He grinned, his dark pupils lighting up, a completely honest and harmless appearance, “The footsteps from when we came have been covered by the snow, Ye Yu is afraid that Gongzi[2] will not be able to find the way back.”

Li Jinzhi furrowed his brows and retorted, “I know where the room is! Also, I know you’re very excited because you just got a name, but you don’t have to bring up your own name in every sentence!” Is this guy so afraid that people won’t know?!

The name “Ye Yu” makes his chrysanthemum tighten so much it hurts. He hesitantly opened his mouth to ask, “Do you like this name? How about we change….”

“No, Ye Yu really likes this name.” The youth retreated a half-step, his face vigilant as he answered quickly, deathly afraid that Li Jinzhi will say that he’s changed his mind.

“……” Fine, a gentleman does not take what others like. Li Jinzhi took a deep breath, relaxing his chrysanthemum. Yes, that’s it. “Use ‘I’ instead of your name.”

“Yes, I understand.” Ye Yu smiled.

Unwilling to stay out in the snow any longer, Li Jinzhi followed the road they came from back. The snow has already covered up their footsteps, he held out a hand to catch the snow, raising his head to look at the tall wall of ice outside the yard.

The northern side of the Polar City of the Arctic Polar Region is blockaded by a towering natural ice wall with snow that never melts. The snow scene is meandering, beautiful beyond belief.

But it’s also because of this ice barrier that trade with merchants from other cities is hindered, traffic is congested, and the economy is really underdeveloped. Even the celestial sect disciples only come here once a year.

Yet who would have thought, the Li family of the Arctic Polar Region would have thin ice phoenix blood?

Li Jinzhi thought of the things that he’s experienced in these two days. Having your life switched in one night, a foreign world, but it has to accompany him for an unknown period.

Can he…. still return?

The Li Jinzhi standing in the doorway raised his hand, frowning in deep thought. Soon, he relaxed, regaining his composure.

He’s extremely afraid of dying and values his life. It doesn’t matter anymore whether he’s scriptwriter Lin Jinzhi or the male lead Lin Jinzhi if he can live longer.


This time he has no intention of following the planned way of living. He is a person, not a novel. Each and every character in the original novel are no longer simple words on a piece of page; they’re people who have flesh and blood and their own ideas. Since he knows the plot, then he should find ways to surpass the original main character!

Even if it all turned out to be a dream in the end, it’s no big deal.

[1] In this context, it’s a way of addressing an author or a creator.

[2] Gongzi – the way to address the son of a family or a male in general.