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New Project: Evil-Natured Husband, Don’t Tease! Chapter 299

Hello everyone!

I am Roia. The reason why I translated this teaser chapter is only to find new novels to be picked up from those novels that are dropped in NU. Since, it’s been a year since the previous translator updated this novel, I decided to translate a chapter of it and it depends on how many views this project will have that I will continue to translate more.

Enjoy reading this teaser chapter!

Translated by @roia18 and proofread by @mangafox23

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  1. Easther

    Thank you so much for translating! I’ve been checking back and forth on this novel for so long! I hope you continue translating this novel.

  2. utawin

    Thank you for continuation of translating…I have been waiting for a long time.
    Hopely it will not ended before finished.
    Will be waiting the latest translation always