New Project! Still Saving the World Today (Switching Worlds)

Chapter 26

Translated by Anon and proofread by Daed.

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Xiao Mingyu began to feel dizzy immediately after drinking. But before she even got up, she was in He Luo’s embrace.

“She’s drunk. I’ll bring her up first. Put the tab on room 3102. ” He Luo signed the bill, carrying Xiao Mingyu out the restaurant.

520 urged: “They’re leaving, they’re leaving! Aren’t you going to follow them?”

Ye Huai: “Relax, don’t I still have you? Notify me when they reach the room. “

Ye Huai leisurely takes out his cell phone and begins to text Lin Jie.

520: “They’re at the 31st floor!”

Yu Huai had just finished texting and turned off the airplane mode when Yu Xinze immediately called.

Ye Huai: “How frequently does he call!” 

Ye Huai hurriedly rejected the call. His hands fly  rapidly as he sends a short message. Yu Xinze’s short message arrives again.

Yu Xinze: “Where are you? Call back! “

Ye Huai could feel an intense feeling of anger from the other side. Feeling terrified in his heart, he turned airplane mode on again.

520 coldy said in his heart, “Your hand speed isn’t bad.”

Ye Huai: “Of course, I’m not a surgeon for nothing.”


Ye Huai finished sending a text message to Yu Xinze then called the police. Afterwards, he slowly finished the last bite of his meal and called the waiter for the bill.

After Ye Huai hung up the phone on Yu Xinze, the latter stepped on the accelerator. The car shot forward like an arrow, leaving behind the other cars at the traffic light.

“Ouyang Qing!” He gritted his teeth as he recited that person’s name.

That person is like a riddle. He looks timid and honest, but he has the guts to play with you. After you punish him, he’ll cower like a small injured animal.

Then you’ll treat him better, and better. Then he does something that challenges your bottom line.

You’re angry and frustrated. He then does several touching things for you, and then you throw away your principles for him again.

Yu Xinze now really regrets giving Ye Huai a mobile phone. He even bound it to a SIM card so that the other could play games. As soon as he learned that Ye Huai was gone, he returned to the office. He continuously called his phone, but except for the first time, the phone was turned off. 

They went to the hospital again and found Ye Huai slipping out the back door from the surveillance video.

At that moment, Yu Xinze kept calling Ye Huai until they lost his trail. He drove out to find him, then tried to call again on the road.

But this damn bastard actually rejected it.

Yu Xinze sat in the car in a mix of fury and fear. He’s afraid that Ye Huai still hasn’t recovered, worried if anything will happen to him if he goes out by himself. At the same time, he’s furious that he (YH) didn’t say anything when he left. He only left a note that said: “I’m going out to take care of something. I’ll be back soon.”

Does he think he’s very healthy right now? One moment he’s lying on bed all hooked up and eating liquid food, the next he dares to go out and take care of matters?

Yu Xinze swears, since Ye Huai’s so capable, once he brings him back he’s going to do him (YH) until he can’t get out of bed!

A phone call came to Yu Xinze’s mobile. It’s Secretary Lu.

“Hello.” Yu Xinze tried to restrain himself. Hopefully he doesn’t hear any bad news.

“President Yu, I just heard that He Luo was arrested at the Grand Hotel. Your debit card history also indicates that your last purchase was also there.” Secretary Lu said, his voice as steady as ever.

“I understand.” Yu Xinze turned the car around, heading towards the Grand Hotel. 

Ye Huai finished paying the bill,and watched the grand occasion of He Luo’s arrest. Just now, Lin Jie came in through the door with the police. He Luo had just pressed Xiao Mingyu onto the bed in preparation to do the deed when he was caught red-handed.

Xiao Mingyu was obviously drugged, and He Luo had handcuffed her for reassurance.

Not long afterwards, he became the one who’s handcuffed.

He Luo didn’t know about Ye Huai’s involvement in the matter. He only thought that Xiao Mingyu noticed something was wrong and contacted Lin Jie. All of his anger was directed towards Lin Jie.

Lin Jie wasn’t afraid. He helped Xiao Mingyu up and out of the room.

He Luo was then taken away. The police then took some of Xiao Mingyu’s blood as evidence and gave permission for Lin Jie to take her away. Currently Xiao Mingyu is very dizzy. There’s also elements of aphrodisiac in the drug, so she is in no condition to be questioned..

Now that Lin Jie and Xiao Mingyu have also left, Ye Huai is finally able to leave the hotel.

Ye Huai: “Xiao Ling Ling, how far has the task been completed?”

(TLN: Originally translated as ‘Small Zero’ , however translator thinks that the PinYin sounds better)

520: “99%.”

Ye Huai: “Hm? What about the remaining bit? “

520: “I don’t know.”

Ye Huai: “Don’t tell me that there’s still a possibility for He Luo to get out of jail? Even if so, Xiao Mingyu would not even be that brainless to still marry him. “

520: “Now that’s hard to say.”

Yu Xinze’s car stopped in front of the Grand Hotel entrance. Ye Huai walked out at the same time, meeting him head-on.

“Ouyang Qing!” Yu Xinze got out of the car, swinging open the car door to catch Ye Huai.

Ye Huai’s eyes widened at the sight of him, immediately having a bad feeling. He quickly turned to escape. Yu Xinze grabbed onto him, “Are you done with that matter you had to handle?”

“It’s done.” Ye Huai feels slightly guilty. It’s true that he hadn’t been very considerate, Yu Xinze had probably been so worried..

“Come with me.” Yu Xinze shoved him into the car and driving Ye Huai’s apartment.

”Um… Are we not returning to the hospital?” Ye Huai asked in a small voice.

”Isn’t your body in great condition? Why do we need to go back to the hospital? ” Yu Xinze replied, not even turning his head. His lips are pursed, with both hands  firmly on the steering wheel. He didn’t even look at Ye Huai who was in the passenger seat, obviously furious.

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