The Right Way To Interact Chapter 3 Part 2

Translated by Daed
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The relieved mood and the warmth of the house let Li Jinzhi let out a sigh of relief. He put down the cloak and turned to look at Ye Yu. After the white snow melted away, a large part of the other’s body has become wet.

He’s also not one who gives others peace of mind.

Li Jinzhi frowned and pulled the youth close. As soon as he pushed open the wooden door, he was momentarily blinded by the white mist inside. When the white fog scattered, he saw that there is a square spring inside.

There’s plenty of hot springs like this in Polar City. They may be found in most of the main rooms in the Li Family Fort as well.

Li Jinzhi entered the room. Not caring about the Ye Yu who he dragged in, he took off his outer pants, leaving only the thin inner-clothes on as he waded into the water.

“Come down here.” He turned his head back to see an uneasy Ye Yu. Raising an eyebrow, he said, “If you don’t get out of those wet clothes, you’ll probably burn up again.”

“…….” Ye Yu looked at the teenager shrouded in white mist, his cheeks were pink from the steam, the eyebrows delicate, looking better than the doll in the annual painting in the ancestral hall.

He couldn’t help but get a little dazed, even forgetting his uneasiness and awkwardness from earlier. He didn’t even hear Li Jinzhi calling his name several times.

Noticing the teenager staring at him intently, Li Jinzhi raised his eyebrows again. Wondering if there was anything on his face, he turned his head to the copper mirror by the spring.

“………” Who is this little rascal? Someone come and drive him out!

Li Jinzhi glared at the copper mirror, the teen in the mirror also looked like he was fuming——

Desperately recalling the plot, Li Jinzhi tried to find Zishang-daren’s description of the male lead’s appearance. What happened to the cool male lead! Where did this exquisite-but-not-at-all-cool kid come from!

After thinking for a while, there was not a lot of description that he could recall about the male lead’s facial features. There was only one sentence: phoenix-starred eyes, very handsome. Alright, it’s true that the male authors of □□stories don’t need to use that much detail for describing facial features. But it was these two simple phrases that let him successfully imagine a ‘very’ handsome male lead.

What sharp brows and eyes of an eagle, what high nose and thin lips, you can’t blame him for thinking to such extents. After all, if you aren’t at least a little pretty, how are you supposed to collect a harem? How are you supposed to summon the dragon?

But can this teenager before him with long, shapely eyebrows, round eyes, refined nose and vermillion lips really collect a harem? You must be kidding! Is it really okay to have an author who digs pits for their readers?

Li Jinzhi picked up the towel on the edge, calmly wiping his face softly. Well, let’s think more positively. In fact, the appearance is quite in line with the description: slightly raised phoenix eyes with dark pupils that reflect the spring water, resembling the stars.

Li Jinzhi turned his head in depression. As for being “very handsome” or whatever. He’s still quite young, he can put his hopes on men transforming 18 times as they grow up[1]——


The sound of water interrupted Li Jin’s self-pity session. He turned to see Ye Yu pick up the handkerchief by the spring and come over. When he saw the other’s features, Li Jinzhi immediately felt that it was unfair.

A little slave who became cannon fodder early on actually has sharp brows and eagle eyes under the premise of being so thin? He actually has a high nose and thin lips? This is the image that he has of a male lead’s face, okay?!

Give me back that face…..

“I’ll help you wipe your back.” His eyes were fixed on Li Jin’s inner-clothes, the milky white skin peeking out, the pale nubs protruding out from the water.


“Then if you will, I can’t wash my own back.” Li Jinzhi did not refuse, he took off the inner-clothes and leaned on the wall with his eyes closed. Lazily, he said, “From today on, I will begin to practice. You can stay in my bedroom.”

 “Yes.” Ye Yu answered absentmindedly, all that’s left in his eyes and brain is that area of delicate whiteness. “Ye Yu will remember.” Saying so, he didn’t dare to look any longer. He took the soap and rubbed it hurriedly across the milky white skin a few times, switching to the bath cloth.

Like he sensed his panic, Li Jinzhi turned his head to glance at Ye Yu, only to see the honey-colored skin being supported by a row of ribs, the two brown dots unhealthily sinking inwards. His heart soured, “You’re too thin, have dinner with me in the future.”

He’s so thin, he’s disfigured! The ruin of death! Even if he can not get the male lead’s appearance, fattening it up to see is also excellent!

However, he really is too thin——

The him at the orphanage had also been like this. Lacking nutrition for the long childhood, he grew up to be both skinny and small, not even breaking through the 170cm mark as an adult.

Seeing Ye Yu open his mouth as if to oppose, Li Jinzhi quickly explained, “This age is the period of growing up, do not refuse.”

Pausing, he added, “It’s nothing to me. There is also no one else in my quarters, so there is no need to abide by master-servant etiquette.”

After saying this, he sank down, immersing himself in the warm water, his long hair spread out across the surface.

The Li Jinzhi underwater didn’t see the dim eyes of the teen blankly holding onto the bath towel.

A name, a bowl of hot food, a warm room, these all appear to be simple and ordinary, but no one has ever given these to him.

This will most likely be the most unforgettable scene in Ye Yu’s life: a room full of smoke, a spring with light blue waves, a head of black hair that scatters with the waves, a sourness that followed the white smoke into his nostrils[2].

A person who has experienced harsh coldness for a long time does not understand the taste of warmth. Once they obtain it, they will never again have the thought to leave that warmth. It’s a simple desire to not lose it, but there are some things that are not what the current powerless Ye Yu could control.

[1] An idiom, male version of idiom describing how the same person looks very different when they grow up and are adults compared to when they were younger, as children.  

[2] He wants to cry. Just like I did as I translated this long chapter. Or more accurately, me at my grades since I’m getting distracted when it’s finals….hahahahaaa…

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